Nuby 2-Pack Nibbler

Nuby 2-Pack Nibbler

The Nibbler is a great way to introduce soft solids when your child is ready. Suggested whole foods (age appropriate) include: fr ounce en fruits, fresh fruits, ice chips, veggies, and other similar foods.

Main features

  • Allows your child to eat whole foods without the risk of choking
  • “Squeeze and Twist” Locking System keeps child from opening
  • Great way to introduce soft solids when your child is ready
  • Colors vary you will receive one of the following colors’ aqua and orange / yellow and green, blue and green / yellow and orange

Verified reviews


dangerous handle

I cannot recommend this product. The handle is really heavy for tiny hands. And a baby can push the whole handle into her mouth and starts gagging from it. Good quality product, but I wish the design was safer.

Misty Boynton, PA

baby loves it

I heard about fresh food feeders from a friend, and so I went out and got a couple different kinds to try. I like the Nuby Nibbler b/c it has removable bags, making it easy to clean and cost-effective to replace/update down the road if we need to. To clean, I just take the bag out, flip inside out under running water to remove any clinging food, and then put the parts in the dishwasher. (Note that our dishwasher water is VERY hot, but we air dry, so I have not seen how it holds up if I use the machine-dry cycle.)I like that the Nibbler is impossible for my baby to open. It took some time for me to figure it out the squeeze and twist locking mechanism, but I discovered you have to 1) squeeze and twist, and then 2) squeeze and pull. To put the thing back together once you have food in it is even more of a challenge; you have to do those 2 steps in reverse. After a couple of times I got the hang of it. I give it 4 stars b/c of this difficulty, but I don’t see it as a drawback.It took a couple of times for my 12mo baby to get the hang of munching on it, but she loves it now. Her favorite food content is a peeled chunk of raw apple. She seems to find the handle easy to hold, although she does hold onto the bag itself some.

Eula Idleyld Park, OR

Perfect for starting fruit

I put a piece of fruit inside and I can give it to my son and forget about it.. I know he won’t choke on it… And he is having real fruit and process it.

Vicki Pompeys Pillar, MT

Best mesh feeder I’ve seen

My daughter got this from my mother and at first she wanted nothing to do with it, screamed every time it got near her mouth so my husband & I figured she didn’t like it and put it away. Fast forward about 2 weeks and we were desperate one night while fixing dinner so I pulled it out and tried it again, she was more accepting of it this time and once she figured out food came out of it she loved it. The best things I’ve found with it (so far) is strawberries w/ seeds cut off & bread/ bagel pieces to suck/ chew on without fear of choking. One cavaet: DO NOT use with bananas it is a pain to clean off, I eventually had to watch the mesh twice then soak it in very diluted bleach and finally wash it again to get it clean.I like the construction of the Nuby better then either Munchkin or Sassy feeders. In my opinion the mesh is finer but yet easier to ger something out of, it’s easier to clean & the twist/ turn method is better then then the ‘snap’ close of the others. It’s great for them on chew & suck on to get new flavors but I wouldn’t use it for true teething purposes, the mesh can irritate already sore gums (which may have been our problem at first) and it can wear down over time so you’ll have to replace it quicker.

Adrienne Buffalo Valley, TN

It’s a good idea but my baby wasn’t into it.

These are a neat idea, but my baby hasn’t ever taken one of these. She sort of studies it, puts in her mouth, makes a face, gets annoyed and I give her something else. Oh well. I think she doesn’t like the mesh texture. I just make sure to give her bite size pieces of very soft foods and she does fine with them. These might be worth trying with your baby, just be aware that some babies might not be interested in them.

Malinda Midpines, CA

great mesh feeder

These are the only mesh feeders we have tried but they work great and I have no desire to try another brand. If they wear out I’ll get more of these. It would be nice to be able to select the color but we ended up with colors we like. They work very well for all foods except bananas, which are very difficult to clean out of the mesh (I know other people with other brands of mesh feeders who have the same problem). They are great for melon and very ripe pears.

Chelsea Woodgate, NY

Just the thing for babies starting on solids!

I was looking for something to hold cubes of fresh fruits for my (still toothless) infant and these are perfect! The mesh is just large enough for baby to gnaw/gum/mash the fruits and enjoy the sweetness without having to worry about chunks that might choke. The stubby handle is perfect for little hands. So far, we have use this for bananas, pears and even ice cubes to sooth those itching gums. It seems to also work as a teether too and we love it!

Ursula Gatesville, NC

This is the one

Tried may versions of this type of product and like this one the best. I like that the mesh is replaceable and that it all comes apart so easily. The mesh is also easy to gum – not very abrasive. These are all a little hard to clean – things seem to get gummed up in the mesh part. But of them all this one is the easiest. Baby loves it!

Carmen Wadsworth, OH


These are a sturdy, well-made product…but they are a real pain to open and close! Maybe it’s just me, but I kept struggling to open them. Cleaning is a pain. Both of my kids always seemed to hold the mesh end and chew on the handles, so they were super messy. Just wait until baby’s old enough and can eat finger foods or purees…this was a waste of money.

