Nuby 2 Handle Flip n’ Sip Straw Cup, 8 Ounce, 12 Months Plus, Colors May Vary

Nuby 2 Handle Flip n’ Sip Straw Cup, 8 Ounce, 12 Months Plus, Colors May Vary

The BPA FREE No-Spill Flip n Sip two handle cup is perfect for transitioning your child to straw drinking.  The No Spill Soft Silicone Straw runs down the base of the cup encouraging your child to hold the cup upright while drinking. The soft silicone straw is gentle to child’s tender gums and emerging teeth. The soft sipper straw is covered by an easy-to-use flip top cap. This uniquely designed feature keeps the straw clean when it is not in use. The sippy cup is great for travel and short trips! When child is ready to use the cup, the top cap simply “flips” back and rests in the lid of the cup. Liquids pass through straw only when your child sips.  

Main features

  • 8 oz. BPA Free cup
  • No Spill Soft Silicone Straw runs down the base of the cup encouraging your child to hold the cup upright while drinking
  • Two handles sized for little hands
  • Flip Top keeps the straw clean
  • Colors Vary, you will receive one of the following colors: Pink with Purple, Green with Pink, Orange with Yellow, Red with Blue, or Blue with Green.

Verified reviews


great cup but many places/pieces to clean

i love nuby straw cups, both this one and the non-handled one. however there are a lot of areas to clean on this one, including the straw pieces. i use my dr. brown bottle pipe cleaner thing to slide inside the straws when cleaning. submerging the cup and lid into hot water will loosen particles of food that get one concern, when your child is teething. teething children gnaw on everything, and the handles & lid are NOT BPA free. my child started to chew on the handles and actually bit one of the rubber nubs off [i luckily got it before he swallowed it]. i have since put the handle cups away for after the “everything goes in my mouth” for the drinking aspect of the cup, it isn’t difficult to use. i started using these around 9 months and he had no problem. the straw uses compression to allow the liquid to come out, it also prevents it from spilling when not being used.when reassembling, make sure you put the clear straw into the lid first, pull it until you hear a slight pop, and make sure it is over the hole. then push the white hard straw into the clear straw. it won’t leak if you do it correctly.overall, these cups are great if you are tired of helping your child lift up the sippy cup. the cleaning of them is just part of enjoying a product that let’s your child drink independently. and cleaning them doesn’t really take any more time than other cups i’ve tried.

Latonya Dry Branch, GA

Not reccommended for handwashing

Love these cups!Positives:-hold up well in the dishwasher-Practically unbreakable-Good for teethers!-Doesn’t spill and great for sticking in a bagNegatives:-If your child is drinking out of it and there is still juice/water in the straw and you close up the cup BE WARNED, when you open it back up you will get sprayed. It has been a source of entertainment for my son in the backseat of the car 🙂

Megan Great Lakes, IL

Leaks out the side

This cup is easy for my 11 month old to hold and drink from, but every time it hits the floor and ends up on it’s side (which is often), it leaks out the side, where the lid screws onto the base. I have tightened them securely and they still leak. It’s too bad, I liked the overall design.

Lois Vergennes, IL

Never really worked for us

We ended up trying 3 sippy cups. (Platex straw one, this one, and a Nuby with spout). This one is okay. It still requires too much biting to be fully useful and my son just would focus on the biting and never get his lips fully sealed. It’s cute and didn’t leak. But we had a lot better success with the Platex straw cup since it didn’t require any biting. Your mileage may vary as kids differ.

Brandy Elko, GA

7 month old figured it out instantly!

This product gets 5 stars because baby does not have to have to suction power of a Hoover to drink from it. It is totally leak proof. Shake it upside down, do whatever you want it will not leak. I offered this cup to my daughter the day she turned 7 months old and she figured out how to use the straw almost instantly! Very impressed. The one thing I don’t like is that you cannot choose what color cup you want to order. We got lucky and ended up with a pink one, but I can only imagine having a boy and opening up the box to find a neon pink and green cup, yikes!

