Nuby 2 Pack Insulated No Spill Straw Cup, 9 Ounce, Colors May Vary

Nuby 2 Pack Insulated No Spill Straw Cup, 9 Ounce, Colors May Vary

The Nuby Insulated No-Spill Flip-it has a colorful two-in-one cup design that not only keeps liquid fresh and cool, it also helps protect the furniture from a “sweating” cup. This cup features a soft sipper straw which is gentle to your child’s delicate teeth and gums. It is great for travel and short trips!

Main features

  • Flip top cap
  • Vari-Flow valve
  • Printed
  • Colors vary, you will receive one of the following colors -blue/yellow, blue/red, pink/purple, yellow/green

Verified reviews


great straw cup but breaks super easily

super easy to put together, doesn’t leak, my baby loves it, and you can see the drink level. Wouldpick this over the playtex anytime.That was my review from a few months ago, have the following response in the comments too. Thought it would be good to update my review. Came back here to buy a few more since half the of the cups I bought are broken. and marked down these cups to 3 from 5 stars for the durability problem. But I guess we pay $4 for a cup of coffee that we throw away 🙂 but since my kids like it better than the playtex cups, I get to buy a few more.the straw is much wider than the playtex cup so its easier for one of my twins to drink from it and he is not able to deal with the playtex cup as easily. The straw does seem to be closed with a bite to open type of mechanism but not too sure. On the other hand, I would now revise my review to many fewer stars — this cup breaks when dropped and two of four cups I bought have already broken whereas the playtex cups keep going strong even if the straw wears out. wish they made them more durable. But both of my 21 mo old twins still pick this cup over the playtex though they are able to deal with that fine.

Kate Hagan, GA

Baby needs to Bite/Squeeze straw to drink

These cups are very nice but they require the little ones to bite the straw to allow liquid through. My daughter is used to normal, non-squeeze straws, so this was pretty frustrating for her. Also, there are three parts to the straw, the flexi-top that sticks up, then a little thing, then a long one. So, lots of things to wash and keep out of the garbage disposal! They don’t work for us, however, I will say they are very non-spill.

Nichole Wilder, ID

Maybe have color choice option?

The cups are very good and I bought them online because it’s difficult to find them in stores. Out of all choices I had a 1/4 chance of getting VERY girly colors and I did. I received a pink and purple one for my boy. Perhaps it would make sense to actually have an option for customers to choose their own colors? I don’t see how it would make the seller’s life more difficult, but it would certainly make a customer’s life less difficult:-) Unfortunately I will not order other “colors may vary” merchandise on Amazon until then.

Kellie Baxley, GA

Very hard to assembled, so far very spill proof. Still prefer older design.

Color may varies. 3 out of 4 sets I bought came in girl color, which was purple and pink. Very nice, but I have a boy. It’s too bad that I didn’t get one of each design. I have to returned 3 sets because I didn’t really like them after opening my first set. My biggest complain is that this item is hard to assemble. You have to do it right or else, other parts won’t fit.I owned many water bottles and this one is by far the hardest, and requires you to touch here and there, and by the time you are done assembling it, you have to wash the parts again , this time, after it is assembled. I just rinse it off.First you have to insert the sippy part through the hold on the bottle cover. The problem is, it is not just a simple push through. The lip of the silicon sippy part is big and fat, and slightly oval, and the hole to insert it is smaller, and round. After pushing and pulling and smashing the lip to fit, now you have to pull it through. But wait! Not too quick.There is a little bar to keep the straw in place, and you have to make sure you insert the “now dirty with your fingerprints” silicon sippy piece behind the “bar”, and then curve it outward or it will get stick where the “flip to open/close” piece is located. Several times of pulling, smasshing, and guiding the mouth piece out, you are done….with the first piece! Oh my!.Second, look at the bottom of the cover. Make sure the piece you just inserted is pulled all the way up, and the small silicon “cup shaped piece” that is attached at the middle covers a tiny hole next to the straw hole. If you don’t do it right, your bottle will leak. Then you can insert the oval white plastic piece to the bottom of the silicon piece you finally was able to attached properly. Insert not too far ahead. There are some grooves on bottom of the mouth piece that will help you see if you got it right or not.Finally, the straw piece is the easiest, poke, and done. Then you can just screw the top back. Oh wait! You should rinse everything before you do that. If you encounter problem that the top won’t srew down, you might have a longer straw that you MIGHT need to cut it short. Or you assembled the pieces wrong.Some extra notes:When your kid sip this cup, he has to gum it and sip. Otherwise the mouth piece won’t open.This bottle is top heavy, and bottom skinny. It fits perfectly in small cup holder. It’s the only cup that will fit inthis cup holder Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller, React. That is why I bought it.I owned the previous model which is way easier to be assembled, but it has been discontinued. WHY??!!!If you feel like there is an “engineer” inside you that has no problem doing all the assembling, go ahead with this bottle. It is very spill proof. If you are going to be very frustrated with the assembly, maybe try another bottle. I am still in search for a better ones. I guess by the time there is one, my son is going to use a regular bottle already![…]

Trudy Calvert, TX

Good, but separates

We ended up with rockets and robots for our little girl since you can’t choose the pattern. They are good cups. They will leak if they are left upside down at an angle that compresses the straw. I chose the insulated cups simply because they were cheaper than the non-insulaed version, but my 15-month old was able to pry the layers apart on one of the cups, then the cap never screwed on securely. I would suggest getting the non-insulated one so that doesn’t become a problem. Still, I like the straw on these, and my daughter loves them.

Lauri Sheldon, VT

Difficult to assemble straw correctly

I used these cups once and quickly found that I had trouble knowing how far to push the straw back in once I had removed it for washing. Also, there was a lot of leaking from the straw area because the "stopping" mechanism is too high in the straw (outside of the top), rather than inside. This one missed the mark for us and was sent immediately to the donation bag.

Dena Diana, WV