Nuby 2 Pack Replacement Silicone Spouts

Nuby 2 Pack Replacement Silicone Spouts

2 pack soft silicone no spill replacement spouts for gripper cup.

Main features

  • Replacement spout for item 890 and 891
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack only)
  • Vari flow valve allows child to control liquid’s flow rate
  • No spill design helps prevent leaks and spills

Verified reviews


nuby nipple

I purchased this Nuby nipple replacement for a bottle that I never used. I’m not sure if it works but assume it works just fine.

Joni Gatesville, TX

BEWARE-Not like the old spouts

The new spouts are NOT like the old spouts, I just bought new cups and they don’t let enough air into the cup, so the nipple inverts into the cup when the child is sucking liquid from it. So every few seconds, the lid has to be removed to allow air back in, the nipple returns to normal position and then lid put back on. My son doesn’t really like them anymore because it is too hard for him. I compared his old with his new and they changed them, WHY?!?!?!?! They were great before.

Amparo Bliss, NY

More good than bad

We have been using these for nearly 3 years now so I feel pretty comfortable reviewing this…The good:The spouts are easy to clean and can be thrown in a pot of boiling water to sanitize (they are silicone).They are quick and easy to take apart and put back together.Really are spill proof as long as the holes are lined up right.The bad:My daughter is a chewer, which would wear on ANY sippy, but over time her teeth will break through the silicone. It’s not like she rips it off or anything. As I’m washing them I inspect for little tears and toss what is no longer good.If the holes just aren’t lined up (happens every so often) it will drip. This is an easy fix, thankfully. Just massage the sides of the spout and it will go back together.Overall these have been our favorite sippy and as our son will soon be ready for a training cup I plan on using these with him as well… depending of course on prices. The price for these replacements have jumped nearly $2.

Leticia Columbiana, AL

Great replacement spouts

These are great. They are leak free and although they do crack when bitten too much, I find that all silicone nipples and spouts do the same. These are the exact same as the original ones that come with the cups.

Molly Ontario, OR

Easy way to get a second life out of these cups

Just as good as the original that came w/ the cups. My ~1-yr-old daughter stuck her finger in the spouts, making a huge hole to spill the water out. Simple solution–cheaper than buying new cups.

Cherie Zephyrhills, FL

There are two different spouts available, check before ordering.

This replacement spout fit perfectly but understand what you are buying as there are two different spouts (older and newer). The cup that my grandson likes best is good as new again. Just check to be sure you are purchasing the correct replacement spout for your cup.

Susie Franklin, WV

Does the job

These spouts worked with my Nuby sippy cups and were a good price. I’m sure my boy will bite through them just like the originals, but I won’t complain that this is a quality issue, just a bad habit from the baby!

Opal Oysterville, WA

Rinse before wasing in dishwasher

I bought these spouts a few months ago.. i love this spout it doesn’t tear easily unlike the older ones..however thwe one problem i noticed is you have to rinse them out immmediately after use..or won’t clean well if you just wash them in dishwasher

Jessie Toa Baja, PR

Exactly what I wanted

This is exactly what it says. Replacement tops for the nubys. Fit great no complaints. Will probably order more since my son likes to chew on the top part. It does take a lot of chewing to break the seal.

Tara Roslindale, MA

Five Stars

Fit his cups perfectly and helped save me money since he likes to chew on them.

Emilia Dalhart, TX

Break Easily

So we are still buying this brand of sippy because I still think it’s the best soft-spout out there, but we do have to replace these spouts often – they are too fun to chew and then the inside of the spout break and they leak EVERY WHERE. However, while they aren’t broken, they work perfectly.

Vivian Highlands, TX

nice top

work good to replace on nuby cups works ok on munckins. but nothing else that i have found. they do not leak unless pressed on something like a stroller.

Lela Tawas City, MI

Good as new

These spouts break easily with a teething toddler, but it’s nice to be able to replace them and not have to waste the whole cup. The soft spouts were great for a beginning sippy cup user, but now that my son can drink from the harder spout, we’ll buy those type of cups instead.

Holly Nenana, AK


It works, it seems like Nuby has two different top sizes so I was nervous ordering it, and was happy that I got the correct size. This works, but if your baby/toddler has teeth and likes to bite, this is NOT good for you. The spout will pretty easily get punctured and/or ripped. My toddler went through this spout so fast. Also, the original spout that was with the cup didn’t do this, but this replacement spout seems to vent poorly. She sucks on the milk and after a little bit the top caves in because it’s not venting properly and building pressure, then she can’t get anything out and gets frustrated. I will be sticking with the Gerber/Nuk cups from now on.

Marlene Vilonia, AR

great product

it is does exactly what it is supposed to do and that in itself is something wonderful as any parent with small children would know.

Kathryn Dell Rapids, SD

Nuby 6 Pack Replacement Silicone Spouts

Two of my little kids like this Replacement Silicone Spouts but the other, (one of my twins), nop. Every kid is different.

Connie Hiwassee, VA

Great for transitioning off of bottle…

But a real pain in the you-know-what to clean. However, like I said, this was the only alternative to a bottle out of which we were able to get our kids to drink their formula. For that, I am very thankful!

Amelia Zwolle, LA


These always work. I never have anything wrong. Come two in a pack and securely packaged. My son likes to chew on the spout so the leak proof seal gets destroyed. So, I replace it…no biggie.

Tisha Cologne, NJ

These are great

I love these replacement nipples. My daughter ate through the first cup I bought after 6 months. They last awhile even with a biter, and a good way to ween from bottles to cups.

Lauren Raymond, IL


I ordered extra spouts b/c my teething 15 month old likes to chew on them to help the pains in her teeth and I discovered real fast that she was wearing them out real fast. At least you don’t have to buy a whole new cup!

Alba Malta, OH

Just what I ordered and expected

Everything came as I ordered and expected it, in proper packaging and in good shape. The spouts themselves are fairly easy for my 2 year old to bite through, but until she does, they work great and never drip.

Cathryn Pinesdale, MT