Nuby 2 Pack Gum-Eez First Teether, Colors May Vary

Nuby 2 Pack Gum-Eez First Teether, Colors May Vary

We are constantly working towards perfection in all facets of the design, production, and distribution of the Nuby products. We also strive for our full range to not only function effectively, but be safe, affordable, and look great too. The unique texture provides comfort for baby’s delicate gums.

Main features

  • The unique texture provides comfort for baby’s delicate gums
  • Provides stimuli to the lips and tongue which promote the transition from nursing to chewing
  • Multiple teething surfaces aid in the eruption of new teeth
  • BPA free
  • Colors vary, you will receive one of the following colors: green, blue, or pink

Verified reviews


Gummy all over for lots of chewing!

It was a little weird at first since my baby wasn’t used to the shape, but it has a gummy coating over the entire surface so he can gnaw on all of it. The great thing is that each part has a different level of firmness to it. The handle is all super soft, the body is backed by a firmer plastic to provide more resistance and the mouth piece is somewhere in the middle.

Adela Manteca, CA

Not wide nor deep enough to really do much

this really isn’t a full bite plate and doesn’t seem to have aggressive enough nubbies on it so the kids really haven’t taken too it much. Of course they tried to treat it like a pacifier at first and got confused, but even after a few months, they are still unimpressed with it’s teething capabilities and tend to use random objects just as effectively.

Jeannine Huttonsville, WV

My baby didn’t use

My 6 month old still has no interest in this (or other teethers, to be fair). We introduced these to her at 4 months old. No luck. However, again, she doesn’t really “chew” much at all, so it may just be her. She doesn’t even like a pacifier. So…I’m not sure if some babies simply arent teether types or if the whole teether market is a sham 😉 and you just figure it out after you spend lots of money on various teethers 🙂

Monique Damascus, VA

The idea is good, but only for babies who enjoy pacifiers

Our 6-month old baby has rarely used a pacifier, and this teether is styled exactly like a pacifier. Not much for an infant to hold onto, so if we put it in his mouth he basically doesn’t know what to do with it and it just falls out–then when he picks it up, he can’t maneuver it back in. Basically looks and feels almost exactly like a pacifier with little nubs on it. Would probably be fine IF your baby enjoys a pacifier.

Lindsey Hillsborough, NJ

Ok teether

It thought this product would be great for my baby who started teething at 3 months, but she ended up dropping it out of her mouth a lot because she opened her mouth so wide to chew on it. Which just led to a lot of me picking this product off the floor. She did seem to like it when it was actually in her mouth though and it fit her gums much better then other teether a since she was so young when she started teething.

Aurelia Keyesport, IL

Good concept, but doesn’t work for my LO.

Our LO is teething, but is too young to be able to use his hands and hold a teether up to his mouth. I thought this would work well, since it appears he wouldn’t need to hold it himself. Unfortunately, he’s still not quite sure what to do with it, and usually spits it out. He does use a pacifier regularly, so it may be confusing to him.

Lily Nuiqsut, AK

Great concept

Looks a little strange but seems to do the trick. My baby is about 6 months old and is starting to chew on everything. We got this and got the blue and clear colors – you don’t get to pick your colors on this product! Baby seems a little confused by what she’s supposed to do with it but if we hold it for her, she’ll gnaw away on it. If she picks it up herself, she usually chews on the handle instead.

Pamala Sparta, WI

Perfect teether for beginner.

I LOVE this set of teethers. First of all my daughter is 4 months old so just starting to teeth, this one fits her mouth perfectly just like a passy, is easy for her to manipulate, and comes with a nice plastic cover to keep it clean. I highly recommend these, great price.

Sandra Van Buren, MO

Babies didn’t like them

Got these in hopes of finding something that they could chew on through teething. These were a waste but its not the first thing we have bought for the babies that didn’t work out. Just didn’t work for our kids.

Robert Hancock, MD

great for the VERY YOUNG teethers

Our boy started teething before 3 months. This was the only thing small enough we could find for him. It also proved pretty difficult for him to spit out. We ended up getting a clear/white one and a pink one in our pack. We didn’t mind, but it might have bothered some people.

Elise Morven, GA


My kid did not take to these. The cover doesn’t fit well either making it difficult to keep clean.

Adele Pitcher, NY

Good quality, seem like a nice idea. My little one has not taken to them yet. and Color choice really isn’t up to you!

Got these for my son and of all colors, we got the purple/pink set. Unfortunate but its a risk you have to take. They seem like they are good quality and the overall concept seems like it would be helpful. So far my son (only 4 months, teething early) doesn’t really understand how to use them. Hopefully as het gets older. Right now he seems to want these to act like a pacifier and they are quite different from that.

Laurie Kennedy, MN

Not for us.

I’m sure it’s a good product but our little one wasn’t interested. He had the look on his face like… "what is this?"

Deena Union, MI

Baby doesn’t like and neither do I

I’m giving this 2 stars instead of one because the idea is nice and I hoped it would work for my daughter, also because it comes with snap on cases to keep them clean and store. I wish I had seen the review about pacifiers before buying because it is true. It just falls out of my child’s mouth and doesn’t give her any relief. It is not easy for little hands to grab and maneuver and sadly was a waste of money for me. Hope this review helps someone else.

Roxie Oakley, ID

Love it!

It took my daughter a while to get use to these but now she loves them! Highly recommended just offer it a few times before you give up.

Jeannine Hague, VA

Good Idea, but…

Our son is just turning 3 months old and has started teething. He hasn’t started putting toys into his mouth yet, just his hands, so we were worried that he wouldn’t take the normal teething toys, but he used to like his pacifier so we thought these might work. Let me just clarify that our son USED to like his pacifier. He only takes it once in a while now, however, and we still thought he might like this. They seem to be a wonderful design, I like that they come in cases, and can be put in the freezer to chill. They have little nubs on the front of the chewy part, so it’s perfect for teething the front teeth, although I don’t know how much use it will be for the back teeth.When we gave it to him, he would kind of gnaw on it a little, but really didn’t know what to do with it so he’d eventually pull it out with his hands or push it out with his tongue. We are hoping that if we wait a little while, and he learns that putting things in his mouth actually HELPS the teething, then he’ll be willing to take this teether.**UPDATE: It’s been several weeks now, and our little man still doesn’t like this chew toy. He much prefers his Sophie or Nuby that looks like a peanut.

Lucinda Dakota City, IA

Doubles as a Gum Cleaner

My little guy started teething at 2 months. Right now he prefers to suck on his index fingers and he can’t keep the Nuby in his mouth by himself. He’ll bite on it while I hold it for him but after a while, he’s satisfied. I like to give it to him a couple times a day so that he becomes familiar with it and also so his gums can get clean. I have the other Nuby teether but that thing is frickin huge and he can’t hold things up to his mouth just yet.

Lela Mound, TX