Nuby 2-Pack 10 oz No-Spill Cup with Flexi Straw, Colors May Vary

Nuby 2-Pack 10 oz No-Spill Cup with Flexi Straw, Colors May Vary

No Spill Cup with Flexi Straw soft silicone straw.

Main features

  • Nubyand#8217;s Flexi Straw is a NO SPILL soft silicone straw that is easy to use, easy to clean and assemble
  • allows your childand#8217;s palate and teeth to develop naturally
  • Helps baby off a cup and onto straw drinking
  • Colors vary, you will receive one of the following colors: yellow and green, blue and orange, pink and purple, blue and green

Verified reviews



I am highly disappointed by this cup! The straw was great, my daughter was loving it, and so was I… UNTIL SHE DROPPED IT! Just sitting in a high chair height, she dropped it (not threw it) and it hit the hardwood floor. It shattered!! Juice everywhere, plastic pieces everywhere, and a crying 10 month old. If I could give it 0 stars I would.

Robyn Watertown, MA

Works for us

I really like this cup, even though I had initial concerns about ease-of-use (it was hard for me to get water out of). My daughter has a lot more recent experience sucking liquids out of things than I do, so she has had a pretty easy time getting water out of this. I like it because it’s easy for her to get water out of even when the volume runs down (she doesn’t yet understand that regular sippy cups have to be tipped way back when she’s already had a lot to drink).Anyway, I’m not surprised to read that some kids have a hard time getting drinks out, but we don’t have any problems.As for the straw coming off, I also wouldn’t be surprised if we have a problem down the road, but my daughter has her 4 front teeth and loves to chew/chomp on things and I’ve seen no signs of straw damage. I don’t expect a $3-$6 cup to hold up for her entire childhood and I figure there’s no product that’s totally safe if I’m not paying attention so I’m not too worried (though I do plan on keeping a close eye on it, thanks to the heads-up from other reviewers).

Margo Maple Lake, MN

One of our favorite

I LOVE these straw cups for our 1 yr old. Although I have a hard time drinking from it, our daughter has no problems using the straw LOL. It was the first straw cup she was willing to drink milk from. What I love most is the fact there are only 3-4 parts to clean and it’s incredibly easy to reassemble. We also have the straw cups that flip up and down, but they’re such a pain to take apart and put back together.I don’t understand why some parents gave this a bad review because their child chewed of a piece of the straw. I love that the straw is soft and gentle on my child’s mouth. Wouldn’t you notice your child chewing on the straw and figure they could chew it off? This is meant for drinking, not teething.

Monika Fort Ripley, MN

Great Cups

I bought these after I tried 2 other brands of training cups, which my twins really hated and refused to drink from.The big plus about this cup is that you can drink from it without raising it, which is much easier for babies. It doesn’t spill and the straw is very easy to use. My twins love it! great purchase.

Vicky Sonora, KY

Like the cup

My son liks this cup and we like it does not leak. My son likes throw the cup after he done drinking, so it is very a pain on the neck to find one does not leak much after several use. This cup does much better than a sippy cup, which he could bite holes in second. I took the inner straw out and it works better.

Maggie Iowa Park, TX

I LOVE this sippy cup!!!

I have purchased MANY different sippy cups for my ‘now’ 18 month old. We use them all day every day. This is the BEST one by far!!! It is the easiest to clean, disassemble and reassemble (some cups have so many little pieces) I am very happy with the overall functionality of this cup. I highly recommend it!I recommend purchasing the ‘straw cleaner’ to use with any sippy cup, it helps a lot.

Victoria South Dayton, NY

Impossible to Use… even for a grownup

The design of the straw makes it impossible to suck up any liquid. I even tried it and got some water, but tasted more plastic than anything. This would turn any kid off to using a straw… I found the Tommee Tippee ones worked sooooo much better.Tommee Tippee BPA Free Lil Sippee Flip Top Straw Cup (Pack of 2) Color May Vary

Anna Newalla, OK

Easy to use for 1 year old. No spills unless your kid turns the silicone top.

