Nuby 2-Pack 8 oz No Spill Cup with Super Spout

Nuby 2-Pack 8 oz No Spill Cup with Super Spout

The No Spill Cup with Super Spout features easy grip handles which are perfect for a child’s transition to self feeding.

Main features

  • Super Spout 2 Handle cup has a unique one piece No Spill soft silicone spout that is easy to use, easy to clean
  • promotes the natural drinking action and healthy oral development
  • Colors vary, you will receive one of the following colors: Pink/Purple, Blue/Yellow

Verified reviews



This cup will not leak if you follow the directions (i.e. the 3-step, illustrated insert that is included in one of the cups).In case you have thrown away the directions, this is what it says:”Step 1, squeeze the super spout (silicone part) so that it can fit through the opening in the lid””Step 2, slide the spout down through the top of the lid in an upward motion, making sure that the top of the spout is correctly aligned”Many people are trying to pull the spout up from the bottom of the lid. If you do this, it is 10 times harder, and all that tugging will cause the spout to wear and crack over time. Also, it won’t seat properly, which is what causes it to leak.”Step 3, push the remaining portion of the spout through the lid, making sure the silicone part conforms to the fitted groves inside the screw ring.”When you pop in the silicone part through the top of the lid, it should pop into place correctly most of the time. However, I would recommend running your finger around the edge of the silicone on the inside of the lid to make sure it is pressed firmly into the groves. If the silicone is crumpled up, it won’t have an air-tight seal, so it will leak. If it is seated properly, it won’t leak.Compared to the Munchkin cups, the Nuby cups are far more leak-proof (if you put it together right), far easier to assemble (if you do it right), and best of all, for us, the silicone spout cannot be pulled out without first removing the lid. Our toddler tends to tug on the spout, and the Munchkin cups have come apart, spilling the entire contents all over. With the Nuby cups, this doesn’t happen. We have used these for 6 six months and have just bought our 3rd set and threw all of our Munchkin cups in the garbage. Better design, better quality. No doubt. I just hate to see such an excellent product getting poor reviews, just because people don’t take 15 seconds to read the directions.One warning: Amazon does not let you specify the color of many baby items, including these cups. Which is bad news for parents of boys, as you may end up with something pink and purple. I am one of many who have tried bringing this to the attention of their IT team, and never got a response. I took a chance and ordered a set of these cups on this site, and fortunately got the boy colors. However, if you have a baby boy, you might check your local department stores and drug stores first before ordering “colors may vary” baby products off of Amazon until they fix this.

Nettie Broad Run, VA

soft & easy to use

I like the size and shape of this cup, and for the soft spout it is reasonably spill proof (although not 100%). Another benefit is that replacement parts are easy to find. However, I have found that the nipple/spout is very large for my 9 month old’s mouth. He prefers the smaller spout/nipple of the cups made by Munchkin.Munchkin Mighty Grip Trainer Cup, Colors May Vary, 8 Ounceor 2-pack versionMunchkin Mighty Grip Trainer Cup 2-Pack, 8 oz, Colors VaryWe now buy the ones made by Munchkin b/c the spout on the Nuby cup is too large for our son. We are keeping this cup though b/c I wonder if he will tolerate the larger spout when he’s a little older.

Berta Lake Orion, MI


Fellow moms swear by this cup, but both cups (I got the two-pack) just kept leaking, no matter how I adjusted or screwed on the lid.

Michaela Forestburg, TX

The valve lets the baby control the flow rate

My baby is reluctant to use a cup so I’ve experimented with different types to find something she likes. This is the first baby style sippy (soft spout, handles, small size) that she can use with ease. I like that it doesn’t require a monumental effort for the baby to get any liquid out. In my experience no sippy cup is 100% leak proof, and the ones that don’t leak much also let hardly ANY liquid out. So I can deal with some spills, I just use liquids that don’t stain.

Rena Frontier, WY

Soft tip for pre-toddlers, but leaks easily

It’s really hard to get the threads just right and make this thing not leak. Especially with the design of the handles, sometimes I have the baby in one arm and I’m trying to screw the lid on with the other, but the handles reach all the way to the bottom of the cup so it’s really hard to manage. After a couple months she got the hang of drinking out of the harder-spout sippy cups and I am going to stop using these now because they are a pain.

Deidre Etters, PA

Great! IF you assemble it corrrectly.

These cups are fantastic for transitioning from a bottle, but there’s a trick: the valve/nipple thing should be inserted from the TOP, not the BOTTOM. That will save the seals from tearing and keep you and your kiddo drip-free. Ours have handled throws, drops, bounces, and an occasional slam in the car door and have held up really well.

