Nuby Click Links, 8 Pack

Nuby Click Links, 8 Pack

The Fun Links are traditional, simple and fun to use. The multiple textured surfaces allow baby’s to teethe, while the links help stimulate hand and eye coordination.

Main features

  • Bright color
  • Teething Nubs massage and stimulate gums

Verified reviews


Nuby Click Links

Love these links… very well made, colorful, well priced and they have so many uses. One mother even suggested using them to keep cupboards closed (with 2 knobs side by side, it does work)! You can use them to clip anything to the stroller or car seat, they’re teethers, my baby just loves having one in each hand to hold on to. MUST HAVE for any new parent.

Daisy Martin, PA


Great multi-use for chewing, playing and attaching toys. Safer plastic too. Baby likes the multitextures and ability not to loose his toys off his carseat.

Leslie Zachary, LA

Love them

I really like these links for my 6 month old. If you let them start playing with these too early though they can pinch their fingers in them. If you wait until old enough then they love them.

Ada Orrington, ME

Works okay

I got this for my 4 month old daughter. I was hoping to be able to attach some of her toys to her stroller with it, but the links have too wide of a gap and everything falls off (even the links themselves). My daughter likes chewing on the links and likes the colors so overall it is a pretty good toy, just wish the gap wasn’t so wide.

Angel Jenkinjones, WV

and I are having fun with these

My granddaughter, 10 months, and I are having fun with these.

Sadie Salisbury Mills, NY


my son LOVES these ring and they are BPA FREE, we use them as a teether and use them to attach his toy to the stroller so he cant through them. Good buy

Lauri Hereford, TX

Great toy

My son loves to grab and teeth on these toys! They help his toys stay in the stroller, car seat, and from his activity center!

Charmaine Whitehorse, SD