Nuby No Spill Flip-it Cup, 12 Ounce, Colors May Vary

Nuby No Spill Flip-it Cup, 12 Ounce, Colors May Vary

2 handle cup with soft spout.

Main features

  • BPA free, no spill, flip it cup
  • Soft silicone straw
  • Colors vary, you will receive one of the following colors blue, red, green, orange, purple

Verified reviews


CONTAINS BPA in straw assembly! Shoots contents, and your kid will chew the straw.

This cup’s straw assembly includes a BPA part, so it wouldn’t be legal in Canada. I have no idea why it’s in Amazon’s BPA-free store.Also, I bought one of these for my son before I knew Nuby’s abysmal BPA record and campaign of misinformation to consumers. I noticed that my son always chewed the straw (the silicone part, not the BPA part which is inside). One day I took a drink of his juice and it turns out you have to bite the straw to get liquid out.Also, when the child has taken a drink and snapped the lid closed, the straw, upon reopening, will shoot a notable amount of beverage toward and above the opener.I threw ours out.

Ashleigh Bouckville, NY

not sure…

I switched to Nuby products when my son was about 9months old and started holding his own bottles. Love Dr. Browns but they don’t hold up to a 9mo. old boy who spikes the bottle when finished. Needed something that didn’t leak in the car when he dropped it. These were the perfect solution. Loved the bottles, liked the sippy cups, and I did love the straw cups but I was wondering how dishwasher safe they are. They didn’t leak at all in the beginning, other than the drop that stays in the tip. But now they leak all of the time! I’ve been using the straw cups for 5 months now and I think I have to start over again. It’s very frutrating!!The straws are a pain to thread correctly but so worth it when they don’t leak. I use my dr. browns tiny brush to clean the inside of all my straws, works perfectly. Replacemnt parts are hard to come by but starting to be more widely available.

Alissa Citra, FL

NOT BPA FREE and it’s terrible

This item is not bpa free as described. The straw contains BPA. Also, this is a horrible product because you can not clean the straw. It is closed off at one end with only tiny holes and the other end is folded into the lid. If you take the lid apart, you can not put it back together. Had to throw ours away after a couple of uses (we purchased this before we knew it had BPA)

Charlene Chalkyitsik, AK

no spill = no water

imy daughter throw this after sucking so hard and still no water coming out. i tried it too and i was so dissapointed!!! really a waste of money!!!

Jodie Rogers, AR

Way too much trouble

Have had one of these for a long time. Notice I said one because we won’t buy another. This thing has a few major flaws. First and foremost, it is a pain in ]…[ to clean. It has so many parts too clean and keep track of: lid, bottle, outside straw, middle straw, and bottom straw. Each piece has to be taken apart each time for cleaning since the straws are small and the outside one is actually closed at the top to prevent leaking you pretty much have to hand wash and scrub out with a tiny pipe cleaner like brush (we use the one from the Dr. Brown’s bottles). Putting it back together feels like you are building a model airplane (if you can manage to keep track of all the parts). Secondly, twist closing the lid is always a challenge. It isn’t always easy to tell if you have it on right until it leaks. Taking it off is even worse because it seems to lock down and get stuck. The last thing is that sometimes when my kid is drinking and the straw part flips out of his mouth some of the liquid goes flying across too. I do give it credit for having a straw that folds down to stay clean and if you get it on right it doesn’t leak. As mentioned, I didn’t and wouldn’t buy this again.

Sally Blue Creek, WV

Some good, mostly bad.

The straw on this is great and the straw doesnt spill easily.The lid is what has ruined this cup for us.Everyone on here has been saying you have to assemble right or put the top on right buut no matter how many times I put the top on,it always leakes.If it falls over or is tipped to far to the side it starts leaking.I gave up on these and went back to Playtex which are leak proof and you can use any top for any cup(straw, sippy, bottle type will all switch with eachother).

Lorrie Lyndon, IL

hard to clean…

very hard to assemble after cleaning, unless you want to clean it assembled which is not a good idea.