Dora Humboldt, MN

Leaks through the threads

I should have listened to other reviewers and avoided these sippy cups. They come in a two-pack, which is nice, but they leak. If the cup is laying on its side, liquid leaks between the threads of cup (where the cap screws onto the cup). The cap was screwed on tightly, and it still leaked. After 5 minutes of the cup laying on its side, I had a coaster-sized puddle on my carpet. One of the cups leaks more than the other, so I think there might be quality control problems and that is why some people don’t have issues with these cups.

Hallie Derby Line, VT

Spout needs to be replaced FREQUENTLY

This product is pretty good and my toddler loves it. It only takes her a couple months to wear down the spout though, and it has to be replaced, otherwise it leaks everywhere.

Cynthia Lairdsville, PA

worked great the first time – only

Once I separated the lid pieces to clean them (by hand), the leaking started. Now both cups leak without exception. Do not purchase this if you need a leak-proof cup.

Inez Saint Helen, MI

The only sippies that work for us

We have 7 of these that we rotate through. I cannot remember how many different sippies we’ve bought and put aside. Our son is able to hold onto the handles on these and actually get liquid out. He’s been drinking from these since he was about 10 months. Some of the sippies we’ve been through are leak-proof, but that also means that it is really difficult to get a significant amount of drink out. They will leak some droplets if you turn them upside down or if you don’t get the spout seated correctly, but they work great otherwise.

Francine Adona, AR

Not bad but not great

Not bad but not great. My son loves these but I often find that they leak. Apparently the silicone inside of the lid can become dislodged which causes it to leak. This is easy to push back into place, but if you don’t check every time you are likely to have spillage. I’m not sure the colors actually vary, as I ordered several sets of these for a boy and received all pink/purple. 🙂

Pam Lake Placid, NY

A bit hard to tighten

The cups are sturdy, a bit hard to tighten and therefore hard to loosen. I got the green/orange and yellow/red. At first they leaked but I removed the nipple part and put it back in following the instructions that comes with the cups.

Kathy Spindale, NC

This sippie cup ended the bottle for daughter

We were kind of delayed in getting our daughter weened from the bottle. She was breastfed until 15 months but started getting cow’s milk at one year via bottle. We were very worried that at 18 months, our daughter would have a hard time getting rid of the bottle. We failed with several other cups (some with straws, some without). With this cup, she was broken within about two days. We have never looked back. We like these cups because they wash well in the dishwasher and they don’t have a bunch of parts that you have to assemble each time — just the lid and the cup. The only complaint we have is that you have to be sure you catch the thread the right way when screwing it on because if you don’t get it on right, liquid will leak out. We have mastered the cups now, we always turn it upside down once to be sure it won’t leak, and we’re good to go. Love these.

Berta Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

No go for my almost 8 month old

We’ve been trying to get our 8 month old to take a sippy since she eats a lot of solids and clearly gets thirsty, but just cries for us to give her a drink. We tried the Playtex Sipster first and it was a giant failure. The hardsided spout and valve combo didn’t allow her to get anything out and if I removed the safety valve, liquid just poured out on her. This Nuby cup is a bit better. She managed to take maybe one miniature suck out of it, but mostly just played with it. She really couldn’t manage to pick it up and tilt it to make it work. Even with just a few ounces in it, it is kind of awkward and heavy. My daughter is only about 15 lbs, so maybe when she and her hands are a bit larger, we’ll try again!

Bettye Evergreen, CO


Super cute, good grip. I specifically set out to find something my daughter couldn’t spill, and she managed to find a way.The small air hole to allow liquid to flow also allows liquid to leak. No matter what we always find my daughters cups on their side. Do not buy if you have the same problem.

Vilma Tulia, TX


I’ve been trying to get a sippy cup that my son will use with no problems and it’s been difficult. My friend went and bought one of these from Walmart and he loves it. The hard lid sippy cups don’t work for him, he would just chew the plastic nipple because he doesn’t understand how to suck, he only knows suckle (they’re different). These sippy cups are perfect for him because he can suckle them like a regular bottle nipple. He likes to throw and bang this sippy cup and we only get little flecks of liquid, not large puddles like with bottle nipples.It took me awhile to figure out why the sippy cup leaked sometimes, the nipple wasn’t seated properly. I’m glad that I always checked for leaks before giving the sippy to my son, otherwise I’d be stepping in wet puddles and he’d have an empty cup.I have experienced no other problems with this sippy cup, it works perfectly well and my son is a happy, hydrated one year-old.

