Nuby 3-D Snack Keeper, Monster

Nuby 3-D Snack Keeper, Monster

The iMonster Snack Keeper cup keeps kid-sized snacks inside the container instead of on the floor or car seat. The soft silicone flaps make it easy to grab snacks without spilling. No more messy snacks! BPA Free

Main features

  • No Spills, No Mess
  • Super soft lid keeps snacks trapped inside
  • Trendy color and fun character make mealtime fun
  • BPA Free
  • Age range 12 m+

Verified reviews



Love that the snacks do not fall out and the little guy can get his hands in there and has no problems.. The reason I HATE it is that is NEARLY impossible to OPEN to clean. IT should be screw on top, but its not. You have to pry the lid off with a knife to open it, and with it being round, well then you can cut your fingers off! FRUSTRATING when you have a screaming toddler who wants his snacks now.. and its hard to fill it as well.

Luella Burfordville, MO

FRUSTRATING! Threw it out after 6 months

Yes, it’s “well made”. It won’t come apart if dropped. In fact, it sometimes won’t come apart if a reasonably strong adult tugs and pulls on it with all their might. The feet will pop off before the bowl opens for cleaning or filling. The teeth are cute, but too gummy/sticky for a strong 9 to 17-month old to access even small snacks like Cheerios. I really wanted to love this snack keeper, but my daughter HATES it. She can’t access the snacks and throws the monster on the floor when gets annoyed with its prison-tight grip on her snack. I hate it, too because I have to literally bang it on the counter to pop it open for cleaning or filling. I thought it would loosen up over a few months of use, but it didn’t. Huge disappointment.

Leslie Glen, NH

Looks great, wonderful idea, but extremely hard to take apart

I purchased this for my 18 month old son, and as much as it helps for shopping trips, car trips, and just hanging out-it definitely has it’s disadvantages. But all the good parts first:It is a little hard to get little hands in and out of. I saw this as a good thing, especially when we went shopping he wouldn’t be trying to touch EVERYTHING in the store, and it kept him occupied for a little longer than usual.It’s a great little conversation piece, and several people have stopped me and asked me where I found this.My son seems to like it, and it works great to carry all kinds of snacks (apples, grapes, crackers, etc).It is easily washed. Didn’t notice any long-term odors, or weird smells.Now for the things I don’t like so much:It is VERY hard to get open…and I pray for the poor soul who tries to open this while something is still in it, as things will fly everywhere. I found it to be a bit easier by opening at the bottom of the "mouth", and pulling gently. You feel like you are going to break the little guy, but it really is that hard to get open.On that note, if it is dropped (even from a short distance) it cracks wide open with the contents going everywhere. This happened at a funeral. With grapes. It was pretty embarrassing. I wish I could say that that was a one time thing, but that happened more than I care to admit.So yes, it is cute, holds snacks, and is easy to wash. I hope it works better for someone else, but I would not buy again.Hannah Booth

Nannie Hall, MT

Takes a lickin

This is a pretty good snack catcher! The teeth are made out of sturdy yet flexible rubber. My son loves to carry his own snacks around and even when he throws it on the floor or shakes it around, only really small snacks fall out like cherrios and raisins. Annies bunnies, bigger puffs ect stay in great AND BONUS he cant get more than a few out at a time, forcing him to slow down on his snacks and make em last…this also keeps him busy for long periods of time! I would recommend this unless you want something for raisins or cherrios…thus the 4 star update after 12+ months! Still awesome and the teeth are still holding up even after a million trips to the dishwasher. its huge but who cares it works!

Twila Obion, TN

Better than others

My son likes to shake these types of things, this one doesn’t let the snacks out when he does. The lid snaps in place and is pretty tight which I love because that means he can’t take it off. The only thing I don’t like about it is that the instructions say to not put oil based snacks in it, I think that’s odd and it doesn’t say why not to. Overall a great snack keeper!

Maude Hillsville, VA

great, no spils, and todler loves it

Well, the heading says it all. My 16 mos. old son loves it, he is not afraid of putting his hand in – he figured out quickly that there are crackers/cheerios inside. He actually likes to pull them out and share with us – very kind of him. He can hold it upside down and no cheerios fall out.The rubber “teeth” are *a little bit* stiff silicon but my son does not mind it. It helps to prolong the process of eating snacks — it takes an effort and time for him to eat all the snacks. We used it at home and in the car.The hands twist around; the top and bottom of the body twists around but stays together – – it is not a removable lid; there are no removable parts as far as I can tell.Great $5 spent.**** Update – apparently it is a two piece item – it was dropped down very hard on the floor and came apart – not broken, not cracked, but we now know that it comes apart — which is probably good if I ever decide to wash it. It was easy to snap the two pieces together and it is still in daily use. The eyes are starting to fade.

Allene Due West, SC


Cute and well priced. Easy to reach inside for the little ones. My grandson loves to move the arms and yell “Roar!”

Stacey Waban, MA

too small

Thought this was cute at first but the opening is way too smaill for toddler hands! My son struggles to pull his hand out with his snacks.

Lucile Stoutsville, MO


I love THIS! I wanted something fun for my little girl but that was also useful and something that she could do herself. I started giving her little treats in it probably around 10 months or so. She figured it our quickly but would sometimes get her hand stuck. Now that she is over a year she has no problems and she loves it.

Lizzie Gibson, GA

Very Good

My son liked it he thought this snack keeper is a toy but the good thing he can eat from that toy. I absolutely recommand it.