Bought these at the local "W" supercenter for a really cheap price. The first time we used this, my 12 month old had trouble sucking liquid from the straw. Then I tried it and thought it was impossible. Thanks to the reviews here, I realized that the kid had to bite on to the silicone straw in order to "open up" the cut for liquid to come through. Luckily my little one figured it out on his own and now has no problem to drink from this.We’ve been buying Nuby’s sippy cups the last couple of months, simply because the price was good and the availability to try one from a local store first before stocking up. The silicone top helps keep the cup truly spill proof, but we learned that when we reassemble the cup after washing, the silicone part has to be placed correctly and no twisted edges, so look both top and bottom of the cap after putting the silicone part back in. Also I bought one of those thin brushes made for straw washing, to clean both the plastic straw and the silicon straw part. For the silicone straw part I just push the brush through and it doesn’t seem to damage the opening, so no spills still. Anyways, I only hand wash these cups, but I don’t think I will keep it for more than 3 months, as the silicone top will probably need to be replaced, just like the silicone nipples of the baby bottles. I looked for replacement silicone parts but it seems like the replacements are more expensive than buying a new cup, so no thanks. I will just recycle the plastic cup.Lastly, my one year old managed to cause a spill last night. Since the silicone top is round, my little monkey was playing with the cup, chewing on the straw while turning the cup. That caused the silicone to move and created a leak. Just keep an eye on the little one if he or she likes to "destroy" stuff!

Nichole Center, MO

Five Stars

A standby, and they don’t leak on their sides or in my purse.

Marci Catawissa, MO

Not worth the frustration

My 17 month old really likes using straws so I got her these cups. I liked the look & feel of them, but it ended there. They’re very difficult for her to drink from, it takes far too much suction to start getting anything out of it. Every time she drops or knocks over the cup the inner straw becomes disconnected & she can’t get anything out of it, so I have to open the cup & replace it dozens of times a day. The little straw is also NOT long enough, it doesn’t reach the bottom of the cup so there’s always a good amount of fluid left at the bottom that she can’t drink. It’s hard to clean inside the silicone / top straw piece.

Marisa Pitman, PA

Great Sippy Cup

My son loves these. He had been struggling with regular sippy cups but has no problem adjusting to these. The only struggle we have is when the level gets low, he still likes to lift it like drinking from a regular cup- our solution to this though is just to remove the straw and it still works great! They truly are no-spill with the exception of a small drop that may get caught in the top of the straw and flies out as my son shakes the cup around- but a drop is much better than a leak! The only negative is that by choosing the "Colors May Vary" option we got a pink cup and a purple cup- but it was a cheaper price and doesn’t really bother us, but in light of an honest review, I thought I would mention it for people who may care.

Augusta Blairsden-Graeagle, CA

Our favorite straw cup by far!

Super easy to assemble, easy to clean, no spill when assembled correctly. Tough cup, my child throws it all the time.Even though it is difficult for me to drink from, my 15 month old has no problem. It’s the first straw cup he used at 12 months old (skipped a regular sippy)and the only cup he uses now. He weaned himself from the bottle within a month of us introducing this cup. Of course some kids chew on the straw. I think if you have a chewer, they will chew on any straw and like with any other product, it’s the parents or care takers responsibility to pay attention to their children. They wouldn’t bite through the straw in 5 minutes. I assume inspecting it everytime you wash/rinse it is sufficient. Do not understand the bad reviews! LOVE this cup!

Kitty Champlin, MN

Our go-to sippy cup!

I don’t understand the negative reviews. My 9 month old loves this sippy and it’s so easy to clean and put back together. It doesn’t leak and she doesn’t have a hard time drinking from it. For the price, it’s a steal!

Tamera Cape Vincent, NY

Despite some negetive reviews… for us, this cup is great!

My 2 year old has been drinking her milk from this cup for over a year now. We have about 8 or 9 of these cups. All are in like-new condition (I wash it by hand, never in the dishwasher).These cups been thrown in the air, to the floors (hardwood, tile, you name it!) and nothing ever broke.Since she likes her drinks warm, I add a little bit of boiled water to it after pouring the milk. Never had anything bad happening to it.My husband however did put it in the microwave (although instructions state not to do so) and the bottom did melt and made a small hole. That was the only cup that ended up in the trash.The straw works by pinching it while sucking, which sometimes got the little one snappy so we just extended the hole.

