Nuby 3D Monster 2 Handle No Spill Super Spout, 7 Ounce

Nuby 3D Monster 2 Handle No Spill Super Spout, 7 Ounce

The iMonsterNo-Spill 2 Handle Cup by Nûby has a unique one piece No-Spill soft silicone spout that is easy to use, easy to clean. The spout promotes the natural drinking action and healthy oral development. The newly designed valve opens with minimum pressure and doesn’t require constant sucking that can damage new teeth and soft palates. It also features easy-grip handles that are perfect for a child’s transition to self feeding. The durable handles are designed for small hands and are comfortable and easy to hold. BPA Free

Main features

  • Soft Silicone Spout
  • Easy grip handles
  • Promotes oral development
  • Valveless and leak resistant
  • BPA Free

Verified reviews


He gonna love it. I do!

Still waiting on this item, but I know my kidos personality, he’s gonna love it and do this screamming thing that he does when he sees things that he likes. He loves stuff like this. it makes me smile just thinking about his little scream-its his thing, he does that embaresses the parent, like the…. in the middle of walmart thing that babies do….. the funny moment baby thing. lol yours gasps, or has spit bubbles, or little belches…. yup! mine screams lol!

Naomi Romeo, CO

So cute but LEAKS!

Ugh I absolutely love the exterior design of this sippy. My son looks like the coolest kid in childcare! BUT IT LEAKS MAJOR!!! My car got soaked, the couch, the carpet, his clothes, his EXPENSIVE backpack got soaked as well. Very cute but totally disappointed bc it leaks worse than any sippy I’ve ever had.

Dixie Donnelsville, OH

Leaks but fun cup!

We have had this leak a little, but enough to get the kids wet while drinking (it drips). It is a very fun design though!

Antoinette Croydon, UT

Son loves it

I really like this cup! It’s easy for my son to drink out of and super cute. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because it’s gotten a few chip marks from being dropped a couple of times. Other than that, it’s great.

Esperanza Purdys, NY


Super cute cup. I love it. The bottom teeth and hands come off a little easy though. If my son drops/throws the cup it just pops right off. Other than that I have no complaints.

Morgan Eastport, MI

Good for learning

I bought this for my 9 month old because I couldn’t get him to drink from the straws or the hard spout cups. He quickly learned how to get water from this cup since when he bit it water came out. I’ve had no problems with leaks, but my husband did say there was a strong plastic taste which is a little discomforting.

Maryanne Seward, IL


I was so sad when I first filled this up for my son because it leaked all over the place. Not even a little leak… It is soooo cute! I have tried everything to get it to not leak. I was so disappointed because again it is so cute and is such a good idea.

Barbra Cairo, IL

My one year old enjoys

My son enjoys this to drink out of and I enjoy the one piece clean up and no messy inserts.

Florine Florence, KS

Great cup

This is the neatest cup I have ever seen. It is great for a first cup, very unique and I haven’t found it anywhere but on here.

Eve Houghton Lake, MI


not flimsy! sturdy, interesting and small for little kids! great gift idea and i will buy more to make it a set

Ann Luckey, OH

Cute lil monster cup

I wasn’t sure about buying this sippy cup at first because other reviewers said that it leaks, but I did anyways because it was a monster and my sons whole bedroom set up is monsters. So I buy anything I see that has a monster lol.. Anyways the cup doesn’t leak for us. We love it and its cute enough.

Stacie Laporte, CO

Cute design, but it leaks

I like the design of this cup a lot and my son thought it was funny. It always made him smile when I used it. But I took it with me on a trip and it immediately started leaking. I’m not positive where it was even leaking from. I have other Nuby sippy cups and have had good luck with them, but this one didn’t work out as well as I wanted it to.

Kate Warren, TX

Best sippy ever

My kiddos are rather picky about what I put their juice in. But my littlest one took this sippy and has totally ran with it. Will be buying more.

Brandie Apulia Station, NY

Love it so much I bought it twice

so cute, I bought this full line for both of my babies. Love it so much I bought it twice. The paint does scratch off easily especially the teeth. Won’t be cute for too long.

Letitia Madrid, NY

Great size

I give my 6 month old water in this and he loves being a big boy and using it himself. The size is perfect so it isnt too heavy for him when its full, and it’s very easy for him to hold and control. The spout is a no-spill, so if he drops it on the floor it wont make a mess. He has thrown this thing all over the place and it has help up wonderfully!

Chris Nazlini, AZ

overall great!

love this cup its my sons favorite. we’ve purchased several sippy cups before finding this one including avent, nuk, tommee tipee which are all ok but he likes this one the best. it’s easy for him to sip out of my only wish is that it had a cap. also for all the reviews that say it leaks… all you have to do is on the inside of the cap, run your finger around the perimeter and make sure the spout is evenly suctioned. solves leaking issues.

Abby Princeton, ME

No leaking here

Despite the fact that I read reviews about this cup "leaking" I bought it anyway! No leaking here! It’s a super cute cup! I love it! I call my daughter Zoey Monster and this cup suites her! She loves it! A great buy 🙂 highly recommend for the little monster in your life!

Diane Fleetwood, PA

It Leaks

Really cute sippy cup. My son likes it, but the last few times he’s used it , its leaked really bad

Kathleen Turtlepoint, PA

This really does’t leak!!

I have 2 of these and 2 Nuby transition cups, both kinds use the same sippy nipple. The flow on the nipple is very near that of stage 3 Dr. Brown bottles. My son loves that he can hold the cup and drink with the same speed as a bottle. He is almost 7 months old and is trying to be independent and this allows some of that and still makes mommy comfortable… They grow so fast!

Vilma Oakland, AR

Love this brand, disappointed in this cup

We haven’t even had this cup 3 whole months yet and the lid already leaks. My LO loves the nuby brand sippy cup and every other nuby sippy cup has worked perfectly and held liquid from day one (except the one I ran over LOL). Very disappointed in this line of products (the monster theme) overall. 🙁

Elise Coupon, PA

Great attractive design

Build quality = 5/5Work as described = 5/5Product material = 5/5Design = 5/5Ease of use = 5/5Reliability = 5/5Overall = 5/5

Lidia Zuni, NM


This is cute but it leaks from where the spout attaches and my child takes advantage of the defect to make a mess. Also the cup snaps out of the base easily making it easy to lose.

Joni Grant, MI

Cute, but not my favorite engineering design on sippy cups

Got this for my daughter who is obsessed with monsters. I haven’t had any major leakage issues, but it is a pain in the rear to make sure that the spout is seated properly on the lid. It is similar to another Nuby handled sippy cup we have, with the figure 8 style spout on the top. When you put it in the lid, you have to make sure the top is seated correctly on the outside of the cup, then you have to turn it over and make sure the inside is seated properly around where it will screw onto the cup. The handle comes off of the cup for washing in the cracks. One complaint I have is that there is a little notch in the cup, where a little projection from the handles fits into, so after time when you tighten, or over tighten, the top onto the cup, the monster’s head is off kilter from the handles and bottom teeth. She gets lots of compliments on how cute it is though, so I would probably buy it again.

Tonia Elizabethtown, IN