Dominique Henry, SD

Really good construction with two major flaws

So I really like this cup. Stores a lot and the assembly is very cool. Two major issues:1. the straw is in three parts. the bottom part ALWAYS gets lost. So of the three cups we bought, we had one functioning one.2. I think it’s because the cup is airtight, but the straw very frequently fills with milk (or whatever liquid is in the cup). So when you flip the top, it sprays milk.Other than that though, it’s a nice cup.

Velma Ridgedale, MO

My son love this bottle

My little son love this bottle very much, he always find this bottle by himself and hold it to drink, he loves drink water after he own this bottle. He think it’s funny that he must use his tooth to drink the water.

Dollie Stem, NC

Awful! Leaks terribly!

I just bought this cup and gave it to my daughter this morning – with milk in it. Should have tried just water first. The cup was tipped over on the carpet and was laying in a huge puddle of milk! I took it into the kitchen, held it over the sink, and milk poured out of the straw. I took the cup apart and put all the pieces back together with the same result. It was literally like pouring milk out of a straw. Don’t waste your money.

Juliette Burton, WV

great for money

it will leak out of straw where the child had already pulled the fluid through…. but it is easy to drink from and radii for my child to handle. there are several parts to clean

Annabelle Farley, MO

For the Finicky Drinker

At last count I had purchased 23 different kinds of sippy cup for my child before finding one he likes. This type is *our* favorite.My son is breastfed and had no interest in a bottle and so we’re weaning directly to a cup. Primarily this cup. We began introducing cups at 6 months old and my son is currently 11 months old.Good: It holds a lot of juice and can be tilted over 90 degrees and still function with the straw. It has a soft spout for my child’s emerging teeth. He likes this cup the best of all but one cup. That one being the smaller Nuby Sipper that has handles. This cup has a smaller base and will fit into cup holders including the cup holder on the front of a stroller. Since it holds more drink my child will drink more which is a big plus for us since he’s very attached to his breast milk! The flip top is easy enough that my child can figure out how to use it.Bad: It is a pain to clean. I had to purchase pipe cleaners to get inside the straw as my bottle cleaner couldn’t get it clean to my satisfaction. Also, if the lid isn’t on perfectly this cup drips.

Nadia Pottersdale, PA

Such a great idea but cleaning is a pain in the butt!

This cup works pretty well. Easy on baby’s mouth, and under normal use conditions it really doesn’t spill. If you shake the heck out of it and bang it around, then yes you can get it to leak a couple of drops, but for general use it doesn’t spill.The problem is in the cleaning of the cup. The plastic straw, the silicone spout, and the inside of the cup all get really cruddy and cannot get clean in the dishwasher. Essentially you have to take the whole thing apart, use Q-tips or pipe cleaners to get all the crud out of the straw, use a toothbrush to clean the inside of the lid, and then put it all back together again.If you clean the silcone spout too vigorously, you can also damage the little membrane that makes it ‘spillproof,’ and voila it is no longer spillproof.I have learned to live with this cup by soaking it immediately after use, and by attacking it with Q-tips when it starts to look dirty. But it is not the best design from the cleaning perspective.

Shelia Powellville, MD

Try it if your baby won’t use a sippy cup

This product has pros and cons, but the overwhelming pro is that my baby, who hates sippy cups, happily drinks very well from the mega sipper.Pros:1. baby likes it2. I’ve heard that a straw is better for their mouths than a sippyCons:1. lots of parts2. need to run through the dishwasher to really get it clean3. sprays when milk gets trapped in the straw and baby drops it or opens it by herself4. when the liquid gets low and baby tips it, she can’t get any liquidSo, it’s not perfect, but I’m very grateful for this product. We have been able to ditch the bottle thanks to the mega sipper!

Jodie Ivyton, KY

Only one my boys will use

As close to leak proof as I have found. Both my boys chewed on the straw a little while teething and therefore made the straw where it would leak some if tipped over. Replacements eventually had to be bought.

