Nuby 10 Pack Hangers, Colors May Vary

Nuby 10 Pack Hangers, Colors May Vary

10 Pack hangers.

Main features

  • 100% Polypropylene
  • Made in US
  • Design to hang cloths that are too small to fit adult hangers
  • Colors vary, you will receive one of the following colors blue, green, yellow, white, pink, purple

Verified reviews


Great hangers, roll the dice on colors

These are great hangers. They fit newborn to smaller children’s’ clothes, and are nice and sturdy. However, you can’t select colors. I ordered 5 packs, thinking surely I would get a variety, but alas, all pink (for a boy, of course). I contacted customer service, and they were very nice about replacing the order with a new order, hopefully more assorted. I also suggested they make color selection a feature for this product… we’ll see!

Leslie Howey In The Hills, FL

Great Hangers, Wrong Color

These are fantastically sturdy hangers but I HATE how you can’t pick the color. I’m having a boy and ended up with the pink ones. I’ll be selling them to my sister that just had a girl. I think it’s a very bad call on the seller’s part to not have color selection available.

Inez Versailles, OH

Very pleased with this purchase

I ordered 3 packs of these for my daughter’s clothes, and I am very pleased with the product. I have quite a few baby hangers from a number of different brands, and these are the sturdiest. I’ve had others snap as manufacturer’s seem to think little clothes need flimsy hangers. These Nuby ones are excellent. They’re thick, a good shape, have slots for clothing with straps, and are sturdy enough that I can use clothespins to hang 5 skirts from one hanger with no problem :)Some reviewers have complained about the lack of color choice… seriously, who cares?! Its a hanger. It will be 95% covered by the clothes you stick on it. Furthermore, it will be IN THE CLOSEST. No one but the people who dress your child are going to see it, and do you really think grandma or the babysitter is going to care or even notice the color of the hangers?? I can be very OCD sometimes, but not about something as trivial as hanger color. I received both pink and blue hangers. Do I care that my daughter has blue hangers? No. I even dress her in blue sometimes. There’s no such thing as a color that isn’t gender neutral. Boys can wear pink, girls can wear blue lol.These are excellent. Best baby hangers I’ve seen anywhere. My girl’s clothes are 18 months- 2T and they fit well.

Christina Fosters, AL

Works well, too bad you can’t pick your colors

The hangers are good quality and the perfect size for baby clothing, it’s just too bad you can’t pick your colors. I’m having a girl and received all blue hangers. Not the end of the world, but it would have been nice to have something either pink or gender neutral.

Hannah Sekiu, WA

available locally for a dollar

Wow, I feel ripped off by this pricing. You can get the same basic thing at Target and choose your color (white, pink, blue) for one dollar and two pennies.I will say that I didn’t think I wanted to hang any of my son’s clothing as it is all knit and cotton, but once I started using his closet it became addicting! I use it to hang up and display his non-bodysuit clothing options and outerwear. Much more organized than jumbled in a drawer.

Rosalind Raquette Lake, NY

Best baby hangers ever!!

I love these hangers, they are sturdy and I haven’t had one break yet. I will probably end up ordering a few more sets. I received white and pink, which is fine for my daughter. I wouldn’t let not being able to pick the color sway you from buying these. They are, after all, just hangers.

James Saint James, NY

A lil expensive but otherwise great hangers

Before going to my local Walmart/Target I decided to get on Amazon and search for baby hangers and this came up first with favorable reviews. I’m surprised at the negative reviews that people gave it because they got a color that they didn’t want. It did say that “colors may vary” so all I did was keep my fingers crossed that I would get pink or white but I really didn’t care. I wanted hangers to hang up my baby girls clothes and that’s exactly what I got. I did happen to get 2 packs of pink and one blue. The quality isn’t bad, it’s just regular plastic but with a little bit thicker plastic which means that it will not be that easy to break. I did manage to find some cheaper ones at Target & Walmart but they didn’t feel as good as these so all in all it was a good purchase. With the price of gas let UPS/FEDEX do the delivery for you.

Zelda Aldie, VA

Very pleased with these hangars

Very pleased with these hangars. Sturdy and designed well for clothes with straps, etc. Good price too. I will be throwing out my cheap baby hangars and replacing with these. Hopefully, I get white again in my next order!

Kelsey Lone Star, TX

Cheap, Sturdy, Works

These baby hangers are great. They are sturdy and performs what hangers are expected to do, hang baby clothes. The other negative reviews complain about not being able to select the colors, but the price is unbeatable.

Elena Newington, GA

its a nice quality hanger for super cheap…

So does the color matter? No, does the perfectionists in me want green hangers instead of the blue? Yeah… I love green. But who cares what color a hanger is especially at this price when you get a nice quality item. There are some things in life that just don’t matter…heck, hanging up baby clothes is 100% for the adults anyway. I like these…I’ll.l order more. They do a good job.My hangers were blue by the way…lucky I have a boy…but I’ll still use these hangers for a girl.

Kathrine Moose Lake, MN

Excellent hangers for toddlers

Ergonomic design and smooth edges. Very good quality and price. Only downside is not being able to choose colors. However, they are all pastels or white, which we like for our kids.

Rhea Turner, MT

really, really thick & durable

I love these hangers! They are like 100 times thicker/stronger than the ones sold in stores. Them sending random colors did not bother me. They will be covere dup w/ clothing. I bought 3 packs and got 1 pink, 1 blue & 1 white pack. I am having a girl and am not picky. Absolutely the best baby/infant hangers out there!

Jeannine Roff, OK

these are for BABY clothes!

I was specifically searching for baby hangers, so was not tricked like many other reviewers. These are very sturdy, yet soft.

