Nuby 4-Pack Hot Safe Spoons

Nuby 4-Pack Hot Safe Spoons

The safety tip on the spoon changes color when baby’s food is too hot. While the long, easy grip handle ensures an easier and more secure feeding.

Main features

  • Sure Temp sensor indicates if liquid is right temperature for child
  • Easy grip design ensures a comfortable, secure hold

Verified reviews


Cant get food off spoon

There is too big of a dip in the spoon. There is always food left on the spoon. Makes a better toy

Wanda Alexandria, NE

Great for mommy AND baby

These are the first spoons I tried when my baby was ready for solids and I absolutely LOVE them. I had received a pack of the Gerber spoons with the metal handle and a pack of the Munchkin spoons. I did not like the metal on the Gerber and the spoon was not deep enough. The Munchkin spoons are not comfortable to hold and the plastic that goes into babys mouth is sharp. Plus they’re ugly! The Nuby spoons are so comfortable and I love the long handle-so much easier to feed baby. Also the curvy shape of the spoon makes it easier to get to the remaining food at the bottom of the bowl. The colors are nice and even though I serve my baby’s cereal at room temp, I like that the tips turn white if too hot. I’m sticking to these and getting more!

Dollie Hayden, AL

Mostly Good!

For the most part I really like these spoons. They change color if food is too hot for baby, that is a nice feature. They are made of a plastic that is hard enough to keep its shape, but just a little bit soft too, which is nice for baby. I knew I did not want the plastic covered metal, they are just too hard, especially when baby is teething. These have a good shape for babys mouth, and the well is deep enough to hold a good amount of food for big eaters, but it is not hard to just get a little amount for new learners too. These are quite long and have a curve to them, I am not sure why they have a curve, I see no real benefit to that, but I also do not find it a nuisance. My only complaint is that left in a half full jar of food these spoons are handle heavy and will cause the jar to fall over. It seems like the handles could have been made just a bit lighter to avoid this. I have gotten used to setting the spoon on a napkin instead of sticking it in the jar, for breaks, but this would be a 5 star review if it were not for the heavy handle…

Leona Brookfield, CT

Nice spoons

Easy to hold and baby eats from them well. I do however, think the handle is a little heavy and they often topple out of bowls, but they wouldn’t be as easy to grip if the handles weren’t as fat as they are…so it’s a give and take on that. The reason for 4 stars is that I think they are a little too sensitive to heat. As with most temp guard baby items…they err on the side of caution which is good but I often find these say the food is too hot when it is barely luke-warm. It just annoys me a bit and makes the hot safe part a bit useless as I end up testing the food every time anyway regardless of what the spoon indicates the temp is. And with that being said, I would most likely test the food every time anyway with or without these spoons, just as you would a bottle, so it really means the hot safe feature is a bit moot from the get go.Overall though, they are very nice little spoons.

Sophie Concord, IL

Too deep

We have been using these for a few months now…my 7 month old is still having trouble getting everything off the spoon. Maybe these will be better when she’s older. Probably better off with softer, shallower spoons while they are little.

Madeleine Fleischmanns, NY

Great buy

Works as stated, Turns colors when hot. I love them. The colors are nice, and the handle is long enough so that baby can help with feeding.

Stacie Fredericksburg, IN

Love these!

These are great! The spoons are deep so they didn’t work as well when our son just started eating solids, but they work great now. They are good quality, wash easily, and the color changing safety feature works well.

Rachael Carbon, TX

Nuby spoons are his favorite

Our son loves these. He not only likes to eat from them, but he likes to bite them because he’s teething. My husband has been giving him these to just munch on when his gums hurt.

Christie Lake George, CO

Great First Spoons

Light, easy to use to feed our baby, perfect size for her little mouth, nice colors. The color change when the food is too hot is so so as it seems like the color changes to white anytime hot food is on the spoon, whether it’s barely hot or really hot. The color temperature change was not the reason I bought the spoons, rather the price and overall look, so I’m very happy with the purchase.

Sonia Wallaceton, PA

Too deep!

It’s a nice pack of spoons, but they’re too deep. My daughter can’t take even tiny bits of puree because of it. I’m now looking for new spoons.

Joan Decorah, IA

Got a few packs

Great spoons, used them for 3 months now n still look like new. They r very temperature sensitive n change color quickly, very reliable. Started using them when my kids were about 9 months. They look big n was intimidating at first, but i love them more n more each day.

Gloria Mason, MI

Good Product

These spoons work well. But, it would be best if I had shorter ones for my 9 month old. She likes to take the spoon from me and try to feed herself. It is a little hard for her to do that because the handle is so long.Overall, it is a good product.

