Nuby Milk Powder Dispenser, Colors May Vary

Nuby Milk Powder Dispenser, Colors May Vary

Nuby BPA free milk powder dispenser.

Main features

  • Three individual compartments for precise measurements
  • Perfectly sized for traveling
  • Colors vary, you will receive one of the following colors green, white, and blue, pink

Verified reviews


Must-have on the go item!!

A little struggle to lift the lid up, but it serves its purpose. The formula doesn’t get mixed up between the compartments and I can simply know that the pre-measured formula is ready to make baby a bottle. Don’t have to worry about carrying around the formula in its can. Love this item!

Saundra Anatone, WA

Superman would have trouble opening this container!

This container is almost impossible to open & it seems as though it gets tighter over time! Try any other container & you won’t have this problem!

Elda Mount Morris, PA

Best I’ve found

This is the best formula dispenser I’ve found. The lid fits tight and the scooped cap makes it SO EASY to pour into a bottle. Barely any bits of powder left behind.

Angela Genesee, ID

it’s okay

The lid is hard to get off and snap on. It serves it’s purpose but there are others out there for more money that are easier to use…i picked this one because of the price.

Christa Newhall, IA


This is a perfect formula dispenser. I am not sure why some reviewers say it is hard to open…it’s not any different than any other one I’ve used. I am more than pleased with this one, super air-tight, BPA free, made well and so much more compact than the other ones on the market right now.

Stacie Bethel, MO

Impossible to open

I managed to get it open once, used it, then found it difficult to open to refill. I asked a couple of other people and none of them could open it easier.I’m going to leave this one and go buy anotherMunchkin Powdered Formula Dispenser, Colors May Vary; I had one of these before and it worked perfectly and easily for 2 years, first for formula and then for small snacks. It was easy to open to refill but didn’t open unintentionally.

Hollie Hull, TX

Nice and tight

While others (including my husband) complain about how tight these tops are, I prefer them. I never have to worry about them opening in my messy diaper bag. With the right touch, they are not hard to open, but appropriately tight to avoid messes.

Estela Herald, CA

No leaks, easy dispense

This thing DOES NOT LEAK. It can hold up to 5 scoops of Enfamil in each of the 3 chambers (= 10 oz in the bottle x three), and is easy to dispense, even with one hand, on a turbulent airplane. For refills, the whole top comes off super easy as well. (For those who have trouble removing the top, try lining the spout up with a chamber line… i.e.. yank the top up from where it’s sturdiest.)

Carolina Brookland, AR

Better than other brands

We don’t use these for formula, but we used them to portion rice cereal to add to my son’s milk for a few weeks to try and help his reflux. That didn’t work, but we tried a few brands of dispensers and these are my favorite. Most of the portion comes out easier, whereas with the Munchkin brand about half a teaspoon to a teaspoon stays in the container. The little lid doesn’t snap back like the Munckin ones, but I hold it back when pouring so it doesn’t get in the way. The lid rotates easily so you don’t have to take the lid off and move it to the next section. These are easy to clean, easy to use, and seem to be well made. We’ll be using these for snacks in the future-great for keeping a variety of snacks in one container!

Cynthia Rosedale, VA

Excellent product

Love this dispenser! Use it on the go all the time.I received a neutral color, but would have been happy with any color received.

Mollie Johnson City, TX

Great product!

We are a huge fan of this product. For the first several months, I was just purchasing those individual serving to-go packets of Enfamil for while we were out. It was so expensive so I purchased this. This takes up more space than the individual serving packets but this is actually easier to pour into the bottles! The lid is tight and does take some muscle to remove, but it certainly wont pop open in the diaper bag on its own. Plus, it’s a two pack which is great for longer outings! I’d highly recommend, it’s much cheaper to use this than purchase those individual packets and easy to use!

Naomi Waxhaw, NC