Nuby 2 Handle Cup With Soft Spout, 10 Ounce, Colors May Vary

Nuby 2 Handle Cup With Soft Spout, 10 Ounce, Colors May Vary

When babies begin to show interest in feeding themselves, having the right equipment is a must. Nuby feeding accessories are made to withstand the challenges of daily use and retain their bright color. The iFlower No-Spill 2 Handle Cup has a unique one piece No-Spill soft silicone spout that is easy to use, easy to clean. The spout promotes the natural drinking action and healthy oral development. The newly designed valve opens with minimum pressure and doesn’t require constant sucking that can damage new teeth and soft palates. It also features easy-grip handles which are perfect for a child’s transition to self feeding. The durable handles are designed for small hands and are comfortable and easy to hold.

Main features

  • BPA free, no spill
  • Soft silicone spout
  • Protective plastic cover included
  • Vari flow valve allows child to control liquid’s flow rate
  • Colors vary, you will receive one of the following colors red, green, blue, purple, yellow, pink

Verified reviews


Good for baby, not for me!

After many false starts and difficulties with transitioning my daughter off the bottle – at 18 months she still wasn’t catching on – I tried this one, since it seemed to be similar to what she already had (a drop-in type bottle with the hole in the top cut WAY big!), and it turned out to be a big success. She took to it well and we were able to leave the bottles behind within a couple of weeks. I also liked the idea of not having to take several miniscule pieces apart to clean it, since it doesn’t have a valve. So that’s the good points.The bad points are first of all it leaks dreadfully. The spout just contains a couple of little flappy bits of plastic which are supposed to stop it spilling, but it doesn’t work since the weight of the fluid in an upturned cup is way more than these tiny, fragile flaps can contain. Also, those tiny, fragile flaps break off after a few uses, making it even more leaky. My daughter didn’t seem bothered by the increased flow this causes but it does mean that any time the cup spends on its side or upside down (which as you all know who have been there is about 85% of the time), it’s hemorrhaging fluid. A waste of juice and a lot of clean up. It also leaks around the top where it screws on, it’s not a watertight seal, and that led to a lot of stained clothes before I caught on and only gave her clear fluids like water and apple juice.Fortunately having worked with this for a few weeks, my daughter had grasped the theory of a sippy cup so we went and bought a couple of Avent ones with no return valves, more work to wash them but at least my couch and carpet are dry most of the time now.

Denice Manor, TX

baby can’t control the flow

My 10 and 1/2 month old keeps choking and coughing. I guess she expect it to be like the bottle but the flow is faster..or something. I want to add that she doesn’t have any trouble with a sippy cup or a bottle with a fast flow nipple so I don’t know what is going on here. We tried a number of times and the outcome is consistently the same.

Selena Garrettsville, OH

Love the cups, no leaks.

I love these cups for my twins. We have gone through several different styles of cups to find the ones that work for us. What my twins seem to like better about these cups is that the spout does not flare out at the top, like some other Nuby brand spouts do. That flare made it very hard for my twins to use the other cups. I also like it better that it is fat and short instead of tall and skinny. This helps my twins get the liquid more easily, even when it is starting to get low. All the tall skinny cups we tried, they would give up after a few tries. With these ones, they kept with it because their efforts were being rewarded, without having to tip their heads so far back. I have not had a single leak and these cups go everywhere. I even put them in their cribs at night with water, and they do not leak at all.

Vanessa Oakfield, WI

Save your money, LEAKS

Love the colors and design. Easy for my baby to use but it leaks so badly that I threw them out. Save yourself the hassle of buying this bottle and just pour the liquid directly on the baby, carseat, or floor.

Georgina Valley Forge, PA

Okay cup…

I purchased these cups for my 10 month old to transition her from the bottle to a sippy cup. I was really excited to get them and when we first tried them she did great, as she drank out of it the nipple part collapsed and just kept collapsing making it impossible for her to drink out of. I think I am going to stick to the Nuk Sippie cups.

Maryanne Minburn, IA

Not very good

I was excited to get a set of these cheaply since my daughter likes the Munchkin one she has. These are bigger than the one she has so I thought it would be a great time saver/sanity saver for me so I wouldn’t have to refill so often.The problem is, the spout shifts when you tighten the lid, causing leaks. Then, as she is drinking, it sinks from the force of the suction. Then it leaks. So I thought I would help it release air a bit, but that just made things a lot worse.I will use these for back up or to hold refills for her usual sippy (I do like that it has a lid that goes over the spout) but will be getting more Munchkin cups. At least those only leak when you fill them too full.

Graciela Frostburg, MD

Too hard to drink from!