Callie Norris City, IL
★★★★★ sells these by color. Amazon *will* send you any color.

Amazon did not follow the color request I wrote in the Gift comment, for two different orders. So don’t listen to those reviewers, they just lucked out. You can get them by color from R Us has good baby hangers in the white color that cost much less, and are also made in USA (as are all Babies R Us exclusive brand items). They are probably BPA free, but I don’t know for sure.Nuby hangers are made in USA and BPA free.

Lilly Mc Indoe Falls, VT


Perfect for my little one’s clothes. They fit older kids too. I got all white which was nice since I have a son and a daughter. Gender neutral is always good

Emma Bruner, MO


High quality, “tough” hangers.Unfortunately, I did not buy from Amazon because Amazon does not let you pick the colors.I only wish Nuby would make these in an adult size!

Freida Winkelman, AZ

Great, too bad you cant pick the colors

This is a great product, the only problem is you cant pick the color. I was hoping to get any color but pink and it ended up getting 2 out of 3 in pink, but my 2 year old doesnt notice. They are strong and sturdy. Happy with the purchase.

Kendra Norvelt, PA

Very very pleased with the purchase

Ordered 3 sets of the hangers for our soon to be born son’s closet. The price was far better than other hanger sets I had looked at and I like that they have the little “strap” holders. We recevied 1 set of blue 1 set of pink and one set of white hangers. I knew they were assorted colors but for the price (and because they are only going in the closet) I didn’t care. I was pleasantly surprised to read on the packaging that the hangers are MADE IN USA. This was just a bonus for me. 🙂

Adrienne Merrimack, NH

Nuby 10 pack colors may vary

I got all white and blue hangers on both of my orders. These are nice sturdy hangers! I think they are worth the money, whether you get the colors you were hoping for or not! They are cheap, and who cares if you have pink hangers in the closet of your boys nursery, or blue in your daughters!

Margot Brule, NE

Good quality small hangers

I like these hangers as they fit small children’s clothing well. However, when I read "colors may vary" I thought it meant I would get a variety pack of hangers. But no, it meant I just got a pack of blue hangers and didn’t get to pick the color.

Allene Shickley, NE

quite sturdy

I ordered 4 packs for my daughter and all of them were white. I love these as they are really sturdy and she will be able to use it for a long time. I am quite happy with it.

Ellen Marblehead, MA

maybe i got lucky?

so i read a lot of reviews about these hangers, and most of the bad ones were related to color. a lot of peeps got all blue when they had a girl, or all pink when they were having a boy. i thought, heck – if the worst thing is the color of hangers that will be forever hidden in a closet how bad could that be. plus – though i’m having a girl, i’m not going to force pepto-bismal pink down her throat so i didn’t really care if all three sets were (worst case scenario) blue. well the hangers came yesterday and all three sets were white! sure – I probably got lucky, but its also possible that the company, after seeing the drama the wrong color was causing so many folks, have decided to start sending neutral colors. who knows – regardless, I did think I should say that I was pretty happy with my hangers 🙂

Bobbi Milan, IN

who cares the color, they’re in the closet- the kid doesn’t know- price fantastic

These hangers are great- durability and style. You who rate a 1o 2 because of color provide adisservice to this excellent tykes clotheshanger.

Enid Deary, ID

the best baby/ kids hangers

These are the best baby/ kid hangers I have found. They are especially great for the sun dresses that would always fall off all our other hangers.

Dionne Gwinner, ND

Just as described

Great hangers, especially for the price. Received 1 – white, 1 – blue, 1 – pink, so a good mix. Thick and sturdy.

Jaclyn Sandy Spring, MD

They are hangers, they hang stuff…

Not sure how you can rate a hanger….but they work great for my baby boys little clothes and they are blue…win, win. Could they be cheaper, sure….I think you can buy 10 hangers for like a dollar at Walmart. But these are cute and I’m a first time mom, so I’m sure I’ll be smarter about stuff on the next baby. But for now, baby #1 gets all the cute/expensive stuff 🙂

Susan Somerdale, NJ

Great baby hangers

Well-made, appropriately-sized hangers for your children’s clothing. Despite not being able to choose your hanger color, these hangers are well worth the cost and are our favorite brand.

Alberta Riverdale, NJ

very sturdy

I was kinda in a doubt when purchasing these hangers because the price seemed so low compared to the good quality ones you get in babyrus which are quite expensive. But turns out these hangers are way better than any i’ve seen in stores. They are not flimsy, thin plastic; they are a real good quality, my only complaint would be that there’s no choice of color and therefor i got them in blue when i’m expecting a girl.Anyhow, they are good for the price.

Christina Slagle, LA

Too thick & bulky (take up too much room!)

I’m a bit OCD about my hangers…these are one of maybe 5-6 types of plastic hangers we have for our son (and we have multiple velvet ones as well). I used these for about 2 weeks before giving them away. The reason being – they’re just too big & bulky. They’re twice as large as the hangers we use now, and much larger than the regular standard plastic ones you’ll see at the store.The ones I prefer are the Delta hangers. Available on Amazon for $6.99/10pk. I just bought a bunch more & finally getting rid of all the other hangers we have.If you’re trying to hang a lot of clothes (& don’t have unlimited space) – these will not work for you.

Willie Tolono, IL

Get the job done!

Cheap and durable! With two little boys (3 & 1) with two sets of grandparents that WILL NOT stop buying them clothes (not that I’m complaining), I needed hangers quickly, cheaply and that wouldn’t be flimsy. These work great! Seems like I’m always on here to buy more of them! And who cares about color? Not me and most certainly not them. 😉

Evangeline Dallas Center, IA