Nuby Icybite Hard/Soft Teething Keys

Nuby Icybite Hard/Soft Teething Keys

Nuby’s BPA FREE IcyBite teething keys are ideal for when front teeth first start to show. When placed in the refrigerator the purICE Gel allows the teether to stay cooler for longer. The cool textured surfaces soothe and stimulate sore gums safely. The teething nubs help massage tender gums. The bright colorful shapes stimulate your baby visually and help with hand eye coordination. Nuby’s IcyBIte Teether Keys are small in size but big in fun!

Main features

  • Multi- surface teething- Suitable for front, middle & back teeth teething
  • purICE technology provides gentle cooling- when placed in the refrigerator
  • Soft textured material with offset surfaces assist in the eruption of teeth
  • Easy Grip design for little hands/ Combines exercises for young hands, gums, and teeth as well as stimulation for your baby
  • 3 months + / BPA FREE

Verified reviews


Hard Plastic, Chemical Elastomers

I don’t like the hard plastic logo which can be abrasive to gums. The hard plastic key bases aren’t good either. The frozen gel doesn’t seem to remain cooler longer than the water-based ones. At least the keys can reach the molars. It’s BPA and latex free, but they use a variety of different chemical elastomers for the ring and for the sides of the key bases.

Erin Van Buren, IN

Really bad smell!!

I was so disappointed when I took these out of the package. They smell SO BAD!!! Even after washing them with vinegar and letting them air out they have that terrible chemical/plastic/off gassing smell. I don’t even want to give them to my toddler to chew on. Even a few feet away I can smell them and it is strong enough to make my head hurt.

Hazel Bulan, KY


Even after a few washes it still smells chemicals!Also, I think it’s a bit misleading , it’s called icybite but you cannot actually freeze it, it is clearly stated on the package

Pam Warrior, AL

My daughter likes them

My daughter loves her baby keys, so when she started teething I found the Nuby Icybite Teeting keys thinking she would love them, but she doesn’t care for them as much as her other baby key set without the Icybite. It may just be because she doesn’t like the Icybite part…. she hasn’t wanted to hold onto anything cold… if I don’t freeze it she plays with it, but not like her regular baby keys. I gave it four stars because I see other babies at her daycare go crazy for the Icybite Teeting keys all the time.

Terry Lamartine, PA

Can’t put in freezer – doesn’t seem that cold

These are just okay. I figured since they were called “icy bite” that you would be able to freeze them, but according to the product instructions you are only supposed to cool them in the refrigerator. Doing that doesn’t seem to get them very cold. My son plays and chews on them occasionally, but doesn’t seem enamored with them. He definitely prefers his Nuby Softeez teethers as far as the texture goes. If these can’t be frozen they’re basically just keys – and there are cheaper and better ones out there.

Barbara Tribune, KS


This is one of the BEST baby toys I’ve ever seen!! I loved buying baby toys for my baby sons and wish this one was around while they were young – I wish held onto more of them along with their other baby keepsakes!! Keys, bright colors and cold nubby teethers all in one -> Now HOW COOL IS THIS?!!

Betty Bozrah, CT

good quality

Very good quality and easy to wash teether. My son really likes it, but it doesn’t stay cold very long.

Britney Beverly, KS

He loves it!

I don’t even cool these things, although you can. I’ve found that our son, of all of his teething thingys my husband has purchased (about 12 items at the current time), these are in the top two.

Crystal Malaga, NM

Baby teethes on it, but only sometimes

This toy seems well constructed and durable. My baby doesn’t teethe much, but when she does, this is her favorite toy to munch on. At first when she was 4 months, she only chewed on the blue “keychain” ring, but not the keys. Now at 7 months, her mouth is big enough for her to actually chew on the keys. Haha. Each key has a gel where you can refrigerate the keys to cool the gel. Good toy 🙂

Cornelia Hockley, TX

Two keys better than three?

I bought this thinking my teething 4 month old would love it. It’s just a bit too bulky for him to handle and I do not appreciate how I can’t put the project in the dishwasher or freezer. Fridge only. Love the texture though and design of the individual keys.

