Nuby 2 Pack Bottle Brush With Sponge, Colors May Vary

Nuby 2 Pack Bottle Brush With Sponge, Colors May Vary

2 pack bottle brush with sponge.

Main features

  • Durable Nylon Bristles
  • Sponge tip helps for hard to reach places
  • Tapered Nipple Brush conveniently stores inside soft textured handle
  • Colors may vary: aqua with green or pink with purple

Verified reviews


Handle breaks after several uses

I like the design of this brush as far as how well it cleans large bottles and that it has a seperate nipple brush. The price is also very reasonable. The only thing that disappoints me is the metal part right above the handle is weak and breaks after several uses. I thought this might be the case with just one brush, but it happened to all the ones that I bought. I change my brushes frequently to avoid a germ breeding ground, but it still breaks before that time.For the price and the design, and for how frequently I throw out my brushes, I would probably still buy this brush. But it is a little annoying to clean the bottle with a brush handle that is broken in half.

Caroline Clear Lake, SD

Odd design

As you can see from the picture, the nipple brush comes out of the end of the brush and surprisingly stays in place when not in use. The sponge at the bottle end is a little badly designed. The end of the wire hooks around and the sponge is placed in the crook of the hook. The sponge is always coming out of place and the wire is still a bit flimsy and tends to get all bendy if you get aggressive with it. It is a perfectly fine bottle brush, nothing hugely good or bad about it.

Bessie New Goshen, IN

Love my reasonably priced bottle brush!

Super cheap and does the job. I’ve used it since my baby was born and can use them for a little over a month using it several times a day before I notice any wear. The best part is the hook which I hang on my dish drying rack that is next to my sink so the brush isn’t lying on the counter. The nipple brush is good too althouogh hard for my to pull out as I have tendonitis in my both of my wrists. It is nice that there is a vent for the nipple brush so I know that it is drying when not in use. I even have one that I bring to work that my coworkers are jealous of! I bought one of the more expensive ones at Target that stand up on the bottom and I found it awful! No vent for the nipple brush and it kept falling over onto the counter or into dishes in the sink, yuck! Definitely going to order more so I can have them on hand.

Catalina Beatrice, NE

Cheap and not great quality

The sponge came off on first use. The sponge is harder than similar products so on insertion into the bottle neck the sponge ripped. They are a good price but honestly the more expensive ones are better quality. The small brunch is also difficult to remove from the end of the brush. It’s a pity – at this price, I really wanted to like them more

Florence Redwood Estates, CA

Best bottle brush

Love this brush! I bought these because they were cheap and I needed a second brush for use while upstairs (didn’t want to walk all the way downstairs at night to wash bottles and pump parts). Anyway, I didn’t realize how well this brush would work. I currently had the OXO brush which I loved because it has a stand, but it does not work as well as this brush on my Medela bottles. All the milk grease comes off easily because of the sponge at the end of this brush and the nipple brush gets my Medela nipples clear again! I can see why others think it’s flimsy, but for the price, even if this breaks like others buyers say (which I haven’t experienced with over 2 months use), this is a great buy. Plus, I’d rather buy another 2 brushes for $3 instead of worrying how to sanitize the brush. Just toss and get a fresh brush. Kind of like using fresh sponges on my dishes.. GREAT!

Fern Matherville, IL