Nuby 3 Pack Bottles, 10 Ounce, Colors May Vary

Nuby 3 Pack Bottles, 10 Ounce, Colors May Vary

Nuby BPA free 3 pack 10 ounce bottles with non drip nipples.

Main features

  • No leak, no drip, no mess nipple
  • Anti colic air system
  • Vari flo valve allows child to control liquid’s flow rate
  • Teething nubs massage and stimulate gums
  • Colors vary, you will receive one of the following colors dark green/dark blue/red, light blue/light green/orange, pink/light blue/light purple

Verified reviews



FYI!! This particular bottle is NOT BPA FREE! Not all of Nuby’s bottles are BPA Free. Only their “Polypropylene Line” of bottles are BPA Free. The packaging will say “Polypropylene” bottles. This is the only way you’ll know. They won’t actually say “BPA Free”. Very confusing – but these here are not the BPA Free Bottles!!

Elise Moreland, ID

leaks, hard to clean, hard to read markings, bad nipple…

I purchased a set of these Nuby bottles due to the reviews here; however, I was more than disappointed with these. First of all, I did not receive the colors mentioned in the description (I received pink/yellow/blue), but that’s just a very minor problem. What I don’t like about these bottles are the following:- leaks: the bottle still leaks even though it is advertised as not. it doesn’t leak every time i use them but it still does leak.- hard to clean: the way the bottle is shaped makes it hard to scrub with a bottle brush. it is also a long bottle so the bottle brush just fits and hard to maneuver.- hard to read markings: the markings where it indicates how many ounces are hard to read sometimes.- inaccurate markings: when comparing the markings to other bottles, these nuby ones are way off. I poured water into the Nuby bottle and it says 5oz. I poured the same amount of water into a Medela and a Gerber bottle, and they both say 4.5oz. Tried pouring into my measuring cup, it says 4.5oz again. So I believe that the Nuby bottle measurements are inaccurate!- nipple: my son never got used to these nipples and they are also very big compared to other popular brands. The cap is also near impossible to take off, which is quite frustrating but I have given up on these nipples so it doesn’t matter anymore.I would not recommend these at all (both bottle and nipple). I would go with the Gerber First Essentials bottles (they’re cheaper, too!).

Opal Saint Paul, KS

great bottle for my 9 month old!

I bought these bottles for my daughter when she was almost 8 months old. I also purchased the "regular," medium flow nipples in case the "no leak" ones were too awkward for her.She does great with the "no leak" nipples and it’s really nice to not be worried about her making a mess!She feeds herself with these bottles perfectly.My only complaint is I wish the oz indicator was more easy to view…

Wendi Graford, TX

Great simple bottle

We bought these bottles because I was sick of washing all the pieces to the Dr. Brown Bottles. Our first son was a spitty baby and needed the Dr. Brown’s, but our 2nd son didn’t have the same problem. So I was in search of simple bottles that 1) are cheaper 2) can turn into a sippy cup when you buy the sippy spout 3) are simple. These bottles hit all three targets. We are completely happy with them and haven’t had any problems.Note: Our son HATED the nipples they came with (they are bumpy), but we were pleased to find out that the Dr. Brown nipples work with them.

Corinne Wingate, IN

Nice and simple

After struggling with hard-to-clean, leaky Dr. Brown’s bottles for a couple of months I ordered some of these. They work very well. They’re ergonomic for all parties involved and do everything they’re supposed to.

Janna Sidney, OH

LOVE these

My little one loves these bottles. They are easy to hold on to. Love that they don’t drip and spill. And the cover makes a good seal if you are storing them with water in the diaper bag.Reason I gave them only 4 stars is the fact that we got such pastel girly colors. I have a little boy. We will use the yellow and lavender ones but the pastel pink is just a little too girly for me. Wish there was a way to specify which colors.The other ones we have were received as a gift and were bright blue, red, and green. So I know they make other colors than girl colors.Just a tad disappointed in the colors. We’ll keep them in case we have a girl next time.

Kelly Two Rivers, AK

nipples leak

nipples leak ugh… but it if your gonna just use the bottle only. the bottle is large so its good for hungry babies

Lucille West Roxbury, MA

Loved these so much

I switched from Dr. Brown’s to these bottles when my son was old enough where I didn’t have to worry about gas. These are so great, easy to clean, and my 11 month old son had no problem transitioning to them. I highly recommend this product.

Betsy Kingsbury, TX

Nipples still leak.

Nipple still leak even though they state they don’t. My son also hates these nipples because they’re shaped weird and they either have too much of a flow or too little.

June Atlanta, KS

My son hate it.

Hard to read mark, my son was not able to get any milk out of the nipple, the nipple squeezes in every time he sucks on it.

Selena Oakland, RI

Best BOTTLES ever!

Whether your baby is 3 months old to 12 months old the nipples were perfect not to fast of a flow and not to slow!

Cecilia Bartow, FL

Like the bottle hate the nipple

I really liked the quality of the bottle. It was sturdy, seemed of good quality, and nice looking. Unfortunately, my 3 month old was not able to get any milk out of the nipple. I ended up having to switch bottles in the middle of a feeding because he was screaming so much from not being able to get his food. Every baby is different and maybe in a few months I can try again but at this point, it is useless and I cannot recommend it.

Blanca Fresno, CA