Nuby 3-D Snack Keeper, Flower

Nuby 3-D Snack Keeper, Flower

No more messy snacks. Our unique Snack Keeper cup keeps kid-sized snacks inside the container instead of on the floor or car seat. The soft silicone flaps make it easy to grab snacks without spilling. Nuby feeding accessories are made to withstand the challenges of daily use and retain their bright color.

Main features

  • Super soft and secure lid keeps kid-sized snacks inside the container
  • No spill, no mess, easy access
  • Easy grip design makes it easier for child to hold

Verified reviews


Difficult to use for my 17 month old

My toddler (17 months) hates using this because her hands keep getting stuck on the silicone lid. Not cause she has big hands, but because the slits are really tough to open and pull out her snacks. I suppose this is a good thing while she’s in the car seat so I don’t have snacks everywhere, but it also makes her frustrated.

Bernice West Manchester, OH

Cute factor makes up for lid that comes off a little too easily

I get compliments on this snack catcher all the time. My son has the monster one and I wanted to get its counterpart for my daughter (although he quickly ditched the old monster one in favor of the new, cool flower one). This one is easier than the monster snack catcher to get snacks out of but the lid does come off a bit too easily. We love the easy grip handles on the sides. It’s hard to find a "cute" snack catcher and this and the monster one are the best I’ve seen so far. If you use it while supervising the child you’ll be fine, if you’re more into letting them wander around with their snacks then this may not be your best bet.My daughter is 12 months old and it took her a few tries to get the hang of this but she can do it just fine now.

Carmela New Milford, NY

Hard to get snacks through lid!

I ordered this snack cup because it looked really cute online! It is very cute in person too, however my 16 month old daughter has trouble getting her hands in and out to get the snacks! The silicone top is very thick and does not bend well. I prefer the munchkin snack cups over this one for that reason. This cup is also a bit heavier than those. On the plus side it does a good job to keep the snacks from spilling!

Jessica Hilo, HI

It works and my 1yr old LOVES it!

Got this because I was tiered of my 1yr old daughter dumping her food all over the floor all the time. She also like to walk around with her bowl of snacks shaking it to see where all the food would go. Her personal favorite would be to turn her bowl upside down in front of the dogs.I needed a way to outsmart my 1 yr old, so I bought this product along with some suction bottom bowls. This flower snack keeper helps keep all the little cereal and snacks inside without going all over my floor. I like that there is two handles for her to grab, and the silicone top is just stiff enough that the snacks don’t fly out when she shakes it, yet she can still pull her hand in and out of it with ease.We have had this product for 6 months now, and she has finally discovered a way to outsmart me- Again. She learned she can lift one of the orange silicone wedges up, and turn the cup upside-down, then shake it, which consequently does get snacks all over my floor, but that is only on very "special" days. You know, the same days your toddler thinks it’s funny to pull everything off every single shelf, throw things in the fish bowl to see if the fish will eat it, and draw all over your favorite pair of shoes?!Overall, I would give this product 5 stars. It does what it says, and is much cuter than the other bland brands. Wish they made the flower in different colors, so we could buy a couple and know what snack is in which one.

Christian Nallen, WV

Super cute! Doubles as a teether!

This is a super adorable little snack cup. My daughter (12mo) loves it! My only complaint is that the lid is a little bit too easy to take off. Maybe it’s only mine? It doesn’t bother me enough to exchange it or anything. The flaps are rigid, but not as rigid as others we have tried. It still does it’s job well. Aside from when she hooks her teeth under the lid and everything goes flying! Haha But that is a new toddler for you. It would not be an issue at all with my older tots. This cup is super soft, it’s got a lot of good teething spots for sore gums. 🙂

Lupe East Otis, MA

Very durable!

I love that this is made out of a stronger plastic and holds my daughters snacks in better. Plus, it’s cute! She loves it!

Earnestine Chadwick, MO

Not great for small hands

All the reviews were great so I gave this a try. The top is tough for little hands to get inside and keep the snack while pulling the hand out. My toddler learned to keep one "petal" down as she pours the snacks into her lap/floor, etc. Not what I expected.

Dora Arlington, IN

Love it

Good! It is so pretty! My daughter is only two months so wait till she grows bigger to use it.

Jodi Durham, ME

cute, but my daughter can take off the rubber part easily…

i have a 10 month old, and she can easily take off the rubber part on top that is supposed to hold the snacks in, so they just spill all over. very cute design, but didnt work for me.

Carolyn Dorchester, IA


It’s cuter than the other ones out there! However, the crackers taste stale VERY quickly. I don’t know if all of the snack keepers have this issue, but this one does. Nonetheless, it’s cute, so I like to put my LO’s crackers in here.

Corine Lake Ariel, PA

Great for little hands

This is a great snack cup for things like goldfish, cheerios, etc. My daughter, who is 15 months old, figured out how to get her hand in, and snacks out, in about 10 minutes. The top stays on even when she throws it across the room, so no mess to clean up.Only disadvantage is snacks do not keep fresh if left in overnight, so remember to pack up any leftover snacks.Plus it’s super cute!Love this cup!

Nancy Valley Head, WV

Nubby 3-d snack keeper does the job

Overall I like this product. It works well if your problem is that the child tips a bowl or shakes it but it does not work when the try and pull out a huge handful all at once. We found it to work better with larger snacks like puffs but not so well with small things like Cheerios. Cheerios slip out easier.

Toni Moody, AL