We tried this cup and when my daughter bangs it on something hard it leaks. Furthermore, the suction valve is so tight my daughter inverts the silicone top while drinking because she sucks so hard, and then the top is all folded over and she can’t drink at all! I am always undoing the lid to release the suction. We have another Nuby cup that has the same problem. You can fix the problem by opening up the valve a little with a sharp knife or blade, but then it leaks more. My daughter’s favorite use of her sippy cup is “painting” with water on the bedsheets using her sippy cup. Much to our dismay! We’ve tried two Nuby cups and won’t ever buy NUBY again.

Lydia Tehuacana, TX

Terrible cup!

I bought a 2 pack of these and they are horrible. Whenever my daughter tries to drink from them the whole top rubber part caves in and if you don’t catch it right away it just leaks out. She has never had this issue with other cups so I have to assume that the venting part on these just don’t work like they are supposed to. They are totally useless.

Aimee Levant, KS

Awesome sippy cups

I got my son these for transition from bottle to sippy cup! He’s taken really well to them because of the soft spout and you don’t have the extra parts to deal with. It’s just the cup, spout, and ring…and the lid if you use it. I have so many parts to different cups it gets confusing to match them up and these are just awesome

Della Waters, MI

Opening very large

My daughter had a hard time with this cup… the opening is very large and she would choke on the water because it came out too fast. I would go with the NUK beginner sippy cups.

Estela Warrenton, GA

My baby + this cup = LOTS of clothes changing & mopping!

I like the size of this cup, the softness of the spout, the cleanability, and the handles. What I don’t like is that it LEAKS LIKE MAD!I don’t know if it’s my daughters technique, or the cup itself, but every time she takes the spout out of her mouth, a large portion of milk runs down her chin and soaks the front of her shirt.If the silicone top is not lined up absolutely perfectly (and my baby has a way of causing it to become misaligned) then it leaks from around the gasket. Also, whenever she drops the cup it always seems to land with the weight of the cup pressing on the spout, allowing the contents to flow out onto her tray or the floor. It is a huge mess maker.

Jillian Voca, TX

They sent a purple one to me

It’s a soppy cup, great for baby. It’s got soft plastic at the top so it’s comfortable for baby to sip on. Better than hard plastic dollar store brands

Sofia June Lake, CA

Love it

Prefer these or nuk. Truly doesn’t not drip out unlike other cups such as playtex or nuk. I will be buying more

Terrie Bloomfield, NY

Top collapses

I thought this would be a good transition sippy for my LO but the nipple kept collapsing so we ended up just switching to the regular hard plastic sippy cups.

Beverly Groveoak, AL

Leaky and spout collapses

This cup is awful. I bought it at a local store because I thought it was the Super-spout cup (which I like a lot), but this cup is terrible. The entire top and spout collapse when my son drinks out of it because the small vent holes do not work, and the cup leaks because it is hard to align the removable soft silicone spout part with the screw-on top/handle piece. If I could return these cups I would – they are the worst. The best thing I can say for them is that they are easy to clean.

Mable Stanchfield, MN

Great training

Perfect for training. The silicone nipple is not very resistant to kid’s biting, but soft for quick adaptation. It is ok

Lynn Ohiopyle, PA

Great leak proof sippy with a cap!

I’ surprised this product only has 3 reviews. I’ve tried 4 sippy cups, and this is PERFECTION. It’s hard enough to look for sippy cups with a cap, which rids of 90% of sippy cups in the market. And many leak horribly despite the product description. There’s a sippy cup I really like, I think it’s NUK, that absolutely doesn’t leak, but it doesn’t have a cap.This one doesn’t leak at all, and has a cap. The only thing I don’t like is the nipple is pretty hard to clean. But I use my little finger and get into all the nooks the best I can, and I soak the nipple once every few times. Also, the bottle itself is big enough to fit my hand, so I don’t need a bottle brush.

Queen Newburg, WV

Leaks like mad! Absolute Rubbish!

I had the Nuby 5 ounce sippy and my son took to that but I wanted a sippy with a lid to keep the spout clean during travel. I saw this in a 2-pack at Meijer and thought that it was perfect since it held more liquid and had a lid too. But this leaked from the spout from the get go!I ended up buying a new one, such a waste of money this was!

Rene North Granville, NY

Leaks, leaks, leaks!

It’s not a bad cup, and easier to clean than the Nuby straw cup, but you cannot use it in bed. During the day, it’s fine. But I usually put my little one to bed with some water in a sippy cup. After 3 mornings of completely sopping sheets (and a screaming baby), we had to give up on using this one for bedtime. Back to the Nuby straw cup, which works nicely.

Kaye Kodiak, AK

great sippy

I liked it because it was 10ozs. my 2 year old loves it and it holds more than regular ones.

Ophelia Bishop, TX

Love it!!

simple design, very sturdy. It’s a great handle cup!! It is the only cup my baby girl wants to use. (We bought three different brands…)

Tameka Branch, AR

great sippy cupes

my baby loves these cups. he will not take any other cups. he like holding them and drinking out of them himself. it is great because it does not leak.

Imelda Lucas, KS