Nuby 2 Pack Embossed Section Plate, Colors May Vary

Nuby 2 Pack Embossed Section Plate, Colors May Vary

2 Pack Embossed section plate.

Main features

  • Microwave safe
  • Good for cold or hot food
  • Colorful
  • Colors vary, you will receive one of the following colors pink/purple, blue/green, yellow/ orange

Verified reviews


great plate, with one major design flaw…

the main reason I purchased this plate is that it is BPA free. I love the design, the dividers (and the plate itself) are just the right size, and overall it’s a cute plate……however……..They don’t stack!!! I bought 2 two packs, got one that had green and blue and one that had orange and yellow, so I have quite the cute little collection of plates, but you would think they would be designed to stack! I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like they topple over in my cupboard or anything…they’re only 4 high and they’re flat, so they do “balance” on top of one another, but it would be so much more convinient (and seemingly quite easy) to design them so that they actually kinda nestle into eachother. That’s my only complaint, other than that, they get the job done:)

Amelia Riverside, MO

Nice Plates, Poor Sales Details on Amazon

These plates are great for microwaving as they do not have the pictures on them like the Disney and other plates that although marked microwaveable end up bubbling up and chipping over time.Amazon does a poor job with these as they don;t break out the colors (you get random) so buying for a boy the colors they chose for me were pink and purple. I know I took a chance but it would be nice if I didn’t have to.Also, Amazon has a warning for choking due to small parts. These are plastic plates with no pieces. Not sure what child could fit a full plate down their throat.

Lori Sutton, NE

Good quality, good price, goes everywhere

I was getting tired of melamine plates which break easily, cannot go into the microwave, and are expensive (especially those with characters). So I got these little plates. My 3 year old daughter loves their colors and separations. And I like the fact they are PBA free, and can go both to the microwave and the dishwasher. The price is also a plus!

Hillary Kingston, NY


I ordered this thinking it had lids so that was my fault. But otherwise if you are looking for 3 sectioned bowls for your baby or toddler this looks like it would be great, each section is big enough, but also they just send you random colors, I have a 5 month old son and I ended up getting pink and purple plates, I ended up sending them back but only because I was looking for something that came with lids.I gave it 3 stars because of the no lids and because they don’t give you a color selection

Paige Tioga, LA

I recommend these plates

I bought these plates from Burlington for $0.99, that’s the first thing I’m going to say. These are some good plates for babies/toddlers I like the colors I like them.

Rosella Stanton, IA

Great plates

These are great plates, they’ve held up very well. Perfect size portions for your toddler. Good product. You won’t know which colors you’re going to receive, but does it really matter?

Mae Monroe, UT


I was looking forever for a plate that has 3 sections that were not just one big section and TINY other sections and this is PERFECT..she can have her fruit, vegetable, and a meat right there for my daughter. I own 12 of these plates and they go through the dishwasher (top rake) and microwave (very short time is all ive tried so far) and they are not warping or anything. I love these plates. Wish i could pick which color I want, but its ok since they are such good plates (i see them lasting and being able to use them for the next baby).

Imogene Coalinga, CA

Almost perfect toddler plates

Almost perfect – love everything about these plates, however they don’t stack. That is the only downside – otherwise they are durable (not only do they stand up to baby throwing them on the floor! also seems to be doing just fine going through the dishwasher on the top rack). I had gotten some other toddler plates on Amazon and the plate shattered when baby threw it on the floor the first time 🙁 These plates here are much more durable. Also, I like that these plates are colorful.

Corina Blackshear, GA

Nice size

This is a reasonably sized plate for a 10 month old. For some reason I thought it came with a clear lid due to the picture having a dome appearance, but it didn’t. It’s still a nice plate that I can throw some seran-wrap on for traveling to grandma’s.

Mellisa Dennis, MS


They plates themselves are fine. They are a good size and made well. Overall I am happy with them. However, I was sent pink and purple. I would have liked more neutral shades.

Melinda Herlong, CA

Prevent Peanut Butter Meltdowns!

My toddler is in love with peanut butter! He would eat peanut butter spread on just about anything he likes it so much. However, if some other piece of food happens to get stuck onto the peanut butter….oh my goodness it is a crisis in our house!My husband and I laughingly call these the "peanut butter plates". The sections prevent any accidental food mixing and my son happily eats with them. They are high quality and after using them daily for several months they still look brand new. I am impressed that they haven’t warped or gotten dingy despite being exclusively washed in the dishwasher.The little portions help me to serve him the appropriate amounts of food. I try to offer him choices from all the food groups at every meal. It just grosses me out when I serve him say pasta and meatballs and his grapes are floating in marinara. This keeps all the food groups, and their liquids, contained to themselves.

Estella Inverness, MT

Nice plates.