Evangeline Pound Ridge, NY

Cute and works

Cute container and daughter loves that it looks like a monster. It does hold her goldfish in without them falling out everywhere. It is slightly hard to get open and the first time I popped it open it flung crackers everywhere.

Stacey Spotsylvania, VA

My son loves this snack cup.

The top is a little difficult to get off, but my son loves this cup. My son cannot get this open to spill snack everywhere, the rubber nubs allow him to grab snacks without a problem, and it’s holding up well in the dishwasher.

April Tiller, OR

super cute

I bought this for a Christmas present for my 2 yo son. It is sturdy and really colorful. I love it, and my son is going to think it is awesome.

Deloris Oelwein, IA

Great product

I bought two of these for my younger babies. They are so cute. The kids love to use them when they are eating snacks. I really am glad I bought these

Marian East Ellsworth, WI

So cute

My son LOVES this thing! It took him a second to figure it out, but now he carries it around all day.

Carla Cotuit, MA

Cute Snack Keeper but…

My kids are notoriously messy snack eaters so I thought this fun little guy would help keep the messes to a minimum. Which its does. However- it’s such a pain to open! I’m afraid I’m going to rip off the feet or arms. Other than that. Love this.

Ina Merrill, OR

Cute design but does not work as well as the regular cereal snack things

The monster is cute but it’s a pain to open him and the opening isn’t as child-friendly as the less fun, regular designs that you find from the other brands such as Munchkin.

Misty Dadeville, AL

Works well

This keeps my toddler occupied for a few minutes in the high chair and in the car or stroller or wherever. It’s great!

Tia Mattawan, MI

Cute snack container

My son really loves this container. He thinks it is fun to use and it does a good job keeping the snacks inside. Definitely recommend this.

Odessa Elk Point, SD

Scary design

My kiddo is afraid to put his hand into this monster’s mouth and he is a bit confused of my purpose: do I want him to have cheerios or do I don’t?? He is looking at me every time he tries to put his hand through this 3-eyed creature, as if to ask if it’s safe or not.Maybe this is for a bigger kid (3 or more who still spills things) or it is not for my kid.The colors are bright, the bottom bowl opens medium easily (for parents ok, for kid not, so it is OK), easy to wash.

Tracy Mountain Home, TX

Hard to get fingers in

I should have listened to the other reviews about how it’s hard to get the treats out of this monster. The teeth are a little bit hard. It’s even hard for me to get them out let alone my 18 month boy!

Susana Bruno, MN

cute but hard to use sometimes

we thought this snack cup was so cute. when I first got it, I could get it open much easier, now several months later….I can’t get it open for anything. My 2 year old has a hard time fishing out what she wants if its not at the top of the opening. but the hands make great handles, and when it opens its easy to clean. I just don’t always go for it, cause if you put something kind of fragile and messy like dried strawberries, the get more crushed than eaten in the process of getting out of the cup, needless to say after trying several different brands, we have found the munchkin to hold up the best.

Lora Saint Pauls, NC

2.5 and 1 yo love it!

My 2.5 year old and 1 year old love this! We had bought it for our one year old son, but as soon as my 2.5 year old saw it, he took it over, so we had to buy another one. haha They both love it and my 2.5 year old always asks for it for his snacks. Would definitely recommend this for traveling and excursions.

Ginger Imogene, IA

Great snack monster

My toddler loves this, and so do I. The easiest way to get the top separated from the bottom is to put your thumb in its mouth and press against the bottom (inside) of the monster, while pulling up with your other fingers on the outside. (Like if you’re signing the letter "e" with your hand.) Not sure if that’s a good explanation or not, but it works easily every time. The only time I’ve ever had a problem with this little guy is when my toddler dropped it on the concrete floor at Costco and Cheerios went everywhere. He’s dropped it a thousand times and it never opened except that one time; I guess it just hit in the precise spot needed to bust it open. The little monster arms make it easy for my toddler to hold. The opening is the right size, and the yellow monster "teeth" are soft enough to get his hand into the monster, but stiff enough to keep the treats from falling out.

Minerva Huntington, UT

Keeps snacks insod well

My one year old likes to get his snacks out of the monster mouth. This works well to keeps the snacks from flying all over too when he knocks the bowl around.

Ada Metamora, MI

Hard for my daughter to get her hands in and out of the mouth

Hard for my daughter to get her hands in and out of the mouth. The plastic is a little tough.

Kendra La Vergne, TN

Cute, fun, functional, much better than the nuby brand cups

Yep, that header pretty much says it. This was twice the price of the nuby cups, but the plastic flaps work better so baby can’t shake her puffs all over the floor and she loves the monster. W use it almost daily, so it’s worth the extra money.

Trudy Northvale, NJ

son doesn’t really like it

I find this hard to open to clean. My 15 month old son has used it more as a toy since he finds it hard to get cheerios out of it. I’m saving it for when he’s older and hoping it will eventually be useful. The opening, being on the side, makes it hard for me to reach in too. He carried it by the arms but otherwise, the character didn’t entertain him.

Tori Pelican Lake, WI

cute, but….

my baby got scared the first time I gave it to her, and it seems like she has a hard time reaching the snacks inside so she gets frustated with it, i am sure it will be better once she is older (she is 10 months old right now). The other design (the flower one) is much better designed for small hands.

Alta Reynolds, IN

Hard to open and black ink on eyes started to come off when my son put it in his mouth.

Hard to open and black ink on eyes started to come off when my son put it in his mouth.

Katrina Chehalis, WA