Nuby Bug A Loop Teether Bead, Colors May Vary

Nuby Bug A Loop Teether Bead, Colors May Vary

The Bug-a-loop teether by Nûby provides a variety of textured surfaces to soothe your baby while teething. The Bug a Loop teether is engineered with raised, offset surfaces that assist in the eruption of new teeth by gently massaging your baby’s gums. The teether is sized for little hand allowing him or her to easily get a firm grip of the teether. The bright colors will capture your baby’s attention.

Main features

  • 3 months + / BPA FREE
  • Ideal for back teeth teething
  • Multiple textured surfaces/ teething nubs help massage tender gums
  • Easy for baby to hold
  • Fun bright colors

Verified reviews


Stangulation Hazard

Health Canada has declared neclace teethers as strangulation hazard. Also pieces can break off and be a choking hazard. It may not be a big issue with everyone, but i thought you should know.

Agnes Seaboard, NC

Baby enjoys it!

Baby enjoys it, which is what it’s for, so that’s good. Though it is much larger than I expected. I was expecting something about as large as a bracelet (5" or so) instead it is much larger (13" give or take). This makes it somewhat difficult for baby to manipulate on his own. He seems to like the challenge though, so maybe there’s something to that? I imagine he will like it more when he’s older and the weight and size don’t make it unwieldy. Strangely it’s one of the only things he doesn’t want to put in his mouth right now, but that’s probably not the teether’s fault; he likes trying to manipulate the beads with his fingers though.

Kasey Stout, OH

perfect for teething baby

I bought this for my daughter who is teething and she loves it. It is great because it is one of the only ones I have found that have such a wide variety of shapes and texture. It is fun to see what beads they like best (the bugs with wings and little feet are her favorites)!

Maria Roxton, TX

Too Cute!

I used this teether for a diaper cake I made for a baby shower. It worked perfectly. The mother to be’s theme was cute as a bug. The colors were perfect and having a little one myself, I know she will get good use out of this teether.

Leola Marshall, VA

great when used as intended

My Mom bought this teether for our daughter who is now 4 months. She really does love it and it keeps her entertained, however I don’t leave my daughter to play A LONE with the teether as they are nothing more than beads on a rope.

Carolyn Thornton, IL

For Younger Babies 0-6 months

I wish I hadn’t purchased this when I did. When I bought it my little one was about 8 months old. She was having horrible teething pain and I pretty much went through Wal-Mart, Target, and Babies-R-Us purchasing every teether I could find that we didn’t already have. From age 7-12 months I probably spent $75-$100 on teethers alone. Trying to find something, anything, that she would like and would help with her back teeth.This is definitely better suited to babies who are having front and middle teething, or even as just a grasping toy on a play gym. I don’t recommend it if you’re looking for something to relieve back teething pain. It isn’t flexible enough to reach back there well enough, and the beads are huge. It is super hard too so if you are looking for something squishy and chewy, this isn’t it.

Lorie Acton, MA

Baby loves it

My baby loves this toy. She started playing with it at 6 months or so when she began to really hold things and teethe on them, and at 14 months she still enjoys holding it, chewing on it, and dropping it. It’s durable and has lots of fun colors and textures. I would definitely recommend this toy.

Jenna Broadbent, OR

Not a good teether, the paint rubs off.

This teether is a good idea, but it has problems in the execution. The main problem is that the paint that makes it so colorful and “fun” will chip off. Yes, into your child’s mouth. Not good.Thankfully, it isn’t a really effective teether. My children didn’t like to teethe on it much–just enough to rub the paint off the bugs’ bodies and legs (the nubbly legs are the best teething surface on the whole ring). But they mostly ignored it. Now it’s up and out of the way, so my eight-month-old can’t get the paint in his mouth. We only still have it in the house because my toddler likes to name the insects, so it’s useful for that.The favorite teether in my house, by far, is the Discovery Toys’sSuper Yummy Teether. If you’re looking for a good cold teether, try Infantino’sOcean Teethersset. These are also okay when they’re not refrigerated.Bottom line: Skip this one. The paint rubs off.

Marion Stewartsville, NJ

Safe for baby to mouth

After a lot of research into safe products for babies to mouth I purchased this teether because it is apparently BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free according to “The ZRecs Guide to Safer Children’s Products”. Our three month old can grasp it easily and get it to her mouth. She really enjoys it.

Lynette Galesville, MD

We love it!

Our 6-month-old twins LOVE this ring teether! We first saw it when they had a playdate with a friend. From the first moment when one of them grabbed onto the ring, we knew that we needed to add one to our collection. They seemed to like it almost as much as their favorite teething toy, sets of brightly-colored plastic keys like these:The First Years Learning Curve First Keys Teether.We haven’t seen any issues with flaking paint, etc but will be on the lookout based on other reviews. For now, though, this toy ranks 5 stars in both of the twins’ books!

