Nuby 2 Count Super Straw Easy Gripper, 10 Ounce

Nuby 2 Count Super Straw Easy Gripper, 10 Ounce

Our new and unique Super Straw Easy Grip cup is engineered especially to fit your child’s small hands. Super Straw cup features an innovative, ergonomic shape with easy-grips on the bottle that ensures a comfortable, secure grasp. This revolutionary design is made for the parent on the go and is great for day picnics, hikes, and your child’s recreational activities.

Main features

  • 12 months plus, BPA Free
  • No- Spill soft silicone straw runs down the base of the cup encouraging your child to hold the cup upright while drinking
  • Touch Flo Technology activates as soon as your child puts the straw into their mouth
  • Encourages natural drinking action & oral development
  • Colors may vary. You will receive one of the following colors: Blue & Red, Green & Pink, Orange & Blue, Orange & Purple

Verified reviews


Hard to drink with this big bulky straw!

My almost 11m baby did not like this straw system, neither did I. How could I blame her? It is so hard for me to suck on it. Requires a lot of effort. I would not recommend it. I would recommend instead the nuby no spill, instead.Was my review helfpul?

Vicki Greentown, IN

Always a hit in our house

My son and I are a big fan of these cups. Sure they drip a little bit of what’s leftover in the straw, but that’s to be expected.

Marylou Sturdivant, MO

Drink fast

These are really perfect for my toddler than wants to drink water fast. I wouldn’t recommend it for smaller kids. My is 2.

Maricela Webb, AL

Much fatter straw and spout, incompatible with older styles

Nuby has changed their design three times in the past 2 years which is annoying. This most recent design has a centered spout and both the straw and the spout are a larger diameter. The oldest design had a single colored lid, next came the 2 color lid that had a rubberized grip strip for easier lid removal (the strip matched the cup color for easy pairing). Both of these designs have interchangeable spouts and straws. This most recent design’s grip strip does NOT match the cup, you match the cup to the hard plastic part of the lid. This is annoying to a person that has mild OCD. =/ My son is not a chewer and doesn’t destroy things but for some reason he LOVES to bite the crap out of these larger spouts and has now ruined 3. I can’t seem to find replacement spouts for this larger center spout design. Brand new sippy cups rendered useless.*UPDATE* I located replacement spouts!

Addie Buras, LA

Great transition cup

Our 18 month old loves these. He doesn’t seem to like the hard straw but you can take that part out and just have the flexible straw. The only thing is that he likes to chew on the straws and stick his finger in them so it makes them rip a little which makes them leak. I couldn’t yet find a decently priced replacement part but we love the cups overall

Willa Derwood, MD