I like these a lot. I wish they came with lids but thats just me. I would recommend these again.

Shirley Fort Kent Mills, ME

Perfect size!

My toddler has been using these for about a year and half now. They are just the right size for toddler portion meals. We use these every day and wash them in the dishwasher and they are still holding up. I can see us using these for baby#2, who is 6mo now.Would recommend for feeding all toddlers. Perfect size and fun colors. Nothing too fancy, but I did not want my son to get distracted by the plate anyway. They have worked great for us.

Dawn Mount Carmel, UT

Great plates !

Great plates, great price. I gave 4 stars just because it would be great if they were made to stack. I saw this comment on a review but got them anyways. No regret as the plates are cute and useful but it would be nice that they stack for easy storage.

Lula Ridgely, MD

Perfect for a 1 year old

I love these little plates for my 1 year old. We received a few cafeteria style plates as gifts and I never was able to use all the sections, so with this plate having just 3 sections it’s perfect for my little guy right now. It washes very easily and microwaves great. I read complaints that they don’t stack well, but I only have 2 plates so I can’t comment on that too much. I just handwash it quickly after each meal and do fine with just the two plates. I would definitely recommend this plate to others.

Sheena Dallas, OR

Fantastic is the word

These plates are so practical and i love the colors i ordered. My son is so attracted to them and i can section his food into a well balanced one. To my son, its like eating and having fun at the same time and I surely recommend this.

Savannah Blaine, OH

Going strong for over a year.

I bought these at least a year ago, and they show no signs of wear despite being microwaved and dishwashed weekly.

Polly Monroe, OR

Good little plates.

We use these with our twins. They hold a good amount of food and clean up really easy, a quick rinse with hot water then on to the dishwasher. We hope to get a few years out of these plates and I’m betting we will.

Maryanne Hilbert, WI

Functional section plate

My kids enjoy using divided plates. Prior to this purchase of 2 Nuby plates, we only had two for use by our four kids. These plates certainly do divide the food, but I do have two comments about things I wish were slightly different. It would be nice if the plate were a bit deeper as that helps kids scoop against the sides of the sections. It would also be nice if the plates fit on top of each other for stacking in the cabinet. This would be an easy thing to accomplish, so I’m not sure why Nuby didn’t make them very stack-friendly. Nonetheless, especially for the price, these plates work very well at mealtimes.

Rocio Oxford, KS

Great basic toddler plate.

I was searching for some partitioned plates for my 19 month-old and came across these at Wal-Mart. They were cheap enough, so I figured I’d give them a go. So far, I really like them, especially for the price! I bought two to start off with. I like that they are dishwasher and microwave safe, though I wash them by hand. I also appreciate the deep walls that are useful for a kid who is still getting the hang of scooping up food with a spoon or fork.But, as many others have mentioned, it is REALLY annoying that these do not nest/stack at all. It makes having a whole pile of them a mess in your cabinet.

Stacy Wilmore, KS

Love These Plates!

We’ve had these plates for over a year and a half and they are still going strong! I love that they are BPA free, microwave and dishwasher safe, and the price is a good deal. Each plate has 3 sections (2 smaller sections and one large section that’s about half the plate diameter). They’ve been through the dishwasher many times and they are still in excellent condition. I love that for her pureed baby food, the dividers make it easy to scoop the purees on the spoon unlike traditional flat plates. These are also great for regular table food too.The only flaw with it is that you can’t stack these – they don’t nest within each other in the cabinet! I also don’t like that Amazon doesn’t let you select the colors you want. If you order these with a boy in mind, you may get pink/purple and vice versa. Overall, these are excellent plates and we love them!

Jo Ardoch, ND

wash great, a little small

So far I like these plates, they’re washing well in the dishwasher, and I like the colors. I wish they were a little bigger though, when I’m preparing a meal I find I’m running out of room – and then I have to be on refill duty for my 2-year-old for the rest of the meal.

Sylvia Millport, AL

Great for little eaters

Purchased one set of these for my daughter to try them out. Also bought the normal Nuk plates. Love these!! I think I will be purchasing at least 1 more set.

Aurelia Bryants Store, KY

Great product

These are very nice for small children. My daughter is just starting to feed herself and it’s nice to have the divider with the lip so she can get the food herself.

Autumn Saint Albans, ME

Good plates, wish you could pick colors

I found these at Wal-mart for cheaper than they are here, although they were labeled as luv’n’care brand there. They are great plates but it would be nice if you could pick the colors. I ended up with duplicates, which doesn’t really matter, it would just be nice- especially if you have a boy and you’d prefer not to have pink plates. I’ve had these for a couple of months now and they’ve held up in the dishwasher and the microwave nicely.

Sophie Terrell, NC