Marla Hermitage, AR


My son loves this cup, carrying it by the handles wherever he goes. He drinks a ton of water from this cup, and loves the straw.

Liliana Munroe Falls, OH

Great cups

These are great cups that lasted us a long time. If you have a kiddo that chews on straws though watch out because the plastic does breakdown easy and can be a hazard. We bought several of these cups and then always had one available. I used them for about 21/2 years until we moved on to larger water bottles.

Eve Glenhaven, CA

Beware the splash

In general, we like these cups. They are easy to hold and are, more or less, spill proof. The only problem is that when you open them (or when your child is playing with the straw) they have a tendency to flick excess liquid everywhere. Manys the time my husband has gotten milk in his eye because our little guy was playing with his sippy straw during story time.

Laverne Napoleon, OH

not the best one out there

My toddler sucks, chews and drools on the straw bit, and I would like to take the flip top / straw part apart to wash it. Not possible. YUCKI have washed it in the dishwasher, and when it came out tiny food bits (the size of sand) had gotten lodged between the outside of the cup and the second layer of colored palstic. The inside of the cup is clean, but if you look through the bottom of the cup you can see residue stuck between the layers of plastic (this is hard to explain). YUCKI also bought the Munchkin flip straw cup. I think that one is much much better.

Toni Boons Camp, KY

Tried and true!

My son has been using this since he was 9 months old. It is the cup he’s done the best with. He is now almost 3 and we still use it for smoothies, freshly juiced veggies and fruit, and water on the go. He can drink now from a regular cup but I still find it convenient to use this. Downfall is many parts that need to be cleaned well or you will see mold in the straw. I also regularly scrub the inside of the straw out. This cup has been replaced with other cups that ended up cracking, or tasting like metal (stainless cups just didn’t work out). This cup holds up well and so overall comes highly recommended.

Charity Oakland, IA

So spill proof that you can’t get any liquid out

Worst sippy ever. Baby tried it twice and refuses it because she can’t get any liquid out. I tried and figured out that you have to bite and suck at the same time. How do you expect a baby to figure this out???

Ora Kinard, FL

Spill-proof daily favourite for 4 months

This was amazing for the first few months. However, it has started to leak. For some reason it sucks water/milk/etc up into the straw when the lid opens, and so if it is knocked open in transit a certain amount of liquid will be spurted out. It’s not a large amount, but depending on the contents it can be messy.I would buy a second one without hesitation except I discovered (after using the cup for milk and not washing overnight) a design flaw that just makes it a bit yucky. My son was just drinking water, so I didn’t notice at first, but there’s a hollow rim near the spout opening and there’s no way to clean it out. So, now there’s dried milk in there and not even a visible hole from underneath etc to get a wire brush in. It’s a definite design flaw if it’s in all the cups. I’m going to replace the one that’s begun to leak, but I’ll look for a different kind of cup since I can’t stand the area liquid can get into but a brush can’t, and mine has permanent trapped dried milk from the night I didn’t wash it out.Others have commented about difficulty in use, but my 12 month old had this as his first real cup after transitioning from a bottle. He got it right away and had no problem using it. (The only thing is you need to remember is to keep it fuller than you’d imagine so the straw is under water – ie if the kid tips at an angle the straw stays positioned right in the middle of the cup, so you’d need enough to cover that middle section even if drunk at an angle. I imagine that is the same for all stationary straw cups.)Update: Tried another spill-proof cup and it’s really hard to drink from. This remains the best to date.

Tonya Three Rivers, TX

Great cup!

I’ve bought prob 20 cups for my toddler and this one has probably held up the best. I’d definitely buy it again and would recommend it.

Kathie Somerville, OH


Little one has to bite the straw and suck at the same time. This might work for older ones but for a babe transitioning to sippy cups for the first time this might not be the best option.