Ivy Blum, TX


I have one of these cups purchased from a different store. It is a bit smaller in diameter but the same brand and look. It doesn’t leak. I ordered these to see if they were the same. They looked the same except for the diameter of the cup. I have tried them several times and everytime they leak from the crew top, not the spout.Also, when they say, "colors vary"…they DO! How about pink and purple for my little boy. I expected that though. My low rating is because of the cups leaking.

Kristen Cliff, NM

Great cup – if you follow instructions!

My husband picked these out (at Target) after trying hard-spout cups, and even a soft spout Nuk sippy.Our daughter went from a bottle to a sippy cup almost overnight – and that was around 8.5 months old.We had some leaking problems at first – until we realized WE were putting the spout back in wrong. Once we figure that out, we have never had a leak again!It’s a great cup and I tell everyone I can about it!

Gayla Shamokin Dam, PA

Great cup

I have been using this cup for 2 months now, my son has only been breast fed and I decided to transition him directly to a sippy cup. He started using the cup at 4 months of age for water and he loves it. I had difficulty inserting the nipple as well as keeping the cap from leaking the first few times, but no problems now.

Rhea Rosamond, IL

Not great for us

I bought a pack of 2 at Target because they were less expensive than the Nuk ones I had previously purchased (which my son loves). I only saved a few bucks on the Nuby ones but figure it added up if I was to buy several. Anyway, my son (7 months) hates the Nuby ones. I don’t like that they don’t have lids (so I can toss them in the diaper bag and keep the nipple clean) and that there’s no way of removing the handles, as there is with the Nuk ones. I’ll try the Nuby ones again in a few weeks to see if maybe my kid warms up to them but I’m not impressed. For the record, I didn’t have any leaking issues that other reviewers did.

Wilda Tarzana, CA


I wish I could give this zero stars. The handles get in the way so it’s hard to screw the lid on. The threads on the lid and base almost never line up properly, making it leak constantly. I get my hands all covered in apple juice just trying to get the thing set so my toddler can drink.

Nellie Warren, MI

Pops open when dropped

These are horrible. The moment my daughter drops it the contents spill out. Do not buy these. Waste of money.

Patty Lydia, SC

leaks heavily

Yes, I followed the directions and ensured the mouthpiece had proper seal. The lid itself where it screws onto the cup leaks the heaviest, and there is no avoiding that.

Harriett Walkerton, IN

Instantly weened off the bottle with this cup

These little cups are great! My little guy started using these from time to time at about 8 months and weened right off the bottle by 12 no problem. If you follow the directions this is one of the easiest to use and EASIEST TO CLEAN sippy cups out there. I never have leaking issues, though when he enthusiastically shakes it upside down like a ketchup bottle I do admit that it sprinkles out a bit from the spout. This is a simple, three piece sippy cup – no weird inserts or valves to adjust, clean, lose and replace. I really love them and yes, they do come in random assorted colors, but who cares? I don’t want to raise my child in a world where a boy can’t have a purple cup. We have all colors of sippy cups in our cabinet and that is just fine with me and his father. I gave it 4 stars rather than 5 because I do wish there was some sort of cap available so when I throw it in the diaper bag it doesn’t emerge with cat hair and my hair stuck all over the spout. I usually just throw a baggy over the top and tuck it in a side pocket.

Deloris Paw Paw, IL

Get the job done

It’s a sippy cup, it works like a sippy cup. But it does leak. If you keep it upside down it will slowly drip and my daughter figured out that if holds it upside down and shakes it it will come out faster.

Leta Mattapoisett, MA

Worst sippy cups

This was the 2nd sippy cup I bought. It leaks, the plastic spout part comes apart from the cup. Worst design.

Cassandra Argyle, NY

Leaks all the time

No matter which way I close the top and make sure the spout is secure, everytime my baby drinks from it, it leaks!!! It leaks from where you screw the top onto the cup. In order for the cups not to go to waste, I let my son chew on the spout when he’s teething.

Gwen West Hartford, VT

Terrible cups

These cups leak a lot. They are terrible. I finally threw our 2 in the trash. Babies are already messy without adding a ridiculously leaking cup to the equation.

Francine Oaktown, IN

Great starter sippy cups

My daughter learned from these cups. i really like them they are grat size and they have great colors However, when i took the lip apart to clean the nipples and put it back they leeked and i thought it might have been me but everyone seemed to have trouble so downside bt still great learning cups.

Clarissa Mount Arlington, NJ

Could take it or leave it

There are good things about this style of sippy cup. The spout is a little more familiar to my daughter as it feels more like that of a bottle nipple. However, the handles are molded into the lid so you can not remove them. My daughter prefers cups without handles.The mouth piece is a little hard to remove from the lid at first, but once you get the hang of it it’s not too bad.

Cara Potomac, MD