Nuby Natural Touch Silicone Travel Infa Feeder, Colors May Vary, 3 Ounce

Nuby Natural Touch Silicone Travel Infa Feeder, Colors May Vary, 3 Ounce

Nuby natural touch silicone travel infa feeder. Silicone squeeze feeder makes feeding easy. Gently squeeze silicone base until desired amount of food or cereal collects on the spoon. Protective cover keeps food from leaking. Baby food is allowed to pass through a hole in the spoon’s neck and into the bowl of the spoon.

Main features

  • Gently squeeze the silicone base until desired amount of food collect on the spoon
  • Great for milk and formula
  • Great to use anywhere because it’s safe and easy
  • Includes protective cover

Verified reviews


Less mess!

Overall I like this spoon, and would definitely choose it over a regular spoon and bowl, but it does have a few flaws.For one, it does stain. Most babyfood is colored, and things like carrots, squash, and sweet potato will stain the silicone. It’s not enough to make me not use the spoon, but it is something to consider.Also, I’m not sure the measurements on the spoon are accurate. I pour one 2.5 ounce jar of food into the spoon, and it usually barely reaches the 1.5 ounce mark?!? Even after adding some cereal and mixing, it isn’t to the 2.5 ounce mark. Again, it’s not going to stop me from using the spoon, but if you are blending your own food and relying on the spoon to tell you how much you are feeding your baby, it may make a difference.

Desiree Edward, NC

Best invention ever!!

We will be doing alot of traveling soon and I was worried about how I was gonna feed the baby while we were away from the house and keep her clean at the same time. Enter this little dream come true. It is perfect. Not only does it make feeding on the go a breeze but we have to watch our daughters intake very closely as she has had weight gain difficulties and with this I can easitly measure out her aby food and see exactly how much she ate. Plus if she doesn’t finish I just snap the cap back on and feed the rest latter, since her siliva never comes in contact with the food in the bulb I don’t have to worrry about it being contaminated and spioling.

Mable Saluda, NC

idea is great, but not always compatible with food

I like this idea, but since the plum organics came up with their twist on spoon this isn’t getting the use I thought it would. I don’t think I’d spend the money again, but only because we use one specific kind of food.

Antonia Fort Mitchell, AL

Great product

Wow! I love this spoon. It makes feeding so much neater, convenient, and fast. No dipping spoons into bowels, no need to hold bowls, and the product actually works like its’ intended purpose.

Hilda Fountain, MI

Great concept but

Does not work if you prepare your own baby food since even a little difference in puree texture and the food wont come out! Bummer.. I really wanted it to work!

Beryl Pennington, NJ

Love, love, love it

This little feeder is the best ever. My only complaint is that we didn’t use it longer. My baby was finished with pureed foods quickly so we will get our money’s worth by using it with the next one. I will say that I ordered two of these and after trying another brand, would have ordered more if my little one used it for much longer. Great for travel, portioning food for others to feed baby and for out and about to minimize mess.

Andrea Fenton, LA

Great for when you are out!

We use this all of the time when we go to restaurants or somewhere where we know we will be out during meal time. It is really easy to use. I fill it up with baby food and put it in the bottle cooler in between the bottles spoon side up to make sure it doesn’t spill. I love how you can see exactly how much is left in it. My daughter does not put up a fight at all when we feed her from this. People stop us all of the time and ask us where we got it. Definitely the easiest way to feed a baby when out!

Stacie Sidney, TX

me encanta

Es perfecto para viajes donde no tienes la comodidad de tu casa, mi hijo es un bebe muy activo que con frecuencia le tumba la comida de las manos con esta cuchara no hay problemas de que se bote la comida, es muy buena.

Ashley Isle Of Palms, SC

Food color does not go away

I like this product, except the fact that it’s orange now, not clear.I fed my son some carrots with this one day, didn’t get to wash it until that night then the entire bottle is orange now. No matter how many times I wash it, the color would not go away…

Estella Apalachicola, FL

Love it!

I would def. reccomend to anyone bcuz it’s a great convient idea. It’s supposed to be used for on the go but i use it at home because it’s just 1 items to use instead of 2. it’s soft, squishy, 3oz. the "top or cover that fits over the spoon when you’re not usig is great. It stays on, snaps into place. I love it.

Jennie Wallburg, NC


This product is very good, I will tell my all my friends. Thank you sale very good feeder, my baby like it very much.

Bernadette Guilford, NY

nuby muy buena marca

compramos Nuby Natural Touch Silicone Travel Infa Feeder, Blue/Clear, 3 Ounce y es de excelente calidad, los recomiendo mucho… soy de Venezuela y llego en perfecto estado.

Jeanie Whitewright, TX