Nuby 4 Pack Spoon and Fork, Colors May Vary

Nuby 4 Pack Spoon and Fork, Colors May Vary

4 Pack spoon and fork.

Main features

  • Sized specially for child with small hands
  • Easy grip. Item is a 4 count (2 spoons and 2 forks)
  • Great for left or right handed babies
  • Colors vary, you will receive one of the following colors red blue/purple/green, blue red/yellow green, yellow orange/green blue

Verified reviews


Great starter set for toddlers

This is a great training set for toddlers. Our son especially likes using the fork, which is really more of spork, as he can scoop with it or use it as intended. The design makes it very easy for him to hold and actually bring food from plate to his mouth. We have bought two sets and keep them in the diaper bags too. I would highly recommend this set and we plan on buying another set.

Margret Gypsum, OH

The BEST utensils

I think I bought every other spoon and fork out there until I found these. Seriously, don’t buy anything else. These are the best for ages 12-24 months. They’re not too big for little mouths, but still with a decent size scoop. The bent handle was easy for my son to grasp, helping him learn to feed himself.

Angela Fayetteville, GA

our favorite toddler spoon and fork

I have been trying many kinds of toddler spoons and forks, from fancy brands to target brand, and Nuby is one of our favorite for toddlers. The design makes it easy for little hands to grab and hold on. Both of my kids use these started around 12m old, and can use them to put food into their mouths slowly around 14-15m. Also, these spoons and forks are very durable, one of the sets we have are from 4 years ago (from my older son), and now my 18m daughter uses them just like all those new ones I got for her.The depth of the curve and the width of the spoon and fork are PERFECT for toddler’s mouth size while hold on a good amount of food. The fork doesn’t really function like a fork for food with harder texture, but that doesn’t bother me- we can’t expect a fork to be safe for toddlers and at the same time expect it to perform like an adult fork. My kids use these forks to pick up rice, noodles, pasta, and they work great. For kids under 2 years old, I am very satisfied with these spoons and forks.

Jade Fort Ransom, ND

Kind of big for an infant

I can see a toddler enjoying these, but my 11 month old had a hard time wielding it and fitting into her mouth. Maybe wait until your child is 2?

Beryl Petersham, MA

These are great and druable

I really like these utensils because of their shape and durability. I have tried a few other options out there, but found this to be one of the best, I like how deep the spoon is, so that the food doesn’t spill out of it too easily and the curvy shape of the handles and no matter how many times I wash, it still looks and feels great.

Hattie Blue Grass, IA


Nice utensils, cute colors. Only problem is that they’re very deeply curved so its a little hard to get food all the way out of them, especially the spoon.

Elba Gorham, KS


My grandkids are using these. They seem easy for the kids to handle and they both argue over who gets what colors.The big plus is they are proving very durable.

Allene Loysburg, PA

Totally Unuseable

There is no way to use these. The spoon and spork (yes, what is included is not a “traditional” shaped fork, rather the spoon/fork you got in elementary school) are way too deep. If you child can get anything onto them (which my 13 month old couldn’t on his own), it may be impossible for them to get anything off of them once the utensil is in their mouth. Also, the tines on the fork are way too soft. You are unable to stab anything with them, which defeats the purpose of having your child use it and learn to use a fork! I had purchased these mainly to get forks, so I instead purchased theGerber Graduates BPA Free 3 Pack Graduates Kiddy Cutlery Forks, Colors May Varyand continued using theGerber Graduates BPA Free 6 Pack Soft Bite Infant Spoon, Colors May Varywe already owned.

Ma Richfield Springs, NY

Easy for my little one to use.

The forks in this set are great. My daughter loves to feed herself with it. And as any mom knows meal time can be frustrating but most of the time whatever I stick on this fork will go right to her mouth. She thinks its fun.mperfect size and shape for small child to use.

Sharron Fort Pierce, FL

Great Buy!

Best price around for 4 utensils, my son does great with them he is 14 months, any younger they might be to big. I’m so glad I chose these.

Carol Oakhurst, NJ

Works for us

I have a 13 month old and we are working on getting him to use utensils some (he prefers to use his hands!). These are good quality and bright colors.

Anita Blanco, OK

Easy for baby to hold

These are so cute. My 16 month old loves them and I feel it encourages her to eat alone because they are so easy for her to hold. The size is perfect for bigger babies. Holds a lot of food. I’m using these in her lunch bag when she goes to daycare in September since she will be feeding herself in the toddler class.

Janette Keokee, VA

Love these spoons, but the forks don’t spear food well

These spoons are great and much easier for my toddler to use by himself! The forks are fine, but don’t really give him the spearing practice since they can’t pick up much with their really blunt ends. However, I think that’s how all toddler forks are!

Genevieve Glenwood, IN

Picture is misleading

When I opened and saw only four items I was disappointed.I though there’ll be eight or four pairs in there!

Patti Greenville, IA

Just OK

These were inexpensive and I wanted something to give my new eater some practice feeding herself. The spoon is a little too large and too deep to be easy for a young child to work with. I like the spork a little better, but it’s still a kind of an awkward size. My baby is 11 months old, so perhaps these would be a better fit for older kids. I do like the handles and they are easy for a child to hold.

