Nuby 3 Pack Soft Edge Spoon, Colors May Vary

Nuby 3 Pack Soft Edge Spoon, Colors May Vary

These hot safe spoons have comfort grip design that makes feeding easy and a temp sensor to let you know when it’s just the right temperature. The soft bit tip, hot safe feeding spoon makes meal time safe and easy. While the soft edge protects baby’s delicate gums and new teeth, the safety tip changes color when baby’s food is too hot (approximately 110 degrees or above). The easy-grip handle ensures a comfortable, secure hold for mom during feeding. Includes three spoons. Colors may vary.

Main features

  • Suretemp sensor indicates if food is right temperature for child
  • Soft edge protects child’s delicate gums and new teeth
  • Easy grip handle ensures a comfortable, secure hold for mom during feeding, dishwasher safe, top rack
  • Colors vary, you will receive one of the following colors green/pink/blue, green/yellowish blue

Verified reviews


nannies love them

my kids’s caretakers love these spoons, i’m ok with them, i can use either this or the Munchkin ones. I wouldn’t rely on this to tell me the food’s temperature, it’s not that sensitive, just use common sense. Love size, long handle & good depth.

Elba Benton, WI

cannot get the stain out

I like the feature of this spoon which it will change to white when it’s hot. My son loves it because it is soft enough for his gum. However, when he eats carrot or sweet potato or any red color foods, it creates stained on it and I cannot get it out. I wish they think of using different color than white or use materials that won’t get stain so easily and save for kids.

Dina Gales Creek, OR

These are great! (with UPDATE)

Unlike those cheap Gerber spoons that are basically flat and hold no food on them, these actually have a concaved spot and fit baby’s mouth well. I have both the cheap Gerber spoons and these, and tend to keep more baby food in my son’s mouth when using these. And I think he likes the fun colors of the handles and tries to take the spoon away from me the entire time I am feeding him! haha. (He is 5 and a half months right now, just learning this spoon thing.) They really do change colors when the food is too hot, which keeps mom from having to put her finger in the food a couple of times to test temperature. I highly recommend these, machine washable, durable, adorable, and practical utensils!UPDATE: the blue spoon doesnt change colors when touched to heat. The other ones in my pack all work exactly the same, and I noticed it when I was disinfecting all of them in hot soapy water. All of them were white except for the blue one — completely unchanged. Not sure what happened there!

Valeria Calabash, NC

cheap quality

I bought these spoons trying to save money because it appeared to be similar in shape to my Beaba spoons. When I opened the package, the cheap quality was apparent. I haven’t used it yet, but there are plastic stubs that protrude around various parts of the spoon, thus I would hardly call it “soft edge”. I think it maybe uncomfortable for my baby’s delicate mouth.

Shirley Foosland, IL

Good Product but Pricy

I liked the small tip. It’s smaller than many other baby spoons. I like the long and non-slip handle. It’s easier to feed my baby. I can give it 5 stars for the design and construction, but taking out 1 star becuase it’s more expensive compared to other baby spoons.

Rosella Marlborough, MA

Nuby Spoons

What can I say? These spoons speak for themselves! I’d tried so many different kinds of spoons for my baby, until I found Nuby. It’s deep, so it holds the baby food without it running straight off the edge like some other brands do. This is THE spoon!

Leanna New Site, MS

Good spoons!

I bought the Nuby spoons after trying some Munchkin spoons that didn’t work out so hot with my son who was learning to eat solids. Those spoons were just too big for his little 4-month-old mouth and were too hard. These Nuby spoons are the perfect softness without losing durability, and they are contoured nicely for my hands and his little mouth. I’ve been using them for a while now (he’s 10 months old now), and I still love them! Sorry that there’s not more to say because, well, they’re spoons. They don’t have magical qualities that make your child eat foods they hate or without making a mess!I purchased several packs of these spoons, and I have a pretty decent color variety. I know you can’t choose your colors, but I think all the colors are pretty nice and are generally gender-neutral. I happened to get a lot of blues, but they’re pretty pastel or turquoise blues, and I think I got a pastel pink and a fuschia. My son couldn’t care less, and if I were worried about feeding my son from a pink spoon, I’d have bigger problems.My only complaint about these spoons that I didn’t have with the hard plastic Munchkin spoons is that they stain easily. Yellow, orange, and red foods (meat and veggies, sweet potatoes, anything with tomatoes) are the usual culprits. As such, some of my spoons are yellow where they used to be white, and I’ve taken to using the already-stained spoons for the foods that stain so as to keep the other ones looking pretty for the non-staining foods, like cereals and fruits. Silly, I know.Anyway, these are a good buy in that they’re not prohibitively expensive but are soft and comfortable and should suit your needs. Again, it’s hard to say much because they’re just spoons, but given that I did use another brand that I was unhappy with, I felt the need to at least say something positive for these.

Miranda Ragsdale, IN

very nice

great product! my son loves the spoons and the soft edge is great and don’t have to worry about sharp edges or cracking like the more flimsy plastic spoons.

Aisha Sangerville, ME