Nuby 9 oz No-Spill Insulated Cool Sipper, Colors May Vary

Nuby 9 oz No-Spill Insulated Cool Sipper, Colors May Vary

This No Spill cup has double wall insulation and a new soft sipper lid, making it perfect for children on the go.

Main features

  • Double wall insulation, no spill cup
  • Soft Silicone spout is perfect for toddlers with newly formed sharp teeth
  • fun designs make cup drinking more fun for you little one
  • Colors vary, you will receive one of the following colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Purple, Blue, Pink

Verified reviews



I bought two of these cups in my local pharmacy, thinking that (1) the lid was one piece, so no more annoying valves to reunite with lids and (2) the rim was more similar to a regular cup than the usual spout or straw, so it would help my 2yo’s eventual transition from sippy cups.On the second point, I’m hopeful. Right now my son seems vaguely confused and annoyed by these, so obviously they require different skills than his old cups. He still asks for them because he likes the robot, but the milk doesn’t get guzzled with the usual speed.On #1– wrong-O! The top is two pieces: the colored plastic rim plus a large silicone insert that is a major PITA to remove and reinsert. And milk gets stuck in all the many little crevices of the spout unless you soak or very throughly rinse the silicone piece before it goes in the DW. Oh, and Nuby’s helpful teeny-printed insert says “do not put in the dishwasher.” Because who doesn’t enjoy handwashing the sippy cups right along with great-aunt Mildred’s Limoges.OK, I’m all done hatin’ now. I agree with the other reviewer that these do not leak at all. They feel nice and solid in general and are smooth and pleasing to hold. And the graphics are my son’s favorite of all his cups right now.

Tania Berea, KY

Broke in last then one month.

I have had a hard time finding decent sippy cups. This was one of the worst. Munkin makes a better cup.

Theresa Piercy, CA

no color garentee

They do NOT always send a proper color (ie blue for boy pink for girl)… for that reason I didn’t get the chance to use this cup as they sent me a pink girl set instead of a blue.

Irma Sumner, TX

Leaks over time 🙁

Initially these cups worked well for us, my son likes them, the color was cute, and they didn’t spill. However it wasn’t long before they were leaking all over the place. I buy sippy cups to contain mess, and this did not do the trick.

Millie South Haven, KS

Same ol’ issues

For the most part I do love these cups, although I do agree with one reviewer that the silicone spouts are a PITA to clean and ensure that all leftover milk gets removed. Eventually they leak, as I have discovered. Somehow the things that supposed to stop it from leaking separate and that pretty much renders them useless for containing unless you want to constantly take it from your child and ‘fix’ it. I have searched for replacements spouts and I have been able to find them for nearly every other model of sippy cup that Nuby creates, but not for this one (yet, I’m not giving up). I have four of these and four playtex ones and I like them both and am hoping to replace the spouts on this one since until then it was great. 🙂

Jodie Fort Wingate, NM

Best Training Cups on the Market!!!

We spent a small fortune on training cups and many of them had some serious issues (leaking, hard to drink from, ect…), but our 18 month old daughter took to these right away. We have never had one leak on us and they are dishwasher safe 🙂

Delores Harrietta, MI

Just what the picky baby ordered 😀

My son is extremely picky and change resistant, so finding a big boy cup after his beloved spout Nuby’s is going to be an uphill battle. This cup has the silicone that allows him to chew with out damaging his teeth and transition to hard top cups and beyond.

Pearlie Nicholson, PA

Great for getting a lot of volume in a no-spill!

I felt like the straw cups were too hard to get liquid out of, or, if he could easily get fluid out, they would spill. This cup is great.

Clare Newark, NJ

Not impressed

I have had this product for a few months. I am not impressed. Functions as it should, but difficult to clean, take apart, and put back together. I had a lot of leaks when I thought everything was put together as it appeared. So even if it looks like it is secure, double check before you hand it off. Not a recommendation I would give. Save your money. I ended up with an advent cup that worked so much better.

Suzette Angeles, PR


I love the cups, but i need a boy color got a pink one. So i put some stickers on it and he loves it.

Sherrie East Branch, NY

It’s okay

This cup works for my 1 y.o. and 2.5 y.o. They trade back and forth, so it’s nice to have cups they both can use.The rubber part of the lid is a pain to clean. It will go through the dishwasher, but I’m not happy with how clean it gets. It catches water and particles in the various nooks and crannies.The cups didn’t leak for a while. The kids chew on the spouts, which cracks the seal. Now they leak out the spout.

Melanie Platter, OK

Perfect toddler cup

This is a perfect toddler cup. It keeps drinks cold and doesn’t spill all over my 15 month old son.

Debora Grove City, MN

I only wish I could choose the style

I love the Cool Sippers. They stopped selling them in stores, but I love them because the caps don’t have a bunch of parts to remove and reassemble. The cap can be taken off and washed as a whole, making clean up much easier than other sippy cups.Both by 4-year old and my 1 year old use these cups, so there’s wide appeal. You can put your kids on these cups directly after they get too big for bottles.My only complaint is that when you order these cups you can’t request whether you get "boy" designs (cars, robots, etc) or "girl" designs (dancing and signing girls). I have 3 boys, and half their cups have ballerinas on them. It’s not the products fault though, so I will still give this product 5 stars.

Shelby Skygusty, WV

Not perfect, but a great cup nonetheless

Like some of the other reviewers, I thought I found the perfect toddler cup when I found this one. It’s perfect for my 2 year old in many ways: the capacity is great, she can carry it no problem, it’s easy for her to drink from (they’re designed for older kids so the flow is a little faster), it’s durable, and it’s no-spill. After reading the other reviews, however, I thought perhaps I jumped the gun and the cup wasn’t really that great. While the cup isn’t perfect (what cup is?), it’s certainly not as horrible as some other reviewers claim. Yes, the silicone insert is tough to get in and out, but I generally just leave it in when I run the lid through the dishwasher and it comes out clean. Every now and then stuff gets stuck in there and I need to remove the silicone piece to clean it, but it’s pretty infrequent. That’s really not all that bad, in my opinion, considering all of the flaws a sippy cup can have. I ultimately bought a second cup because my daughter and I were both so pleased with the first one.

Deloris Savonburg, KS

Great cup!!!

I was looking for a new cup for my 19 month old daughter. Someone recommended this one so I went ahead and ordered one. This cup is really good, sippy part is made out of silicone and is not too big for little mouth. My daughter likes it a lot. The only drawback that you can’t pick color, they will just mail you whatever, I crossed my finger that I will not get a boy cup… ha ha sure I did…. 🙂 It would be nice to at least choose girl or boy cup, cause which girl would want a cup with sports stuff on it, so now I will order an other one and hope for the best. Lol Also tried to find this cup in stores but after a week of searching in all Targets, Walmarts etc I gave up!!!! Hopefully we’ll get a girly cup next!!

Betty Argyle, GA

Awesome cup and actually doesn’t leak!

I have been looking for a cup that did not leak for my almos 1yr old son. This cup actually doesn’t leak and its super easy to clean, i bought it at Walmart and was able to pick what color/style I wanted 🙂

Louisa Tuscola, TX