Nuby 2 Count Super Spout Easy Gripper, Colors May Vary, 10 Ounce

Nuby 2 Count Super Spout Easy Gripper, Colors May Vary, 10 Ounce

The NEW Super Spout Easy Gripper has a unique one piece No Spill soft silicone spout that is easy to use and easy to clean

Main features

  • The new super spout promotes natural drinking action and healthy oral development
  • Super Spout Easy Gripper has a unique one piece No Spill soft silicone spout that is easy to use and easy to clean
  • Newly designed valve opens with minimum pressure and doesn’t require constant sucking that can damage new teeth and soft palates
  • Colors vary, you will receive one of the following colors: Pink/Purple, Blue/Orange, Green/Yellow

Verified reviews


love / hate relationship with these

I have a love / hate relationship with these sippy cups.My kids like them.Hold a fair amount of liquid.Easy to hold.Fun colours.Spouts are somewhat easy to replace as long as you read the instructions on how to do it.When empty or barely holding liquid, they are pretty top heavy and are EASILY toppled over. Not an issue if they’re empty but if the spout is torn a little, which happens, milk or whatever liquid you’ve chosen to put in these, will go splashing out across the table in little droplets.Also, if the spout are tearing, it’s very easy to use these as liquid milk paintbrushes on whatever surface your little one has chosen.

Lydia Dover, ID

Okay Sippy Cup for in the car, Does not last long, Retains soap (even vinegar or natural) smell

I used these cups for my 18 month old for about 2 weeks – we have since gone on to check out other brands. The cups work great in the car because they fit in the cup holder and they are easy for my little one to grip.Dislike:Difficult to clean spout, I recommend only using water.Lids and spouts have to be put together just right or they leak – little notches on plastic lid have to line up with nipple notches.Retain soap/vinegar smell after being cleaned and dried.Like:Size, perfect for car cup holder.Fun Colors.Inexpensive enough to lose.I recommend these cups if you are in a bind, but not for daily use.

Nora Trujillo Alto, PR

Perfect for traveling!

These are perfect for traveling! If you want to know just how good they are, imagine handing your toddler a cup of milk while driving, he/she drops it on the seat and all that happens is a few drop of milk come out and no permanent damage to your car’s upholstery. My 2 year old daughter has been using these since age 15 months and they are the best one yet. The draw back is they’re a little bulky and difficult to fit in the travel size insulated bag but they will fit…even with a small ice pack. Also, the spouts will get old and a bit more flexible which means they will not fit as tightly in the collar and massive leaking will happen. Also, over time, my daughter was able to gnaw enough to almost chew off the tips. Check the tips regularly for damage. Replacement spouts are available to order. I’m very happy with the replacement spouts as well. The best part about the super spout is you don’t need to worry about needing to carry a anti-spill spout cap along. If held upside down for some time, liquid will drip out but it take a LOT of minor dripping to be significant. I feel safe having my daughter drink from these in the car because if she drops her cup, the lid is screwed on and the spout has a tight fit; liquid will not gush out. Word of advice when assembling the spouts and collars, read and follow the directions carefully. Inserting the spouts to the collars is tricky. Insert them from the top and insert the narrow part first then the wider part. Check underneath to be sure it didn’t ripple and has made a tight fit inside the collar. As they get older and well-used, they’re less likely to pop into place easily and you will have massive leakage. I hope you enjoy owning these as much as I do!

Lara Entriken, PA


For some reason these are my daughters absolute favorite cups. She has loved nearly every kind of sippy cup from Nuby. I think she loves that it is a squishy top so she can bite down on it when she is teething and it feels good on her gums. It is by far the easiest for her to drink out of. The only complaint that I have is that it can be difficult to get the top part clean because of all of the dips and curves. I usually have to replace them every few months because the squishy part starts to get a little gross. Luckily these are inexpensive and get used everyday!

Bessie Port Heiden, AK

My boy loves it even if I don’t.

My son is a chewer, being that the spouts are rather thick it never occurred to me that he could eat through them. Folly’s of being a first time mom. The cups can leak if the lid is not lined up in the threads, but then again so would a sink. I wash them in the dishwasher with no problem, and my son is not shy about throwing when he gets excited. Luckily there haven’t been any breaks.As a cautionary note if your little one is a good problem solver you may come in to a room to find that your couch has become a milk collage so morning and nighttime are the only time he gets to have these.

Ana Highland, MI

Waste of time

These sippy cups leak from time to time, especially when dropped from the highchair. The spout is time consuming to get back in the lid in the exact position necessary to prevent major leaks from happening as well. Save your money and husband’s sanity and get a lower maintenance sippy…Tommee Tippee have been better for us.

Gladys Franklin, MA

just fine, but not great

These sipped cups are fine, but nothing great. If you little one has a good arm and throws or drops it the liquid will spill out of it. Also, the nipple ‘colapses’ when he/she sucks on it hard. I don’t know if other cups do this to but it’s worth mentioning. The good news is that they are affordable, so when one cracked it wasn’t a big deal, but the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ applies here.

