Nuby 2 Pack Soft Sipper Replacement Spout, Clear

Nuby 2 Pack Soft Sipper Replacement Spout, Clear

2 pack Soft Sipper Replacement Spouts fits standard neck bottles. Made from soft durable silicone. Non drip design helps prevent leaks and spills.

Main features

  • Made from soft durable silicone
  • Vary flo valve allows child to control liquid’s flow rate
  • Non drip design helps prevent leaks and spills

Verified reviews


the only way to transition our babe from bottles

We had a hard time with the switch to sippy cups for our little oneThese sippy nipples got her used to using a different type of tip while using the bottles she was accustomed tothey do leak since they’re soft silicone, but no more than the average soft tip sippy

Diana Myrtle Beach, SC

More Please!

These nipples are leak proof and flat like a sippy cup which is better for baby’s teeth than a regular round nipple. My son took to these when he would not take a sippy cup. He had no trouble using them and we use them all the time, even at night! I love these replacement spouts! I use them in all his standard bottles, they fit all brands. And, while we don’t let him walk around with his bottle, he still turns it upside down and throws it on the floor sometimes when he is not wanting it. The regular nipples would pour the milk out, not a drop comes out of these. I got 2 packs of 2 (total 8) and I am getting 8 more (some for Mamaw’s house and a few more for home). I am replacing all his bottle nipples with these (until we switch to sippy cups for good).

Barbara Jesup, GA

Turns bottles into sippy cup

My son hasn’t really figured these out, and just wants to chew on them. So it’s a bit hard to review. But I’m very happy that these nipples fit on my evenflo bottles so that I can use them instead of buying something plastic.

Julia Loma, MT

Just what I needed

My LO likes the shape of the Nuby 2 cup, but I prefer she uses the sippy cup nipples. These were great to have some extras on hand.

Savannah Painesdale, MI

Silicone (BPA-free) sippy spouts for standard bottles!

Finally! I’ve been searching high and low for silicone sippy spouts that I can use with my (standard-sized) glass bottles! Not only are these affordable, they also completely fit the bill! They work like a charm (we use Evenflo classic glass bottles) and now we can heat/serve milk without worrying about plastics AND our baby can start learning to transition to sippy cups now!UPDATE: Still love it! Works with LifeFactory bottles too and much cheaper than the LifeFactory sippy spout and I love that this one is silicone instead of plastic. Just bought 3 more!

Lelia Lockesburg, AR

Great for thicker liquids!

I must start out by saying that before I bought this product, I was so sick of cutting bottle nipples and even buying “Y” cut nipples designed for formula w/cereal, which is ironic because these wore out quickly and never worked!!!At four months, my infant daughter was diagnosed with severe Acid Reflux and an allergy to both Soy and Milk Based formulas. She was immediately put on hypoallergenic formula (Enfamil Nutramigen to be specific) and rice cereal was added to her formula to increase needed calories and help keep her food down. This caused her formula to be very thick. (Enfamil does make a formula for babies that spit up that includes the rice but it’s milk based).When I bought this product, my daughter had no difficulty with getting the right flow out of her bottle. She gobbled up her food and was pleasantly happy with a full tummy. The nipple only opens when she drinks from it so it doesn’t make a huge mess even when she turns it upside down. They fit in nearly all standard bottles (mine were $6 for a six pack at Wal Mart). I am completely and totally happy with this bottle!The other great thing about this product is that it helps them transition to a sippy cup due to the shape of the nipple. They are a bit pricey, and you have to be careful when washing the actual nipple. If you aren’t careful, they can tear, it will leak then and will flow to quickly. Over all I am incredibly happy for this product and love it!!

Sydney Armstrong, TX

Just as described

I originally had the bottles from my first born and decided to use these on my second born. These are really good and they help with the teaching of how to get used to the sippy tops. Also they are virtually spill proof. If you hold the bottle when full upside down, nothing drips out at all (unless you start to squeeze or when the child bites it).

Pam Rehrersburg, PA

Wow these are really a great idea!

These work great with plastic bottles too! I was able to put these on my daughter’s bottle and no fussing about wanting a bottle anymore. Nipples gone in one day. I can’t rave about this product enough!!! Just for clarity: these replace nipples on bottles into sippy cup spouts. My whole house is thanking the makers of this great idea.

Eve West Farmington, ME