Josefina Hampton, GA

Very convenient to check temp but not very smooth

These spoons are so convenient to check baby food temperature but the spoon’s edges are not very smooth compare to “Green Eats” spoons, which are made in the USA and are bpa, phthalates and melamine free! Unfortunateley “Green Eats” do not make temp safe spoons :(What I do is use these spoons to check the temp for food then feed my baby using “Green Eats” spoon or “Nambe Baby” stainless steel spoon.

Kristine Penn, PA

These are alright spoons

I liked these for my six month old son but I have to say I liked the nuk spoons I bought even better. They were more soft and flexible so they were great as a first spoon!

Ashlee Abington, MA

ok, i prefer softer spoons for really young feeders

i prefer the beeba soft spoons to this one. the handles are long so they are definitely designed for parents to be feeding the child verses self-feeding and for children that young who have mostly gums, i’d prefer softer spoons. the plastic is quite rigid in my opinion.

Maura Saint Johns, PA

Ridiculously Long!

Had I paid attention to how long these spoons are, I never would’ve bought them. Who needs spoons this long? I’ve had spoons that change color when hot and that is a fantastic component to these spoons…very useful! However, the length is unnecessary and your child won’t be able to use them when the time comes to feed himself.

Rhoda Broxton, GA

Does Nuby not realize these spoons are for babies?

I just finished sealing up the box to send these spoons back to Amazon. I received them this afternoon and opened the package, only to be surprised by the sharp flashing around the bowl of all the spoons. Maybe I don’t feed my baby the way other parents do, but I scrape my daughter’s face many times with the spoon throughout a feeding session. I won’t be able to do that with these spoons without scratching her delicate baby skin. It’s hard to believe that Nuby would not make sure the factory smoothed away the flashing as part of the manufacturing process. Perhaps this is just a case of bad quality assurance, but I don’t care to try with another pack. Back to the Munchkin spoons…

Gay Warfield, VA


These are fine enough. The spoon part is a little deep which makes it difficult for little mouths to use, but once my little one got older, they were fine.

Arlene Talbott, TN

very nice

I really like it, it was very cheap and very useful, I use it all the time, I wash it in a dish washer and nothing happens.

Sophie Tupelo, MS


I love these spoons my daughter loves the different bright colors when its feeding time and it keeps her focused on what it is we are doing. Easy to help clean up the mess when she spits out the food she doesnt want. makes lunch time fun.

Nita Skyland, NC

Cute spoons but the spoon portion is too deep for 7 month old

Baby can never seem to get all the food off this spoon as the spoon is pretty deep, so I end up mounding more food on it.My kiddo is 7 months old, maybe these would be a better fit for an older child that has more tongue and lip control.

Jeanne Cherry Point, NC

Best Spoons Ever

Nuby makes the best spoons. I love the long handle and wide mouth of these spoons, they are my favorite. I wish it wasn’t just a 4 pack, having a couple more would be nice. I recommend these to all parents!!! A must have!!!

Lucile Triadelphia, WV

Love these spoons

I love these spoons. If the food is too hot, they lose all color and turn white. I would definitely recommend them.

Pearl Morrison, OK


Love it!Perfect for my husband to notify when is the right temperature when feeding our 5 months old boy.

Paula Stewartstown, PA

usefull spoons

I ordered these spoons for my son, he loves them very much, and it can change the color when it’s too hot, he can use them by himself now.

Casey Delong, IN

Comfy handles

The contour of these spoons are comfortable for me to hold while feeding my baby. The scoop easily catches any drips or extra food.

Beulah Cardinal, VA

Love the temperature gauge feature

I love the fact that these spoons change colors when the food is hot. I still end up checking the foods’ temperature by hand but the color-changing feature is pretty convenient.

Bernadette Belmar, NJ

long handles

These spoons are nice because they tell you if the food is too hot, and they also have very long stems, so your hand stays clean while you are feeding a messy baby!

Myrna Lemhi, ID

Best Baby Spoons Ever

I have four kids, so over time I’ve fed a lot of meals to little mouths and used a lot of spoons. These are by far my favorite. The length is just right, making it comfortable and less messy. The curve and shape of the handle is very comfortable. At first I thought the bowl of the spoon was going to be a little wide for little mouths but its great even for very young babies. The bowl is also nice and deep so you can keep runny baby food on the spoon enroute to baby’s mouth. Another reviewer mentioned that hers had sharp edges and it would scratch her daughters face, this must have been a product defect as mine do not have this issue at all. Its a perfect product in my opinion!

Lesa Gold Beach, OR

Love these spoons

Love these spoons. The long handle is very convenient when it comes to feeding and the scooped shape really prevents the food from spilling out and helps my baby take a good mouthful in. Strangely I couldn’t find these spoons in-store but am glad I found them online.

Kellie Merrittstown, PA