Anne Solon, ME

Leaks like crazy

I have had some really bad luck with sippy cups, and none of the ones I’ve tried have been remotely leak-proof. These cups however are the worst I’ve tried.1. The tops don’t twist on very far, making the lid easy for my daughter to twist off and spill the contents.2. When dropped from the height of a high chair the tops have a tendency to partially pop off, again spilling their contents.3. The nipple part is not secure. There are only two little nubs that match up with the ring and when you twist the lid on they get misaligned easily. When misaligned they leak and can cause the whole top to pop off.Not recommended.

Mae Keenesburg, CO

This cup is hard to get water out and still leaks

Our son had a nightmare of a time getting the liquid out of this. We tried it and it was easy to see why since the silicone spout is so tough to squeeze. He did enjoy it as a toy with a teether spout for a bit. The other annoying thing was that when it dropped on the tile, the little air release valve would always pop open and water would get everywhere. In addition, speech pathologists, dentists, doctors, etc… recommend straws so that is another strike against this sippy cup. The Platex straw sippy worked better for us. I’m not saying it is the best out there, just that it seems to work okay for us. It doesn’t require biting to get the liquid out, so I would try it first before these. I just couldn’t recommend this one to any parent as there are so many other better options out there.

Jolene Rail Road Flat, CA

Great sippy cup

I purchased one of these cups at a local store. I had purchased several types of cups (different handles/spouts/shapes/material, you name it) and was in the hunt for one that my 10 month old daughter could use well.This cup worked great. The soft tip seems to be an easy transition from the bottle. And the leaking is minimal. Usually it’s only if she lays down completely on her back and then removes the cup from her mouth. There is a little milk that will run down her cheek. Other than that no real complaints.I ended up going back to the same store and picked up several of the same Nuby cups but in different colors.I was impressed with the entire line that Nuby has. They have like 4 different cups for different stages. The first one I bought was the one with the handles on the sides. Then there’s this kind that I am reviewing. I plan to buy the next “stage” when I think my daughter is ready. It seems like this will gradually get her ready for a regular cup.Every child is different and what works for one may not work for everyone. But I recommend giving this cup a try.***Update March 2014Well, my daugther is about finished up with sippy cups. She really only gets them if she is drinking something while in the living room. But I wanted to update because as time went on the cups did begin to leak more and more. Perhaps this is because I put them in the dishwasher and the seals just wore out? The cups started off great but over time became more and more of a pain.Still they were good in the beginning so they still deserve 4 starts. But hey nothing lasts forever.

Shauna Seahurst, WA

The only sippy

I went through more than ten brands/types of sippy cups, but my daughter refused them all. I found this one and she loved it! They do not leak, have the soft tops, and are easy to use/wash. It was so frustrating to go through cup after cup only for my daughter to cast them aside and refuse to drink from them. I was beginning to get discouraged, but then these came our way. I could finally relax knowing that my little girl was getting enough fluids. We have been using these for about six months now and they still look brand new.

Camilla Ford, WA

Breaks when dropped.

My 16 month old son dropped this sippy cup off his high chair and the bottom of the cup broke off and two sharp plastic pieces flew across the floor. I was happy with the cup until that happened….

Virginia New Windsor, NY

Affordable but with design flaws

We liked this because of the soft spout. If you remove the spout for cleaning, as I do, it is a chore to put it back together. When you do put it back together, you have to carefully inspect it to make sure you haven’t left a leak. Also, after a month the spout began leaking when the cup was tipped horizontal. The Playtex cups, though with an extra piece, are quicker to put together and do not leak.

Zelma Carlos, MN

They leak

I have tried soooo many sippy cups for my one year old twins, these leak terribly! I will be sticking to the NUK brand, they don’t leak!

Sonya Grassy Meadows, WV

Leaked after a few uses

Thought these were great but after repetitive use and some chewing by my toddler on the silicone lid they leak very easily. had to get rid of them there were spilling everywhere

Dawn Enola, AR

GREAT transition sippy cup!

We tried a number of sippy cups with our son – ThinkBaby (these are the bottles we used, so I thought the transition to their sippy would be easy – NOPE!), Dr. Brown’s, etc. These were the first ones he would take, and he took to them IMMEDIATELY! He has no problem drinking out of them, and doesn’t seem to have to suck or bite down too hard to get milk out of them.The only reason I gave them 4 stars instead of 5 is because, like other reviewers mentioned, they can leak if you don’t seal the silicone nipple correctly. However, I haven’t had any problems with major leaks, just some drops here and there. In my opinion, the slight leaking is worth it to have a sippy that my son will actually drink from!

Christina Crystal City, MO

Best sippy cup I’ve owned

Easy to clean and does not spill. Good for young toddlers learning to sip. Other sippy cups my kids have chewed off the top and I had to throw them away but these ones are more durable. I threw away all the others & now this is all I own.