Loraine Richfield Springs, NY

Great toy

My little one loves this teething ring. He loves to explore all of the different textures and shapes, fun to throw, and when he’s done I can just put it on my wrist (it’s big but easy to take along). It’s very durable and easy to clean. Two thumbs up!

Louella Longport, NJ

Great teething toy!

My son loves this!It is one of our car toys and keeps him busy as I drive.With different surface to choose from, he turns it round and round and chews on different parts.He loves the colours and bugs too! Often just plays with it with his little fingers.

Kimberley Soulsbyville, CA

fun for a while, then the rubber comes apart

My little guy *loves* this teether, and he used it for a couple of months before he chewed through one of the softer rubber beads on it. So he swallowed a decent amount of plastic. I had assumed until now that teethers would withstand actual teething. Now that I’m looking at the reviews for this product, it seems the hard plastic parts break off and the softer parts get chewed up and come apart.

Sharlene Stevens Village, AK

second one

My grandson loved the first one. My daughter lost it. So we had to get another one. It keeps him occupied while at restaurants or shopping, etc. It is very sturdy and my daughter put a string (she braided) on it. So he can chew it and drop. We do not have to go to the sink to wash so often.

Meredith Glenfield, NY

Hurts son’s mouth

We tried several times to like this – even my son did, too. The nubby softish sections are well and good. But the plastic bugs with wings more than once hurt the roof of his mouth or his gums when he bit on it . He’s now 7 months and wants anything to chew on… BUT this. I can’t recommend it.

Beatriz Bennett, IA

Interesting Teether – worried about the shapes

Hello! I just bought his for my 5 month out as he needs some interesting teethers to use.When I purchased it I didn’t think about the bumble bee’s sticking out…Now that he’s using it I am constantly worried one of these bumble bees is going to hurt his mouth during use, i’m always turning it to avoid the bees, they’re made of hard plastic and not soft teether plastic. This has become a high maintenance toy.It might be safe but it doesn’t look it! Wish I bought something with smooth beads all around.We haven’t had any paint chipping issues, but my guy doesn’t have teeth yet!

Gina Newport, OR

Cute teether!

I love the colors of the teether! I have gotten one as a git from a friend from my daughter and I loved it so much I got my nephew one too. =]

Noemi Callaway, MN

my baby chewed pieces off of it

I love nuby products, but this teether needs to be made of hard plastic….my 8 month old has 6 teeth and they are sharp! I purchased this Nuby teether for her and within 2 days I noticed that bits of the larger oval plastic parts had been chewed off….ugh! needless to say it went in the garbage and I only purchase hard plastic teethers for her…

Britney Ainsworth, IA

Bigger than expected

Admittedly, I don’t pay a lot of attention to the dimensions included in product descriptions b/c they don’t always make sense or matter, but I expected this to be smaller than it turned out to be. I was looking for something light and easy for my 5m/o to hold, so this was a little too bulky to start, but he enjoys it now.

Ladonna Ashland, IL

It’s a teether, it’s a toy, it’s a hat!

The bug a loop teether really gets to my sons back molars! He uses it for oh so much more than a teether though! It is a pool toy, a bath toy, a bracelet, a crown and of course a hat!

Maureen Junction City, AR

Decent chewer- even better for the price.

This is a decent chewer- there are a variety of textures (some hard, some soft) and colors so that’s nice for little fingers and mouths. Also, it fits around my upper arm or hooks only my mommy hooks so that’s a plus. The other awesome part? It’s not $25 like a certain giraffe chewer that everyone haaaaaaaaaas to have.

Alice Scobey, MT

Cute and Colourful Toy

Easy for baby to hold and attach to the pram for on-the-go fun, baby enjoys studying the bugs and turning the beads round and round. It’s also a good option for a "quiet toy" if you need to entertain baby somewhere for a short time without a lot of squeaking, beeping, or rattling going on.

Carmen Ghent, WV


My daughter loves this toy but I’m not a fan. The rubber parts of it are fantastic and my daughter really loves to chew on them. It’s the hard plastic bits that I am not a fan of. As some others have said, it is possible for the child to harm themselves on these hard protruding bits. I wasn’t too concerned by this. She’ll learn not to do that, she’s getting old enough to learn things now.What did concern me was the paint chipping off of them. I wound up cutting them off but now she just has some rubber bits on a string. I wish they were all rubber bits. I would gladly pay a few dollars more to have a completely rubber one of these.

Nell Riddle, OR

My 5 month old’s favorite teether

The baby started teething early and she gets unhappy and cries if she doesn’t have something to put in her mouth. They had this at her day care and she just loved it. It’s easy for her to hold on to and has lots of different surfaces for her to explore. There are soft beads and hard surfaces, bumps and squiggles, and even wings to keep her fascinated.This has been her constant companion for weeks and I know it has saved my sanity and made her happy!

Maryellen Indianola, MS

Her favorite

Our seven month old daughter really loves this, I have no idea why, I just know we offer her a lot of toys and teethers and this is the one she wants all the time.

Rebekah Halliday, ND