Nuby No Spill Sipper, 10 Ounce, Colors May Vary

Nuby No Spill Sipper, 10 Ounce, Colors May Vary

Nuby nasal aspirator & ear syringe set, soft purtex tip is safe and gentle to baby’s nose and ears.

Main features

  • BPA free, no spill
  • Soft silicone spout
  • No valve
  • Vari flow valve allows child to control liquid’s flow rate
  • Colors vary, you will receive one of the following colors purple top with pink cup, pink top with green cup, yellow top with orange cup, blue top with green cup, green top with blue cup, pink top with purple cup

Verified reviews


Leaks? It pours!

My son’s bottles leak when they are tipped over, this thing is like a slow faucet, 10-15 minutes and it’s empty. I thought it was just a fluke, so I bought a second one and it does the same thing.

Pearl Marks, MS

Not a good cup

Cup doesn’t seem to be of very good quality. Leaks all the time. I would have gave this 3 stars but I went with 2 since you could be like me and get a pink cup for your son.

Aline Newark Valley, NY

Pop Top

I got these because of the one piece no leak lid. but just returned them today. The lids do not stay on after being screwed on. You can pop the top right off like a tupperware lid. It is especially easy to do if the bottle is slightly squeezed to change the shape of the threaded lip. As a matter of fact if you tighten too much the lid actually clicks through and opens back up. I bought a two pack and thought at first that I one was a bad egg but the same thing happened with the second so I consider it a design flaw.

Katy Cook, MN

Great transition cup!

My son was not interested in ANY sippy cup for any reason ever. I got this cup (the one I got is actually an older model w/the mouthpiece in the middle instead of on the edge of the top) and my son took to it pretty much immediately! He likes the fact that the top feels like a nipple. He had no trouble figuring out that he should bite it to get the liquid out. I’ve only had it a day, but it doesn’t appear to leak easily!

Delores Industry, PA

I think they’ll be better when he’s older

Even at a year, our son doesn’t like to drink from these. He’ll chew on the “nipple” until the cows come home, but he won’t drink from these. We got him a different kind of sippy, and he’ll drink from it. I think that these sippies will be good to keep in the bag when he’s older, and just want’s them for the water they hold.

Elnora Franklin, ME

Great transition

These cups were a great transition from the bottle. My daughter started using them around 7 months and did great. These cups truly do not leak. I did find the valves breaking after awhile. She still used them but the cups were no longer spill proof. Even though the valves broke, I will be inclined to buy replacements for my second child. After all, I haven’t found any other cups that don’t leak.

Lenore Ripley, OH

Okay but Nuk is better

I was trying to find a replacement for my daughters Nuk soft spout sippy cup, because they are quite expensive after purchasing quite a few and I saw these and thought, what the heck! Well they are ok. Not a replacement to her Nuk ones but they do the Job and only leak a bit when thrown around vigorously. They are however annoying in the fact that the silicone spout constantly squishes in and I have to pull it out for my daughter. All in all these are good cups for the price for spares to our beloved Nuk cups. Only thing I hate is people still call it her “bottle” so it may not help someone trying to wean their child. Although my daughter drinks from straw and hard spout sippies, she tends to hurt her mouth on the hard ones when she’s excited so we get these “bottles”

Martha Goltry, OK

great sippy cup

Those are my daughters favorite sippies. They are dishwasher safe and work fairly well. Unfortunately like every sippie we have tried so far these do start leaking after a few months as well.

Elena New Haven, KY