Erika Van Wert, IA

somewhat cheap

my son loves these cups, but they are difficult to clean, they get moldy fast and he easily chews the rubber straw off. I had to purchase 10 on here because he destroys them so quickly. Also, he has smashed a could just throwing them and the actual bottle breaking. But because he loves them so much I have to keep buying lol.

Summer Miamiville, OH

silicone straw cracks quickly

It’s a product that kids like, but you have to compress and suck the straw, and kids bite it. You can’t just suck on it–and a little kid is going to compress with their teeth. The package tells you to advise your child not to bite it, but what the heck? Once they are old enough to understand to compress without biting they’d be able to use an adult cup or take the cap on and off a water bottle. The inside part of the silicone straw, part of the valve I guess, cracks immediately. But you’re not supposed to let the child use it once it’s cracked. Also, the whole cup is 2.99 at Target, but to get a replacement silicone straw you have to order from the company for 2.59 (probably have to pay additional shipping). I think it would be okay if you could buy a ten pack of replacement silicone straws for cheap, but as it is this product isn’t worth it. Also, the straw apparatus is 3 parts to assemble & disassemble. 2 parts would be a better (easier) design; there is really no need to make it 3. It’s hard to thread the silicone straw through the lid. Because of all the parts it’s a bit of a pain to wash but I only ever had water in it–if you were to use milk or juice it would probably be harder to wash. It leaks a bit, not too bad. Sometimes when I would assemble the 3 straws into the lid and screw it on the cup it would be almost impossible to suck the liquid out and I would reassemble and it would be okay. That was only a problem when it was new (maybe the first week of daily use), but then within a day or two there are cracks in the inside part of the silicone straw and when I took a second look at the packaging I realized it said they aren’t safe once there’s any damage to the straw. It’s annoying. I got this product because it says it’s BPA free. I found a better replacement at Target and Meijer, I think they’re called Take and Toss–a set of 4 cups with straw and lid. Those are BPA, phthalate and PVC-free. They work great and are much easier to assemble and clean although they would leak if turned over (no valve). They were cheaper for the 4 cup set than 1 of the Nuby and like the Nuby they are top rack dishwasher safe.

Tracie Oldtown, ID

so so

It’s hard to clean and keep track of all of the parts and there is always a drop pf water that flings out of the straw when you open the cover.

Lacey Allegany, NY

Absolutely the best….

I don’t know why so many people say these leak. They do not. Maybe they’re not putting the lid on properly. It’s easy to screw it on crooked.We’ve been using these for almost a year now.I have 4 of these (along with 6 others with handles) and they’re awesome. I have tried every sippy cup out there and these are perfect.There are not too many parts to it. Only the lid and the straw! Very easy to clean and sturdy. My 18 month old son throws them across the room as hard as he can and not one broke or came apart.They’re the only cups that work, don’t leak and don’t break.

Dona Boardman, OR

Daughter likes it.

My daughter likes this because it’s easy for her to operate but my wife doesn’t like putting it together. Not too bad for the price.

Kaitlin Pauma Valley, CA

Not perfect but better than most…

So, the real issue with all of the "no spill" cups seems to be leaking. Some of this in unavoidable as when cold liquids warm up they naturally expand and some will inevitably come out the top. Also, when the straw piece is full and a "no spill" cup is tipped over it will generally pour out whatever was in the straw. The Nuby cups suffer from these problems as well but when compared to the Oxo, Avent and Zoli cups they perform much better. My guess is that the larger circumference straw allows for a bit more expansion before you end up with a milk "geyser" like you see with the smaller tube models. It also seems to hold the liquid a bit better when flipped over. There is no leaking from the screw down seal like we saw in the other models and the price is reasonable.Cleaning is another issue for all of these models but the wider straw makes it easier to flush water through. The entire straw piece can be easily removed and washed well by hand without the need for a specialized cleaning device. It’s easier to put back together as well…One other thing to note is that once your little one has teeth, the little tabs on the top of the Zoli straw which flex/open to let liquid out will start to go "missing". They are small so I don’t think they pose a health risk but the straw replacements are not really cheap and it happened on almost all of our Zoli cups (they leak profusely after this happens).I have to say that another good option is the "Foogoo" from Thermos as it does a great job of limiting leaks (the interchangeable lids are nice too) but they are harder to clean and some models have the same smaller straw issues listed above.

