Nuby 2 Pack Nurtur Care Infa Feeder Set, 4 Ounce, Colors May Vary

Nuby 2 Pack Nurtur Care Infa Feeder Set, 4 Ounce, Colors May Vary

Nuby BPA free nurture care infa feeder set.

Main features

  • Anti Colic air system
  • Massaging Nub eez soothe and stimulate gums
  • Bottle is made from BPA Free clear break resistant plastic
  • Colors vary, you will receive one of the following colors red, purple, blue, green

Verified reviews


it’s too bad the sassy one discontinued.

A cousin had one of the older sassy feeders and since my 9 month literally spits everything back at me from a spoon, i tried it and she ate the entire jar of food. We sat there on Thanksgiving googling until we found these. Since I wasn’t paying $20+ on Ebay for the other one, I ordered the Nuby. What a waste of the 9 bucks. I could’ve just put food into a bottle and it would’ve worked the same and not leaked.The part that makes the sassy work is the suction…these bottles to not have a rubber gasket. There is no suction. Essentially it’s a bottle with a movable bottom, that YOU have to move. Such a stupid design. Plus the little one has such a small hole i had to use a pair of scissors to make it usable.

Brittany Lobelville, TN

Falls Apart

I bought these for my daughter’s first sippy. It’s useless for that purpose — or it was for us. The handles aren’t wide enough, nor do they go out far enough for an infant to easily grasp, and the “innovative” method if pushing the bottom up to help empty liquid makes a huge mess and leaks. I ended up using the Nuk instead. I think there are dozens of choices, but at least for us this Nuby set was truly useless.

Antonia Cheraw, CO

Great for a busy mom

I take my 8 month old to work with me, so this bottle is my lifesaver. While I help customers he can have his lunch. Some things to keep in mind, it has to be pretty thin food or it won’t come out of the spout and my son downs it pretty fast because its so thin.

Meghan North Lewisburg, OH

Not worth it!

I ordered this for my baby just starting out on cereal.. I would deff not recommend. It is not air tight & it leaks everywhere!

Cathryn Gulston, KY

No one sells anything like this anymore!

So, I do have to admit that, like other reviewers, I have trouble with the inside piece working on its own. It is very tight, so I end up pushing up on the bottom in order to get all the food out. Sure, this is a MINOR inconvenience, especially having looked all over for something similar to no avail. People keep mentioning the “Sassy” brand feeder, but it seems to no longer be available as well. My son is still young enough that I hold him while he eats, so it’s really not a huge issue to push up on the bottom.I have not had any leaking issues with these cups! Maybe those people aren’t drying all of the pieces before assembling? Not sure, but I haven’t experienced this yet. I use the spoon attachment when I have more time to feed, and it works great too.Because of the limited availability of these types of feeders, I’ve actually ordered two more sets in addition to the two I already own. Once your child splurts carrots all over you and everything in the vicinity, you too will realize that pushing the bottom up every few seconds is totally worth it.

Estela Pelham, NY

Should’ve listened to other reviews

I should’ve listened to other reviews and passed on this purchase. The cup leaks so it isn’t worth the money I spent.

Dee Wellfleet, MA

Worst baby poduct I have purchased to date

This is an AWFUL piece of junk. The disks are too large to even move in the smaller feeder and only move in the very botom of the larger one allowing once ounce to be eaten. The disks somehow allow liquid to pour out around them and the larger one turns at an angle within the tube allowing solids to ooze out from one side. I have never ever purchased such a poorly made piece of junk.

Lucinda Wakefield, MA

Great feeder

Ive bought this feeder for all three of my children. Its a great cereal feeder for infants when it comes time to start them on rice cereal. Moms must assist with this feeder for health and safety reasons when feeding.

Pamela Emmett, MI

these are great

Love these things. Had one for my daughter and they work great. I had to buy some for my son they worked out really well for as well. recommend these strongly

Libby Etoile, TX

works great

I received this in green, wish it would have been blue, but at least green is still a boyish color. Other than that, which really isnt much of a complaint, I love these. My baby has no problem eating out of them when we are out and about. I still spoon feed him at home and don’t use these there, but these make life much easier if we are out on the weekends so he doesnt make such a mess and need clothing changed. They are also good for cereal/formula mixture. When I put cereal in his bottle before, he had a hard time sucking it out of the nipple because they aren’t made for something that thick to go through. But these work much better for that. So I just put some of his formula in this with cereal, he eats that, then the rest in the bottle before bed.

Sophia Donner, LA

I like another brand better

I purchased these and the similar Sassy feeder (which is cheaper). Let me first say DO NOT BOIL THESE TO STERILIZE THEM! I ruined both kinds that way. After reordering and doing a simple wash I used both brands and found the Sassy to waste far less food and create a better seal for less mess. I do like the attachments for the Nuby, but find them to be just a perk and not necessary. Plus the small Nuby feeder is too small to be practical. Great for on the go feedings and grossed out dads who don’t like feeding infants!

Cleo Etoile, TX

My son loves this

I bought this out of curiosity for my newborn son. He is now 6 weeks old and I used the small bottle for his rice and formula mix. He absolutely loves this bottle. I buy the playtex drop in line with y cut nipples for his cereal but he sucks on te bottle so hard it runs down his face. But with this, he seems to suck on it just right. A little small and would recommend them making it 4 oz instead

Reyna Seaman, OH

2nd one I bought!

This is the second feeder I purchased. I bought one for home and one for daycare. Great way to start baby on ceral mixed with formula or breastmilk.

Hillary Cummington, MA


I had these when my babies were little and you can not buy them locally here so when I finally found them I was excited my grandbaby uses the 2oz one now and it works great for here I was just telling my daughters they are great to use on road tris when your baby is on baby food and you don’t want to pull over to feed them with a spoon

Ester Meta, MO

Do not boil them!

The package wasn’t clear and said to not boil them, but later on said to boil them, wtf, lol I boiled mine and ruined them. I guess the nipples can be boiled just not the bottles. I’ve only been using the 2 oz bottle and it works perfect. I like the small size of it compared to the sassy brand that is bulky. I made the mistake of putting the disk in upside down before and was hard to get the food out but now that I figured out how to use it, it does work..

Evelyn Elkhorn, WV

My son loves these

I was so sorry to see the reviews of these feeders leaking. Mine work great and my son absolutely loves them, especially the larger one with handles, so he can feed himself when he wants. I’ve tried using the spoon attachment, but my son gets too distracted with the feeder itself. The only real complaint I had was that the hole in the small nipple was really only big enough for actual liquids. Luckily it’s a standard nipple size and I was able to purchase the fast flow nipple I needed for cereal and other baby food. If you want to take a chance on getting a leaky one, I’d really recommend these, even for a breast feed baby like mine.

Shelby Shelton, WA


My niece would not use these. I will try them for my son. I wish they had the option to use the nipple the baby uses now. It is difficult for breastfed babies.

Joanna Conover, WI