Susana Cathedral City, CA

Easy to Chew; Not Detachable

Let me start off by saying that these keys aren’t detachable from the key ring. I was hoping that they were when I ordered them, since then I could leave the other two in the freezer while my kid was gumming the third, but no such luck. I still haven’t made the decision whether or not I want to cut them apart or not, but it could definitely be done.PROS: The keys are pretty thin (about 1/4″ thick), which means that my twins can easily get them in their mouthes. They’re also pretty easy for them to hold on to and chew themselves (they’re only 5 months old, so this is important) so I don’t have to sit there holding the key while they try to bend my fingers back, forwards, and see how far apart they can stretch (parents, you know what I’m talking about).They’re very colorful, and my kids like to look at them.The textured surfaces really seem to help; they like to rub them across their gums so it can massage them.They get cold pretty quickly, since they’re so thin.CONS: Again, being thin, they also get warm pretty quickly. They last about 3 1/2 minutes until they’re no longer cold, when starting out from freezing.They’re not detachable. Though, considering how fast they heat up, this might be a pro, since then you have the other keys with you. Personal choice on this one.MISCELLANEOUS THOUGHTS: On the Amazon page, it has a “choking hazard” warning, and says they’re not appropriate for under 3 years. I’m not really sure what baby waits until they’re 3 years old to teethe, but I WANT IT. Anyway, I haven’t been able to discern what the “small parts” may be, unless they’re talking about the “Nuby” emblem that holds the ring together (it could feasibly come unglued, and become a choking hazard, but there doesn’t seem to be much chance of this).On the package itself, it says not to freeze these. I chose to ignore this warning and take my chances, and so far my household survives. If anything cataclysmic happens, I’ll update this review.All in all, I would definitely recommend these to my friends, and (obviously) to you fine folks reading this review. The only reason it has 4 stars instead of 5 is because the keys warm up so quickly; but with something this thin, it’s pretty unavoidable.

Loraine Ward, CO

Teething Keys

Great for little hands and mouths. We hook this toy on my sons infant carrier using rings and he enjoys playing on the go.

Cathryn Mc Millan, MI

Daughter loves these

I bought these keys because they were the first gel set I’ve seen. My daughter loves these. I normally give them to her when I put her in the carseat and all the way to were we are going she is chewing on them and not fussing.

Laura Cecilton, MD

Fun toy

Good product. Fun colors and textures for my baby to play with. It’s also very easy for him to hold on his own.

Allie Manchaca, TX

Don’t sanitize it

In general, I’d sanitize everything before giving it to my baby boy. Since there’s no clear instruction on this teether, I put it in the steam sanitizer to clean it. And afterward, the teether became twisted due to the high heat. I guess if you don’t sanitize it, it would be a great one…

Elnora Butte Des Morts, WI


I got it as I gift when my baby was a newborn. When she was teething I was so glad I had it. I keep it in my freezer since she’s still teething and she loves to use it and play with it. I got one to give as a gift too.

Tia Hancock, MI

Bright colors, many chewing surfaces and textures.

Both of my children have enjoyed these keys. They wash easily with soapy water. My now-toddler (29 months old) has loved all things keys for his entire life so far, including these keys. He enjoyed holding them and chewing on them, especially when his first molars were coming in–the shape is great for that. My eight-month-old will crawl to them and pick them up to chew on. He’s enjoyed them since he could grasp them.After the first time, I never put them in the refrigerator again, since they didn’t seem to hold the cold for long and were just as good at room temperature.If you’re looking for another good set of teether keys, tryFun Keys Teether Ring.For an older or closely-supervised kid who just loves keys, try going to a hardware store and asking for some of their “mistake” keys. They’re often happy to give them to you. Or you could just buy some key blanks (fewer sharp edges than cut keys) and put them on a key ring.Bottom line: These bright keys have many chewing surfaces and textures–they’re a great on-the-go toy for a teething baby.