Harriet Parsippany, NJ

Using the same set for almost two years now!

We love using these because the spoon is actually small enough to fit into an infant’s moith. The tips are soft too while they are easy to hold for the parent. We have been using these for almost two years now and they still hold up pretty well. We do handwash them rather than sticking them into the dishwasher.They are hard for toddler to self feed because the handles are too long and straight so we have a different set for that but the spoon part ia still too big to fit fully into a young toddler’s mouth.

Yolanda Belpre, KS

cant get any better

They are perfect for 1 year old. I dont understand any negative comments at all. These are NOT for an infant under 1 year old. Both my little one and I love them.

Molly Delta, PA

Great for toddlers!

My daughter loves these spoons & forks! The spoon is deep enough that food actually stays on there from her plate into her mouth!

Mildred Arminto, WY

Poorly designed for actual use

I bought these for my 2 year old. The fork works well enough so long as you don’t actually have to stab anything with it, the tines are just a little to soft and blunt to be effective for anything but pasta. The spoons are also very rounded and deep, my son had a really hard time getting stuff out of them without contorting his lips and making awful slurping noises.

Wilda Smallwood, NY

The best we’ve found…

The spork is the best for toddler and hard to find actually! These are durable, wash well and are the easiest for our toddler to hold. We have the fancy Baby Bjorn set and he does much better with these.

Daphne Mill Run, PA

love them

I love these! They are harder and I think it works better when my son tries to feed himself. I love the fork! I use that a lot to feed him

Mallory Green City, MO

The best spoon and fork I’ve found!

I tried multiple spoons when my son was learning to eat. He loved feeding himself yogurt, but none of the spoons I tried were deep enough to keep the yogurt in the spoon. These spoons have been great! They’re easy to grip and deep enough to hold food. My now 3 year old son still uses them and my 19 month old does too.

Mildred Bokeelia, FL


My little one likes to play with them too.the handle is a bit heavy, otherwise it serves its purpose.

Octavia Bronwood, GA

Best lightweight and functional utensils for self-feeding toddlers

I discovered these utensils when my son and I went to a very popular Ramen Restaurant in NYC. He was served with a small slip-proof bowl with Nuby Fun Feeding Utensils and he was able to feed himself noodles and scoop soup on his own without my help for the first time!Many toddler forks have tines that are too rounded, thick and flat for piercing food, but these forks have tines that are curved and long enough to pierce food as well as picking up pasta/noodles. The spoon is also deep and big enough to actually scoop soupy liquid. If you are looking for the baby’s first utensils, the Nuby Fun Feeding Utensils may not be the best choice, as the handles are on the longer side, but the lightweight, slip-proof design is perfect for a toddler who is starting to self-feed solid food. The handles are long enough that my son who is 3-years old still uses them everyday.

Renae Saint Croix, IN

Really practical

I love these spoons and forks, I got two pair 5 months back and they work so great that I decided to got 4 more pairs. They are really practical and useful, my kid is learning to eat alone and they help a lot

Lynnette Angeles, PR

great shape!

Most toddler spoons are fairly flat, which means anything without a thick texture (like mashed potatoes), just falls off or is spilled before my son can get the spoon to his mouth. These are a unique, deep shapes that really holds on to the foods. While liquids still got sloshed a little bit, other foods make it in his mouth. When he eats soup for example, he gets some of the liquid and all the peas and carrots to his mouth. The fork is also slightly bowl shaped, having the same effect. Love these!

Nannie Windsor, OH

Best spoons and forks we’ve used so far!

As a new mom, I bought every imaginable spoon and fork for my toddler, now 21 months. I stumbled upon these as a friend accidentally left one at my house. My son loves it. It’s the perfect shape and size. Easy for him to maneuver. He is learning the fork mechanism now and this one seems to help! Great buy!

Victoria Mcminnville, OR

Good deal!

These have been helpful in moving our 15 month old daughter into a spoon/fork mindset. She really likes the colors and handles these quite a bit. She is still working on using the fork, which will be the case for the next several months, but seems to enjoy them. My wife does believe we will have to get her a more point to them as the fork is sort of too wide for her mouth, but these seem to be good for the time being. You get 2 sets when you order, so that was nice.

Roxanne Wilsondale, WV

FANTASTIC set for little ones learning to feed themselves

I bought this set to help my 21 month old learn to use a spoon more successfully. It worked! Because it’s more ergonomically correct, he’s more confident feeding himself and getting less food on his face and shirt, and more in his mouth. I’ve looked for these at Babies r Us and couldn’t find them, so I may just have to buy another set here.

Susie Valrico, FL

Great for little hands

I bought these for my 18 months old daughter. She just started trying to use a spoon on her own. The handle is curved so it’s easy for the little hands to grab. After couple of weeks of practice, she can actually get some yogurt into her mouth by herself. A pack of 4 is good since having extra around is always welcome.

May Minneapolis, KS