Nuby 2-Pack Prism Orthodontic Pacifiers, 0-6 Months

Nuby 2-Pack Prism Orthodontic Pacifiers, 0-6 Months

Pacifier is designed to fit in baby’s mouth naturally and comfortably with fun bright colors and designs. Good for babies 0 6 months.

Main features

  • Nuby’s air system allows air to circulate between baby’s delicate skin and pacifier
  • Teething nubs massage and stimulate gums
  • Designed to fit in baby’s mouth naturally and comfortably
  • Colors vary, you will receive one of the following colors: green and blue, pink and purple, aqua and yellow

Verified reviews


for the pickiest of babies

I have searched high and low (and spent a lot of money!) for a pacifier that my son would finally LIKE! low and behold, super expensive ones don’t compare to this pacifier! this is perfect for him as he gets rashes around his little cheeks with other pacifiers…not this one, this has a gum soother and fits his little mouth perfectly. This one seems to have been custom made just for him. Nuby is a great brand. We love it!

Rachel Odessa, DE

problem with water in the nipple

My son has loved these pacifiers since he was born, and I like the cute designs as well as the plastic carrying case that comes with it.However, a few weeks into using them, they started to let water into the nipple part, and it was very hard to get completely out, and they would start to smell and grow mildew. gross!! not what I wanted my baby to be sucking on. Also, when he sucked them they would make this squishy sound, and when I sqeeze them, the water came out on the nipple side, not the outside part.I switched to the Nuk orthodontic paci’s and he seems to like them just as much, plus, i dont have a problem cleaning those.

Hester Coalgate, OK

My favorite type

This style along with the Nuby “brites” have been my favorite since my first child. They are small and very cute.

Alba Roosevelt, NY

Don’t put this in your baby’s mouth after you wash it!!

I just washed these pacifiers. Soap gets into the part that goes into your baby’s mouth through a tiny hole. Then once it is in there, the soap escapes as little soap bubbles into your baby’s mouth. We tossed ours immediately. We don’t want baby swallowing soap!!

Marissa North Salem, NH

My baby doesn’t like them

They are too small so they are easy to fall out of his mouth. I lost the Avert pacifier so I ordered these for my baby but it didn’t work out as I expected.

Lana Wymore, NE