Irma Philomont, VA

my favorite straw cup

We tried many different straw cups for my 11 month old daughter. This is by far my favorite. The short, wide cup style makes it very stable. The two handles make it easy for her to grip. The straw does not leak (except for the small amount of liquid that is in the very top). I like that the straw folds back for easy travel in her diaper bag. The variety of colors is fun too. The only draw back is I would like to be able to select which color, but all of the ones I have received have been good.

Odessa Carrabelle, FL

The only one my daughter consistently likes!

My daughter loves this cup and it’s the only one that she will really use. She has been exclusively breastfed and never used a bottle – she wanted to go straight to straw for drinking water. I gave it 4 stars since there are some nook and crannies on the top of the lid that are impossible to clean – even though water never touches the gunk and is still sanitary to drink from, it doesn’t look clean. I admit that I did take it to the beach once and maybe that was the downfall of the lid’s appearance. I bought a second one that we have been using and so far no issues.

Kimberly Kevil, KY

My baby finally drinks water thanks to this cup!

I have a collection of sippy cups. For whatever reason, my baby refused to drink from all of them. We thought cups were too heavy; we bought lighter cups. We thought he didn’t like the taste of water; we changed the filter. We thought he didn’t want handles; we got cups with no handles. And so on and so forth. Until this cup. He grabs it and picks it up, or sometimes just leans forward to drink from the straw. It’s awesome.Very little leaking, easy to take apart and put back together, a good size (at least for an eight month old), and I like the fact that my son has a pink cup (as colors may vary means exactly that).My only request of Nuby: I wish that this was made in the US and would pay double this price for this exact cup if it were.Update 1/2/14:I’ve downgraded to four stars. Second request of Nuby: please sell the replacement straws for a more reasonable price! Please note that if you lose either piece of the two part straw, it will cost about as much to get a new straw as to order a new cup. I contacted Nuby to see if I could get a replacement piece. The customer service was horrible. There’s one website online that sells replacements, and it’s a rip-off.

Melisa Killen, AL

Great sippy cup

My daughter loved this sippy cup. She prefers the straw cups over the regular ones and she was able to use this one easily. I just wish the straw part that is inside the cup was a little bit longer because it’s about 1/2 inch short and leaves some milk or whatever she’s drinking behind. I’ve since found a cup with a weighted straw and we have set this one aside and only use that one now.This cup seemed pretty good in the no leaks department and was easy to clean. I washed it in the dishwasher a few times and some food particles got stuck between the cup and the handles on the bottom which made it look like it was inside the cup, but it was on the outside. I’m not sure if the handles can snap off and be put back on, but I didn’t want to break it. Either way, if there was a way to get it clean I couldn’t figure it out and it made the cup look dirty.

Marva Maplewood, OH

Not bad..

This is not a bad cup. Doesn’t leak as much as other cups I have used. Handles are nice for little hands. My big complaint is that my son is able to pull/bite bits of the plastic straw off. You really have to supervise all toddlers while they are drinking, but my son has made a game out of trying to pull off the straw which is somewhat disturbing. I will continue using this cup because it keeps in the fluid really well, but only under CLOSE supervision :/

Sherri Beverly, KY

Best cup for my 1 year old

My son is a very good eater, but he had a lot of problems trying to use sippy cups. We tried at least 6 different cups (with and without straws), and happened to find this straw cup. It was like magic. As soon as I handed it to him, he understood how to use and was thrilled that he could drink like the “big” kids. The best part, from my perspective, is that it doesn’t leak like other cups we’ve tried. I love that I can fill it with water or milk and drop it in the diaper bag without having to worry about keeping it upright. […] We’ve never had any problems with it and have bought several so my son has a cup at my mom’s, 2 at home and another at daycare. Another HUGE benefit (for me, anyway)…. the “cup” part (not the lid) is microwave safe. So when we want to just take the chill out of milk for a couple of seconds, we don’t have to pour it from one from one cup to another. I highly recommend this cup.