Adrienne Eldred, PA

My go-to sippy cup

Anyone else go through 12 million sippy cups to find ones that work? *sigh* I like these. They don’t leak. I can put milk in them and don’t find pools everywhere my 16mo goes. I think we are on #6-7 (2 kids worth). I would give them 5 stars, but one of the ones I just ordered broke after about 5 uses. Couldn’t get the straw to seal and not spill. Also, check the top of the straw frequently- my youngest is a biter and bit through one of the straws.

Debbie Veneta, OR


Love the features of this cup: easy-to-suck straw with a flip lid that protects it when not in use. But it leaks like a sieve. I can only use water in it, and even then, I got sick of cleaning up the puddles. Back to the drawing board!

Marcia Sahuarita, AZ

Our favorite of the straw cups

I’ve bought pretty much ever straw based toddler cup on the market and the Nubby is hands down my favorite. They have a solid feel, they clean easily and I’ve never had leaking issues.

Antionette Mount Enterprise, TX

Leaks galore!

I bought this cup because of its promises to not leak and for the straw feature, however after a few uses by my little one this thing was leaking all over the floor. It was leaking from the lid area and from the straw – really made a mess of my floors, furniture and car!

Brandie Stratford, CA

Good and Bad… straws break at the tip easily

Our toddler just started walking and this seems to have the least amount of spillage when it hits the floor… of the 5 or so different brands we have purchased.Bad: Straw breaks at top from biting it. Keep in mind in order to drink you have to bite it to get juice out. The second one we bought did the same. Glad he didn’t choke on it. Also milk seems to be the one bad liquid. It will sometimes leak UP the straw when sitting straight up (the Playtex straw cups did the same). One an airplane ride it literally was shooting from the cup!Update: after purchasing 2 more brands… this is my favorite for the least amount of leakage. It has it moments where it makes me mad.

Kirsten Onsted, MI

Darn it – not what I hoped

I was rapt to see these online because they looked identical to one I had already. However, these straws seem to need my 1 year old to compress (i.e. bite) to get the liquid out. Most annoying. Wish I’d noticed before opening the 3 I bought and throwing the packaging.

Alana Maxbass, ND

Pain to Clean, but Spill Proof

I’m thankful to say that I didn’t have any spilling or threading problems that other moms have, but I do agree that this cup is difficult to clean. There are several little parts to clean on this cup – the cup itself, the top, a silicon “top straw”, a white “middle straw” and a clear “bottom straw”. I let my son drink juice out of the cup once…and never again! The cup is now reserved solely for water, and it serves its purpose well.There was a small learning curve for my son with this cup – after using sippy cups for so long, he still thinks he has to tip the cup back to get the drink! Of course, it’s better for him to practice on this cup, rather than on a snap on lid cup with a pop in straw (the type you’d get a fast food joint). He learned the hard way of what happens when you tip a cup like that at a restaurant…thank heavens for spare outfits.Highly recommended (if you don’t mind taking the time to clean the cup out or only serve water in this thing)

Ada Akin, IL

It works

It’s a good straw cup, yes when you bend it down to tuck it away some liquid stays there so when you go to open it then some water sprays on you big deal. Its water. I dont see how parents give carbonated drinks to their children in these cups and then complain about it fizzing out and sticky spraying all over, there wouldnt be a problem if it was just water or water downed juice.Anyways, does the job, my son likes it and the straw gets most of the water out maybe leaves an ounce of liquid that the straw does not get to at the very bottom. for the price not bad.for the varying colors part, it varies alright but this product is mostly pink and purple. So if you’re picky about that then beware.cleans well, easy to put back together.

Nora Dana, NC

Holds enough water

Love that its 12 ounce. Just ordered another one for my daughter. It did spill some water out one time bc I didn’t have it snapped closed.

Gussie Donnelly, MN