Nuby 2 Pack Nibbler with Cap

Nuby 2 Pack Nibbler with Cap

The Nuby Nibbler 2 pack is a great way to introduce soft solids when your child is ready. Allows your child to eat whole foods without the risk of choking. Perfect for fruits and veggies. Fill with fr ounce en treats to use as a teether. Squeeze and twist locking system, your child can safely use without risk of opening. Convenient travel cover. Dishwasher safe

Main features

  • Allows your child to eat whole foods without the risk of choking; perfect for fruits and veggies; fill with fr ounce en treats to use as a teether
  • Squeeze and twist locking system, your child can safely use without risk of opening
  • Convenient travel cover
  • Colors and prints vary; You will receive one of the following colors pink/purple, yellow/blue, green/orange

Verified reviews


very good idea

The very good things about it:- baby can’t choke- has caps (important for travel or any other situation where you can’t clean it right away but don’t want to create mess)- possible to buy replacement mesh- easy to hold for a babyThe possible improvements:- would be nice to add a hole in the handle so I can tie it up with something as baby throws it on the floor- I think the mesh is little bit too big at least for my 7 m.o. 2/3 of its current size would be perfect.Hint: bananas can be tricky if you wait some time to clean, so wash it right away. Then it’s really easy and mesh stays clean.

Lupe Redwood Valley, CA

Good luck washing bananas out of it!!!!

It works brilliantly but unfortunately its often impossible to wash. We often use only once or twice and have to replace the netting because old food is still stuck. Bananas are the worst! I’ve tried putting it through the wash, soaking in lemon juice or hot water, ect.He LOVES it and we would use all the time but the replacement netting is $1 each so its too expensive. Its a shame because the product is great.

Deena Piney View, WV


i find these difficult to clean but my son did enjoy using it. the general idea is great and we plan on continuing to try different foods. i dinged one star for the cleaning and one more for not being able to select color. we ended up with pink and purple for our boy. not a huge deal but they come in different colors and it would be nice to have an option.

Bobby Simpson, WV

Not so good

Great to be used as a teething solution – put ice cubes in the net and let baby chew and sucks on it. But as far as using it for fruit – everything stains the white net. Every time I put a banana in it, I had to throw a net away because there was no way of me washing out all the mess out. I tried numerous time by hand and in a dishwasher….. I think this is a great idea, but it just doesn’t work all that well.

Georgia Grissom Arb, IN

Great product

I had gotten a similar item for my son when he was a baby but it had a ring shaped handle to it, and it seemed a bit difficult for him to hold on to it.My daughter received this as a Christmas gift, and it’s a lot easier for her to grasp on to, and I was happy that it came with a cap, and was much easier to remove the mesh netting.All of these mesh netting products are difficult to clean with certain foods, especially bananas, but I think I might try soaking these nets and then tossing them in to my mesh laundry bag to run through the laundry machine… Hopefully that works a lot better than the dishwasher…

Celia Dania, FL

very good

This nibbler with cap is very duaghter like it very much,this is very facilityI love it , should buy it

Nell Northbridge, MA

A gimmick my kids never liked

I have twin daughters. They started eating "solid" food (by which I mean they were spoon-fed purees) around 5 months of age. By about 8 months of age they were able to self-feed small bits of food. By 10.5 months they were able to feed themselves their entire meal. The Nibbler is indicated for children 10 months and up. I tried it earlier based on recommendations from others and my girls both hated it. By the time they reached the designated 10-month point, I tried again several times, but once again, both girls did not want to eat from the Nibbler. At that point, I gave up — if a baby can self-feed using their fingers why would they need this gimmick?Perhaps your experience will be different if your child isn’t self-feeding at 10 months. But, don’t buy this product ahead of time presuming it’s essential. It’s not.

Aline Redlake, MN

No way to clean = useless

This is a great concept, and I’ve since bought two others that have silicone inserts for the food. But the Nuby brand has the baby eat the food out of a mesh net, which you cannot clean. This makes the product useless after a few uses when food builds up in the net. Running through the dishwasher doesn’t clean it. Buy the kind with silicone however since it is a great way to entertain your baby and teach them how to self feed.

Goldie Artesian, SD

like it

it’s a easy way to give fruits or any food without risk to your baby…practice and comfortable… I like it

Lois Rose, OK

Perfect for a teething little one

This is the perfect product for a teething baby!Put some frozen bananas in it for a sure way to calm your teether!

Caroline East Haven, VT

Stains easily, hard to wash, harsh to open

I love the concept but it is harsh to open up, stains easily even if I wash them straight after my baby finished eating her fruit. Requires looot of scrubbing scrubbing scrubbing and still does not come out easily and leaves like black spots after eating a banana for example. Beside that, my baby was able to use it, hold it easily and eat from first time I got it. Just the maintenance is not so practical.

Renae Blowing Rock, NC

Great item!

My baby loves these. He refuses a lot of things (all bottles, some baby foods) but mostly wants to eat chunks of whatever I’m eating. I got these (when he was about 6.5 months old) to reduce his risk of choking and he understood how to use it right away, I was surprised. Lthey wash out well. I definitely recommend!

Mercedes Grand Blanc, MI

Great for Teethers!

Love these, great for teethers and new eaters. These are colorful and bright, and the mesh is white. The handles are very nice and I think would be easier than some of the other ones out there for the baby to hold.For teething – put either an ice cube in there or some frozen fruit… it soothes their little gums!

Tamera Phillipsburg, MO