Brandie La Harpe, KS

Not the best on the market

After struggling with this thing again today, I felt compelled to come and review it. Years ago, with my first child, I owned one of these by a different brand and loved it. When I saw these ones in the store I had to buy it. Problem with this particular brand is that it is EXTREMELY difficult to close once you get the fruit in. I get annoyed when my baby is crying that she wants it and I am there struggling to make all of the little lines meet up perfectly so I can close it. As I said before, save yourself the struggle and get the one from a different brand because those are easier to close. This product also has too many pieces to wash, I prefer it to be one piece. Moms HATE when our products come with a bunch of little pieces to wash, we are always looking for ways to save time, not waste it.

Michaela East Wareham, MA

Hard to open, unnecessarily phallic

I cut my knuckles every time I open these, so freaking hard to open. Then, my daughter’s grandmother commented how absurdly phallic they looked, and I have to agree. What’s with the weird design? I’m sure it didn’t need to look like that. Other companies make much easier, less embarrassing ones.

Octavia La Fayette, KY

It’s ok but the Munchkin one is Better

I’ve been using these teethers for a few months and they are not bad but I recently purchased the Munchkin brand one and they are just a lot better. Here is why. The Nubby brand ones have a very wide thick handle that is hard for LO to grip where as the Munchkin brand one has a ring holder which is easier for little fingers to grasp. Also, the way the Munchkin one is much easier to open and close for putting something in and taking it out. Easy open and close feature. The Nubby one takes a little bit more effort and you have to push it kind of hard to get it to snap in place. While they are essentially the same product and this one works ok, I think the Munchkin brand beats this one out for it’s ease of use for both parent and child. BUT in general, mesh teethers are GREAT!

Darcy Cummington, MA

Great Idea!

I’ve been using these with my son from about the time he was 7 months until now and he is 13 months. It can get pretty messy, so he has to wear a bib and I try to put him in his chair so he doesn’t get juice all over the place. I like to put things like grapes, strawberries, watermelon, ect in there and he goes to town on it. I highly recommend this.

Reva Sterling Forest, NY

Daughter doesn’t like them

My daughter is 6 month old trying these with supervision but she really just doesn’t like them. At first the juices of whatever food inside gets her interested but all she really does is lick at it, she never tries to put the bag in her mouth to chew it up at all. Maybe she will learn in a few more months.

Fran Voca, TX

Impossible to clean

These served their purpose, but they are really impossible to clean. They were thrown away after only a couple uses. I’d try something else before ever buying these again. Waste of money.

Autumn Dothan, WV

Five Stars

Great product and received it so quickly. The product is perfect for my 8 month old baby.

Dorthy Roaring Branch, PA

My son shows almost no interest in these.

Maybe it’s just my son, but he is not all that interested in these. I offer these to him with banana pieces, popsicles, squash, or whatever and he would much rather chase the loose pieces of food around with his fingers for 5 minutes until he finally gets a chunk in his mouth. I think the texture of the net weirds him out or something. I really loved the idea of this too, but his attention span with it is just not very impressive. He picks it up, puts it in his mouth, takes it out, and throws it somewhere, no matter what food I put in it. Also, the top piece that screws on seems to be kind of hard to unscrew, especially when it is “slippery” from whatever he was eating and i am trying to clean it. By the way, my boy is 9 months. I started trying to give this to him at 8 months. I will try again periodically so I feel that maybe I’ll get my money’s worth. I’m sure this product works great for some kids, but I think it really does just depend on each child.

Roberta Oldtown, MD

Nice, but not excellent.

We’ve used Munchkin feeders in the past, and loved them. This feeder has a removable mesh, which is a great plus for me, as I don’t have to throw away the whole thing when the mesh gets too dirty.My baby seems to like it, and gladly eats fruits out of it.It is a little hard to open and close, though. That’s why I gave it 4 starts instead of all 5.

Tamika Bapchule, AZ

Hard to open

These are good once they are put together, but opening and closing them is quite difficult. I prefer the Munchkin brand with the easy open snap part. They serve their purpose and this is a very great tool for teething and fevers, by adding cold foods or frozen drinks.

Caryn Sigurd, UT

Hard to open and close, mesh bag is painful to clean

Pay extra to get other brands…. this is very cheap looking.So hard to open and close.The bag is big…. if you do not stuff it, your baby cannot get much.if you stuff it, it gets so big and the baby cannot put into his mouth.the bag…. very difficult to clean. No matter how you wash it, it still have food stick on it.

Terrie Marion, MS

great snack item for baby!

This mesh feeder is great. I use it when offering my son pieces of fruit. He holds on to it easily and loves sucking, biting, and gnawing on it. It can be a little annoying to clean, but I also let it air dry and any pieces of food on it will just fall off. No complaints so far.

Brandie Rice, TX