Celia Hazleton, PA

7 month old son loves this

At 6 months, my son decided he wouldn’t take a bottle anymore. He was fussy with the Avent spouts that went with his bottles, so I tried these. He loves them. He can chew and teeth on the spouts or get water without difficulty(and without making him mad). He loves these cups. I highly recommend! (Oh, and we haven’t had any leaks!)

Jane Stanaford, WV


These sippy cups DO NOT SPILL (in my experience). My mother-in-law had these at her house, and I loved how there is absolutely no spilling. So I bought some. Still no spills! I COMPLETELY recommend this!

Annette Merino, CO

Great cups

I really like these sippy cups and my duaghter took to them very well. My only issue is that for my daughter who is 16 months they are a little hard to hold because they don’t have a handle but the spout is very easy for her to drink from.

Nan Summit, NY

I like them but I got a leaker

My son loved this cup when he was using it instead of a bottle so I was excited to find them here after looking at the local stores. They fit in my bottle warmer too because of their simple design. I was suprised to see complaints because they were perfect in my eyes. Then I bought these and one was a leaker. Not just a drop or a trickle but a full on river of milk leaking out of the top. II tried everything. Tightening the top; loosening the top; trying the top with another bottom; removing the spout and placing it back in (even though the leak was coming from where the top and bottom meet). So, if you decide to buy these, they are really great if they work and they are totally useless if they don’t. Apparently, from all of the other reviews, it is a roll of the dice.

Tracy Deer Park, AL

Will not come clean

After using these cups for about 2 months with our 11 month son we discovered they are not completely coming clean. The nipple is designed with four long indentations that run the length of it and come to a dead end at the tip of the nipple spout. Those indentations will slowly accumulate debris from milk and the dishwasher. After noticing that the indentations were not coming clean I had to soak them for a long time to soften the deposits and then spend forever with a bottle brush to clean it out. You may be thinking that I should have just used the bottle brush all along and this would not have happened. However, even with a standard bottle brush or a straw brush the deepest part of the indentations is very hard, almost imposable to reach. Even if I had been hand washing these after every use over time there would still be an accumulation. I hate to think how long it took me to notice this huge design flaw and how many other parents will use these without ever realizing that the nipples are not completely clean! I would not recommend purchasing this product. I am now tossing all of these cups and purchasing new cups. If you are in the market for a cup I would recommend:NUK Trendline Silicone Spout Learner CupThis cup has a far superior design and comes with handles.

Ivy Locke, NY

Wish they had a cap.

My son would drink only from these cups since that is what he has had from when we transitioned him over from a bottle to a sippy cup. It has become hard to find this older nuby model in stores. Amazon also has replacements for the spouts! Wish these bottles came with a cap.

Geri Sarver, PA

Love These!

These are the absolute best sippy cups out there in my opinion! My daughter loves these and I feel comfortable with her towing them around with her and knowing they will not leak! They have to bite down on the spout and suck in order for the liquid to come out so there is 0 chances of spills. That being said, the only time I have had a spill was at my own fault, not my daughters… I did not make sure the seal was down all the way in the lid. This does not make it more difficult to use by any means, it does however make you have to take notice of what you are doing. But the no leaks part is worth the checking of the seal! I would recommend this to all of my mommy and daddy friends!

Gayle Pawnee, IL

Leaks terribly!

First time we tried this sippy cup it leaked through the threading really bad. I tried earnestly to thread it such that it wouldn’t leak and couldn’t get it to work. Terrible! Bought another brand with a similar style and it works great.

Brigitte Dudley, MO

My son loves them but…

These sippies can be a pain in the butt. If you don’t get the nipple on just right, they leak pretty badly. You have to make sure the nipple is completely flush with the underside of the lid. I always turn the lid upside down and make sure the nipple is in there correctly.But regardless, my son LOVES these because the nipple is soft and he can chew on it. It’s a great transition from bottle to sippy.

Jasmine Aledo, IL

So Finicky

I purchased these cups in hopes that it would encourage my son to give up his milk bottle. It did not however he does enjoy drinking water out of them. The spout is soft silicone and kind of feels like a nipple which is why I think kids will transition to this easier. However the spout and cap connection is so finicky. If the clear spout is in anyway NOT flush to the cap it will leak. The first few times I gave this to my son I noticed water leaking everywhere. I had to take it apart to check where the leak was coming from and noticed that the clear spout under the cap was slightly askew. When you’re a busy mom trying to fill cups for your kids the last thing you want to worry about is examining these things. My son was also able to bite onto the spout and tear the whole spout out of the cap with his teeth. It didn’t break but it obviously made a mess.

Tracy Bristow, OK

Love these sippy cups!

These are by far my favorite sippy cup for my 18 month old. They don’t leak…even after being thrown numerous times from her high chair!!!

Elba Viola, TN

Tried them all – this is the best!

I tried at least 10 cups when looking for my baby girl. She does the best with these and loves them! NO LEAKS!

Ruth Southwest Harbor, ME