Nuby Flip Top For Cups, Colors May Vary

Nuby Flip Top For Cups, Colors May Vary

Flip top for cups.

Main features

  • Includes: 1 fat flip it top, 1 fat straw, 1 extension, 1 long straw
  • No spill design helps prevent spills and reduces leaks
  • Colors vary, you will receive one of the following colors red with yellow and blue, yellow with red and blue, orange with yellow and purple, green with blue and purple, blue with yellow and green, purple with green and yellow

Verified reviews


Thankful for replacement!

My son gives his Nuby Flip n Sip cups a workout and the straws wear down and occasionally we lose pieces. So glad to have a replacement part that is not too expensive!

Renae Madison Heights, MI

Only one my boys will use

As close to leak proof as I have found. Both boys like to chew on the straw a little while teething and therefore made it where it leaked a little and eventually had to be replaced.

Selma North Kingstown, RI

Great sippy top!

My daughter decided she liked to drink from a straw better than the sippy cup nubs. I bought these to go onto my existing cups and it was a great fix. I didn’t have to throw out all of my cups!

Sophie Caledonia, MS

Just needed the straw

I just needed the straw part from these as my toddler bites through them after a while. The work great in the cups but the lids do not fit my cup size

Abbie Alamo, IN


these look just like the tops of nuby cups.they work ok.only weird thing is they leak if you dont put them on just right.going to stick with the originals which were more forgiving.

Bernadine Cisco, TX

Good product, but…. the straws are long!

I bought these to replace some of the chewed up straws on the top of my cups, but the straws that come along are useless to me because they are too long for the nuby cups i already had.

Doreen Glenmoore, PA