Silvia Scranton, IA


Great cups, durable, easy to clean, great colors! My daughter LOVES these and I love how great they work and easy they are to clean!

Darla Briggs, TX

Awesome cups

My 16 month old son loves these cups. He has no problem getting the water out of it and we have never had any leaks, even after he throws them across the room onto tile from his high chair. The straw does need to be bitten while drinking, but he doesn’t have any trouble with it. We tried so many cups before these, and he wouldn’t drink out of any of them, including the Munchkin straw cup, with the exception of the take and toss cups. My 17 month old nephew also drinks out of these and loves them.

Jeannette Austerlitz, NY

Don’t understand the negative reviews…..

This cup has been hands-down, our go-to sippy straw cup for over a year now.The trick with these cups is to take a bamboo skewer (or small knife, safety pin, something) and poke LOTS of holes in the top and break the valve seal. The cup still won’t leak and the child has a nearly-normal straw for sucking.I can get about 6 months of use out of one of these sippies before the plastic gets corroded in the dishwasher, but that’s been about average for most of my sippy cups. And it’s still usable, just cloudy and looks unclean (just a factor of being washed daily in a high-heat dishwasher).Because they don’t leak and the lid is screwed on, these are great for the car or the store.Give them a try and don’t let the negatives scare you off!

Sabrina Alkol, WV

The good & The bad…

We have two of these cups for my son who has been drinking out of them since 10 months old (he is 17 months old now) So… he can drink out of them fine, seems to love the cups and I have owned at least 3 different brands and these ones are the best for us as far as spill proof (if dropped, or if its on its side it doesnt leak). My ONLY issue with these cups is the design… so if you push down on the soft silicone area (like… behind the straw) what ever liquids is in the cup will shoot UP through the straw and come out making a big mess! IF your child doesnt figure this out then you’re fine but of course mine did (errrgh) so its fine when he has water but if he has milk I HAVE to watch him closely if I dont want a milky mess. Otherwise its a good cup. They also make a new deisgn… the silicone isnt a circle shape its more of a figure 8 shape and those cups are WAY better because there isnt such a big round area to push down on. So i would reccomend that cup!

Dianna Camden, MI

Excellent straw cup choice!

I recently purchased these cups and gave one to my daughter with some water in it. She had previously drank from a straw cup with a flip top lid, but other than that we had been using a sippy cup. It took her a few minutes, but she certainly figured out how to use it and drank more water more quickly than I’ve ever seen her drink! I was curious about the “valve” and decided to try it out myself and it is in fact different than most straws. However, because babies are used to drinking either from the momma or from a bottle where they basically “draw” the milk with the tongue and their strong suction they are able to use it easily. It’s a GREAT alternative to the sippy cup and I love how they do not leak like the straw cups that have a flip over lid.

Jane Karluk, AK

Great sippy

These are the only ones that have a nice soft straw part out the top. So if he is walking and trips with in his mouth now hurting the inside of his mouth. good size for little hands to grip good. come all apart to get clean well. perfect. a bit hard to find in stores this particular one…. so I turned to amazon.

Lara Denham Springs, LA

18-month old loves them. Careful though, parts will break off from straw

We have these for our daughter. She really likes them. They work pretty well. I only have two complaints about them:1) My daughter will mash on the soft, dome top and watch the ensuing fountain of milk/water/juice. I’ve gotten to where I was going with a soaking wet child on more than one occasion.2) We have noticed that after a while, the cups will leak from the straw if left on the side. Upon inspection, what happens is that inside the straw is a two half-circle shapes of silicone that serve to block the flow of liquid unless suction is applied. Well, on the ones that leak, these half circles are gone. I’m assuming that my daughter ingested them. Thankfully, they are very small and most likely passed easily. It is something to keep an eye on though. Since then, we’ve started watching the straws more carefully when we wash them. If we notice the pieces detaching, we toss the top.

Debra Cornell, WI

Hard to clean the straw get the straw cleaner with it.

My son prefers these cups to sippy cups. They are not spill proof. If you use these for milk the straws are hard to clean.