Lynn Box Elder, MT

Hard to Use

My son is 10-months-old and his pediatrician wanted him to learn how to use a straw so I bought him this cup. I tried it first and realized that you have to bite the straw in a certain spot and suck at the same time in order to drink. It was too difficult for him to figure out, never having drank from a straw before.I then bought him the Munchkin Straw Sippy Cup and he figured it out right away!;=1302630945&sr;=8-2In conclusion, if your child is a straw sucking veteran, then this cup is really nice looking, well made and spill proof. However, if your baby is just starting out, it is a little too complicated to use and I would recommend the Munchkin cups (also spill proof)

Kelli Paxton, IN

Good straw cup

I like the straw size/width, except my little guy thinks he should put things in the straw. I’ve bought a few straw cups and this one is decent.

Madeleine Coahoma, TX

Eh, not great but not terrible

We ordered 3 types of straw cups – these, the Playtex Lil’ Gripper/Anytime, and The First Years Take & Toss Straw Cups – for our 10 month old daughter. These cups on a 5 point scale so far:Drinkability (ability of our daughter to sip through the straw): 2 stars. There is a valve in the upper straw that you pretty much have to bit to be able to drink from the straw – not a super easy concept for little ones. It is easy for her to hold because of the handles.Washability (ease of dismantling/cleaning/reassembly: 3 stars. Pretty straightforward for disassembly, kind of a pain to reassemble the straw/valve system.Leakproof?: 3.5 stars so far. Our daughter is not gentle with cups, and the handles on this one allow her to get more leverage to fling the cup. It drips rather than leaks when it is abused.

Charity Allons, TN

Does not leak

My daughter who is 18m tosses this thing around & it never leaks. The straw is long enough to reach the bottom too. 👌

Abbie Oneida, KY

Replacement parts are expensive!

We got about 10 different types of sippy cups when we were trying to wean our 9-month old from the bottle. This one happened to be the chosen one. We really have no complaints. It doesn’t really leak and it is easy to assemble, disassemble and clean. The soft silicon straw was great for teething babies; however, that can cause the straw to tear and the replacement parts cost easily more than half as much as the whole sippy cup itself since the replacement set comes with the silicon straw, the hard plastic straw and the lid. Also, it would be nice if the cup has markings so we could easily tell how much water the baby has taken.

Ivy Liberty, IL


These are great for little ones learning how to use a straw. It says 9+ months, but I started using these at about 7-8 months and she was fine.

Vivian Hume, NY

only bottle my breastfed baby use to drink water but…

My daughter is exclusively breastfed and never takes any bottle. This is the only bottle she will take to drink her water. That’s why I have 2 of these bottles.Cons:1.the strawd broke after used for a while2.the bottom part with handle of the bottle doesn not come off and clip back on easily, maybe you are not supposed to do so, but it gets mold and I wanna to clean up the mold.3. Some mold issue happen is the lid part.

Tara Wells Tannery, PA

Best for my little guy

When I started introducing sippy cups, my little guy was not (and is still not at 9mos) interested in tipping the cup up to drink from it.When visiting friends around 7mos he tried this cup out and LOVED it. True, with the straw he wasn’t able to get a lot of water at first, but he quickly figured it out.His shirts still get fairly wet when he drinks from it, BUT he always chooses this over any of his other options at this point.Note: he only has bottom teeth and doesn’t really chew on this, so I can’t speak to the durability of the straw in that regard, but so far the product seems sturdy and reliable.

Peggy Bunnell, FL

great sippy cups

I ordered one a few months ago and they work so well for my 11 month old that I just ordered 2 more. 🙂

Lena Windsor, MA

My daughter’s favorite

These are my daughter’s preferred sippy cups. She’s chewed the straws on a few of our older ones to where they aren’t as leak proof as they once were, but it’s not a huge issue as she only has water in the ones that she can take around the house. (Milk is at mealtimes when she’s seated, and she doesn’t get juices.) They are relatively easy to clean (more so than some of the others we’ve had in the past).

Terry Walford, IA