Nuby 3 Pack Replacement Nets for The Nibbler

Nuby 3 Pack Replacement Nets for The Nibbler

These replacement nest are intended for use with the Nuby Nibbler- a great way to introduce soft solids when your child is ready. The Nuby Nibbler allows your child to eat whole foods without the risk of choking.

Main features

  • Replacement net for use with Nuby’s nibbler
  • 3 Pack
  • Is a great product

Verified reviews


Doesn’t hurt to have extras

I read the reviews about clorox and such…I’d skip the clorox and spend a few bucks (more like 50 cents may be?) and get extras for your kid.I’d say with the amt of time put into cleaning the nets (after bannas and apples) it’s just easier to get a new one.And I defintely wouldn’t want to eat somethign that had been in clorox so I don’t think I’d go that route for my kid either.Nice to have aroudn whe you need your hands free and baby’s hands busy =Ddon’t have to worry about choking hazards – althoguh you do have to worry about the drippy mess afterwards =P (I usually put them in a bib or raggedy clothes when I knwo they’re goign to ues this).

Molly Bristol, CT

Not as good as what came with the Nuby

I used this replacement mesh once and it’s really holding onto the food. It just doesn’t get as clean as the one that came with the Nuby. That one seems to be more coated, so I can rinse out the bits of banana or whatever I put in it. I’m tempted to throw it away after one use. maybe part of the problem is the original is a green color and this is white, which would show more discoloration?

Rosalia Leavenworth, WA

Perfect replacements

Love these! I don’t get them perfectly white every time I use them but I’m not too concerned about that. I know they are clean.

Kitty Drakesville, IA


I bought these so I could have more nets for the Nuby Nibbler. My son loves the Nuby. Our first net that came with the Nibbler got pretty dirty and had some fibers (banana or other fruit) that was just so ground in it, I hated seeing this net dirty looking all the time. For such a small price, now I can just throw it away and have three new ones. I have dedicated one to just bananas and the other ones stay nice and fresh looking. The mushier things like banana and avocado are harder to get out even if you soak and even if you brush it under running water. I have just learned to live with it looking a bit dirty so long as I clean it really well. One of the other reviews suggested soaking it in OxyClean overnight and how it the fibers come right out and it looks brand new. Well, the idea of having my son suck on a net that has been soaked in OxyClean for 12 hours makes me cringe. I’d rather spend and extra dollar or two and buy a new one (or three pack in this case). Just dedicate one to the mushy foods. I also find that if the banana is frozen when it goes in the bag, it helps more than a raw banana.

Myra Pierpont, OH


I needed a lot of these when i first started feeding my baby bananas. he would take huge bites if i didn’t put it in the nubby. however, bananas are IMPOSSIBLE to clean from the nubby mesh, so after about 2 banana feedings they need to be tossed. glad to find cheap replacements.

Fanny Bristol, ME