Kerry Edgerton, OH

Good for a couple weeks, then they leak.

We thought these cups were awesome for the first couple weeks for our 1 year old. He already knew how to drink from a straw, and he really liked these cups. Then, after a couple weeks of use, the straws started leaking if the cup is tipped over. We’ve chucked them in the recycle bin now.

Sharlene San Ygnacio, TX

Great sippies

We have a ton of the older version Nuby sippies and have been very pleased with them. These ones are a lot different (haven’t tried fitting the lid on the old ones but I don’t think they will fit). The straw does look like it is built to last longer than the older ones though. I know a few of the ones we already have, the straws split from someone chewing on them.

Imogene Creola, AL

Home Run

I’m really shocked by the reviews. This cup has been great for us! I actually came her to buy more b/c I wanted to stock up as we lost one and only have 2 left and they are the only ones she will use. We started with the Playtex onesPlaytex Baby First Lil’ Gripper Twist ‘n Click Straw Trainer Cup, 7 Ounce, Colors May Varybut when we lost the only one, I didn’t want to buy more because they are so expensive. These are like $2.99 at Wal-Mart so I grabbed a few and my 15 month old took to them right away! They have dropped and been kicked and no cracks. She has literally all her baby teeth and is a biter and chewer, but the straws are intact. And they have never once spilled, even when I try. Plus, they are way more easy to clean than they Playtex cups, and hold more. I’m very happy with them. This split reaction makes me wonder if they have changed the way they make them recently. Well, I guess all babies are different. At any rate, at half the price of the average cup, they are worth trying!!! They were a home run for us and about half the other reviewers.

Deloris Oberlin, LA

Way too hard to suck

I tried to suck on this and it is just way too hard (ok, you know what I mean). No way for baby to get any water of of this if I can barely.

Kaitlin Leander, TX

Baby loves them

My baby has used these since she was 6 months old. Learning to hold them on her own took only a few weeks, and she is now very proficient. Easy to suck through the valve, they really don’t spill easily, though cleaning them does require a bit of extra stuff like a straw cleaner if one hand washes.I found that with a slightly newer one when I replaced an old one I lost, it was slightly harder for my baby to get the water down… It’s pretty simple to fix – the valve needs to be worked a bit. I chewed the valve for her for a few minutes, washed it, and it worked great. My baby was 9 months old at the time :)There may be a difference in breastfed and bottle fed baby proficiency – sucking is a more natural action to breastfed babies, bottle fed ones may need more time to figure it out.At 15 months old my daughter is now drinking herself some herbal teas from this thing 😉 I gave her some ginger/peppermint/chamomile tea (Surprisingly not horrible) in it while she was ill in the hopes she would drink it – and yes, yes she does ^_^ success.

Dianna Box Springs, GA

Great Straw Cups

Easy to use and clean…would definitely recommend. Our one-year old likes these, and I like the fact that they are fairly leak proof (not completely!) and easy to clean.

Sheena Stottville, NY

Doesn’t link, easy to drink from with some modifications

First straw cup my son would use and don’t leak (unless I mess up and don’t put cup on properly). Like other reviewers said, it initially seemed difficult to drink from and my 16 month old didn’t get it the first time. With much hesitation, I followed another reviewers suggestion to "rip" the sides of the top of the straw with a toothpick to make it easier to drink from. Worked like a charm. Easier to drink from and surprisingly still doesn’t link.

Ina Hinesburg, VT

Don’t leak at all!

I love these cups! We bought these when our son was 10 months old and they were difficult for him to suck through, so we put them away and tried again at 15 months with no problem. In the meantime, we tried around 6 different straw cups. They all leaked (my son likes to shake), had too many parts and were difficult to reassemble after washing. The Nuby’s are completely leak proof when you make sure the silicone seal is seated properly inside the lid. When he shakes the cup only the small amount of liquid at the tip of the straw (above the valve) comes out. The rest of the drink is safely sealed inside below the valve. I also like that there are only 3 pieces to wash. They’re easy to wash and reassemble. I highly recommend these straw cups to anyone who is concerned about leaking.

Suzette El Indio, TX