Lindsey Goodell, IA

Not as durable as I hoped

The first one I got was leaking at the seams so I returned it for a new one. That one is fine, but according to the small print on the back of the box:you can’t sanitize these with microwave baby steamer because they’ll get warped and leak, and you can’t boil them to sanitize them because the seams will pop open and they’ll leakyou can’t freeze them, or they might pop a seam and leak when they thaw.and if you’re baby is teething- which is what they’re supposed to be used for- they might pop them with their teeth and then leak.And it’s not water inside, it’s stuff that’s not okay for your baby to consume.However, if you wash them thoroughly with warm soapy water and only refrigerate it, it works ok, so long as your baby doesn’t have teeth to worry about puncturing it.

Barbara Cynthiana, IN

Baby loves these keys!

We’re on board with the only water toys and have searched and searched for ones with only water for our son but we haven’t been able to find ones that can get this cold.PROS:Perfect size and shape – it’s thin enough that my little one can get his mouth around itThey get really nice and cold – he still is done with the toy after 15 minutes because all the keys are warm but it’s better than the 2 or 5 from other toysGreat colors – after he’s done chewing on them he still likes to hold them, throw them on the floor, and/or shake themCON:Not filled with water so I do worry if he breaks into one that he’ll ingest whatever toxic goop is inside

Mildred Nenana, AK

Just ok.

My kid is almost 10 months old and she still can’t really fit these keys in her mouth. I’m not sure if that’s normal or not (like maybe they’re just supposed to chew the very end on their front teeth), but my kid is a powerful biter and doesn’t really enjoy this one much.

Lora Converse, IN

Not my baby’s favourite

My baby will teeth on these every now and then, but normally she grabs them because they are something new in her sight, she will put them in her mouth and then put them back on the floor to reach for something else. She is 7 months old now

Marilyn Gramercy, LA

Too big for small babies to manuever

If your looking for a good teething ring/keys this is definitely not the one! It’s too bulky and hard for little hands to get the ‘key part’ into his mouth. maybe for an older baby but I still think it sucks. Also,I just read a few reviews that this product is for children OVER 3 YEARS old (still teething??) & could pose choking hazard!? My 5 month old son received a cheap dollar store set of keys on a ring that are much smaller and plain and he prefers them to these. I would not recommend to anyone or at least with younger teething baby…

Alyssa Sardinia, SC

Nice toy

Arrived on time, cute toy to add to a gift and cheap enough for a on the go toy.Nice colors, sturdy a good cool tether.Overall worth the price.

Cora Chichester, NY

Never really used for teething

We got these as a gift. Our son never really used them for teething. He played with them a few times, but was more interested in shaking them or feeling the texture. For teethers, he preferredVulli Sophie the Giraffe TeetherandVulli 2 Pack Vanilla Flavored Ring Teethe, Colors May Vary.

Bettie Fort Yukon, AK

Had/Soft Teehing Rings

I like them because of the variety of texture and temperature, as well as choice of soft or hard. Recommended.

Natalie Whitehorse, SD


Nice colors and child safe. They aren’t his favorite chew toy, but when he’s teething or in need of a chewie they will do. I usually leave these in the car or diaper bag as an extra, not something he needs often.

Tameka Nevada City, CA

Best Teething Keys

Way better than the Bright Starts teething keys my mother-in-law purchased for my son. These keys are not as wide so, they fit easier in his mouth. He loved chewing on the ring most.

Charity Salt Point, NY

Great…and safe

This product is made in China, which almost made me NOT buy it since I try to avoid all Made-in-China baby toys. But, I did some investigating and decided to step out there with this Nuby product. It is safe and the grandbaby does like it, being at the age when he is starting to teeth. The toy can be placed in the freezer, like the old-school teething rings, to help ease teething pain.

Matilda Glen Hope, PA

Very Textured

Our baby just started teething and while she doesn’t quite know what to do with these, she seems to like them when we show her how to use them. Each key has a different texture, which our baby seems to like. They freeze quickly and wash very easily.

Marisol Seymour, WI

Great texture, thin cooling portion

What I like best is there are plenty of grooved spaces that encourage my daughter to grab ahold with both hands and still have a portion in her mouth to teethe. However, some portions are too thick and hard for her to teethe and be soothed. The cooling portion is just the right shape and size for her mouth, though. They should redesign so the entire key is thin and softer.

Katharine Arcadia, SC