Nuby Infant Nail Clipper

Nuby Infant Nail Clipper

Infant nail clipper. Nail clippers are sized for baby’s small nails. Safe and simple for baby’s nails. A quality product Features: Nail clippers are sized for baby’s small nails Safe and simple for baby’s nails A quality product

Main features

  • Nail clippers are sized for baby’s small nails
  • Safe and simple for baby’s nails
  • A quality product

Verified reviews


Love them

I got these after reading tons of reviews. They are easy to use. I just cut off the white part of her nails.

Jeanie Delta, IA

simple, effective, inexpensive

I purchased these clippers for my new baby. The first few weeks their nails are so thin that I couldn’t use the clippers, but after about a month, they do a great job. The clippers are small and slightly curved for precision and sharp, so cutting baby’s nails is a breeze (when she’s sleeping)and I haven’t had to worry about accidentally clipping her. The only improvement I’d like would be a better, more secure grip.

Willa Onamia, MN

does it’s job but…

They work, but I would highly suggest that you go get one of the nail clippers with the big handle, they are so much easier to clip babies nails with then these.

Nina Mullins, SC

it’s very sharp and good.

I bought this for my daughter, who was on her way to be born, I only used twice, as an infant it’s much easier to cut with small sharp scissors. It is quite good, is very sharp and will be quite useful for later on.

Roxanne Stratford, SD

Quality varies widely

I originally purchased one of these clippers and I was very impressed. I decided to buy two more to keep in various places (like the diaper bag). Out of the three that I own, one is nice and sharp and clips nails well, one is very dull and barely works at all, and the third clips alright, but isn’t the greatest.These are good clippers if you get one that works.

Catherine Mills, WY

Right size for baby nails

This nail clipper is smaller than most safety nail clippers which makes it easier to cut baby nails. Good quality

Beverly Leburn, KY

make cutting baby nails easier

I have preemies.I have twins.I have a lot of little nails that I need to cut every week (I wish their nails don’t grow so fast).It is nerve wrecking to cut nails as I was afraid I’ll accidentally prick their little fingers.This nail clippers is small but perfect for cutting the baby’s finger nails. It definitely help make cutting baby’s nails easier.I bought this one and safety 1st nail clippers but because Nuby Infant Nail clipper works so well, the Safety 1st one is now just sitting in the corner collecting dust.

Tricia Magnolia, MN

basically a regular nail clipper in smaller size

…and with a flat cutter which is important. The mini size is awkward to handle and I am always moving it around because some angle is poking into my fingers. I am a woman with woman sized hands too so I would assume I am the typical target market. It would be great if they kept the cutter size and shape but made the rest of it bigger and more comfort fitting. After all my baby isn’t the one cutter her own nails.

Sandy Kurten, TX

Perfect for wittle bitty nails

My sister says to use regular sized clippers on babies, because my fingers are used to using them, but I couldn’t do it. I bought these wittle ones and they’re working great on my daughter’s tiny little nails. I use regular ones on her toenails though. 🙂

Hester Cresskill, NJ

great nail clippers for small hands

purchased these nail clippers for my 2 month old after i lost my old ones they are small and they trim his nails with ease especially when i trim his nails in his sleep.

Fannie Kipton, OH

Better then new style

I like this style of nail clippers & I could not find them in the stores. I was glad Amazon had these instead of the ones with the bulky bulbs attached to them. Great find!

Audrey Douds, IA

A little tough to use

The clippers are not bad in terms of sharpness, but something about its construction makes it difficult to get at the baby’s nail very easily. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that the clippers don’t open very wide, but it took a while to get them in exactly the right position to clip my baby’s nails. The handle is a little tough to hold after a while. I didn’t think I’d care about that aspect of it, but given how long it took to try to cut baby’s nails, it did start to feel pretty uncomfortable. We much preferred the fold-up nail clipper by Safety 1st.

Edith Ridge Farm, IL

Poor clipper

I liked this one because it didn’t have the clumsy plastic grippers on it. However, the clipping power on this this is lousy. It bends baby nals and leaves rough edges, whereas another one I bought clips smoothly and easily.

Sofia Goodville, PA

Perfect for soft little nails. Travels well

PRO:- SIZE. It is about 3/4 the size of your standard adult nail clipper. It travels well due to it’s size.- SHARP. It clips baby nails without splitting them- QUICK SHIPPING. Arrived within 5 days of ordering the product.CONS:- It is a bit harder to grip since it is smaller than the standard size.

Terra Bois D Arc, MO

Its kind of tiny

i like the fact that its so small and cute, but It’s wayyy too tiny. It’s kind hard to hold onto it to cut my babies nail, but i haven’t tried cutting my babie nail yet

Elvira Rollingstone, MN