Nuby Shampoo Rinse Cup, Colors May Vary

Nuby Shampoo Rinse Cup, Colors May Vary

Make bath time more comfortable for you and baby with Nuby’s Shampoo Rinse Cup. It features an easy to grip handle for you to hold while gently keeping soap and water out of your child’s eyes. Just rest the smooth edge against the hairline while pouring and experience thorough cleaning.

Main features

  • Tear free comfort edge
  • Soft flexible edge secures against your child’s head so water is diverted away from their eyes
  • Comfortable handle offers great control while pouring
  • BPA free

Verified reviews


Does not work as intended

I was hoping this would solve the washing-hair problem every night for my super squirmy toddlers, but the water kept on getting into their ears even if I hold them still and seal the front as much as I could. Now we simply use it as a water bucket.

Francine Sycamore Valley, OH

Does the job most of the time

It definitely makes rinsing out shampoo a little easier but it’s not full proof. If you don’t press it against the forehead enough then you’ll get water in the eyes (more user error than any fault of the product.)I do have one complaint about the handle. It’s very wide and connected to the cup part so if you have small hads, it’s kind of awkward to hold. I wish the handle was easier to grasp.

Carmella Rye, NH

Shampoo cup

I wish I could have chosen a color bc I would have gotten a pink one for my little girl but a green one arrived – no big deal- nice rinse cup.

Bette Walcott, IA

Just ok..

I had really high hopes for this product. My children hate water on their faces.. This works in reducing the amount that goes on their faces but not totally so washing hair is still a nightmare. Wish it worked :-(.

Effie Ord, NE


Doesn’t work as well as I wanted it to. My 2 year old stills wiggles around too much and water gets in her face anyway. This is good for my 6 year old but not helpful for young kids who still squirm. Too bad b/c that’s usually who you need this for. It does make a nice rinse cup but the front is useless for keeping water out of the eyes.

Judith Bellwood, IL

No more fuzz

This is my savior when it comes to washing my daughter’s hair. She no longer makes a fuzz out of it. The water doesn’t fall on her face, which is what kind of freaks her out. it is smaller than I expected but perfect size for toddlers. I even now use it to rinse her off when taking a bath.

Daisy Leeds, UT

Colors DO Vary

I didn’t read the fine print on this one, and got a blue one. Other then that i really like this item.

Roslyn Jackson, KY

Good but could be better

I ordered this to wash my 13 month old son’s hair. The house we live in now temporary, does not have hand held shower, so we had to use drinking cup to rinse my son’s hair. He hated it and cried, because the water got into his eyes. I saw this rinse cup online, and I thought I give it a try. I am glad I did, because it works. It is not perfect, because he still gets some water on his face, but it really helps to lead most water out of his face. We got the green/blue color, which I am happy with. My son likes to play with it as well. The only reason I have it 4 stars is because I wish it was bigger, so I did not have to fill in the cup and get more water while rinsing my son’s hair. The handle could also be improved, so it is easier to hold. I still recommend this product to anyone without hand shower. The price is right as well.

Deanne Willard, NY

Best rinse cup out there.

This is the only rinse cup that actually keeps the soap and water out of my sons face. The rubber lip is fabulous.

Lorie Lafayette, CA

I like it

Very good quality cup. I like the color and design. Very useful. My baby like it. I will definitely recommend it.

Jacqueline Circle, AK

Works well – good price

The rinse cup does the job well by preventing water from splashing on our daughter’s face. It is good value compared to the other products that I shopped for at the time of purchase.

Gayle Moses Lake, WA

Good product for the price.

We were looking for something link this for a while and couldn’t find any at the local stores (or didnt look good enough for it). Another such product on Amazon was for triple the price so when we saw the Nuby which was much cheaper, we decided to try it out.It will work great of your little one is not so scared or fussy about getting her hair wait and soap in her eyes. After 2 months of using it we still cant get her to hold her head up without crying so that we can rinse her hair with this without getting the soap/water in her eyes.The handle is a tad bit big if you have smaller hands, but its not a big deal. All in all worth a try for the price if your little one fights you everytime you have to shampoo their hair.

Ora Topeka, IL


I always get these for baby shower gifts. It’s something you use everyday but no one thinks to register for.

Noemi Bridgeport, NE

better than nothing

The middle of the flexible rim bends in a way that sends water into babies ears. Keeps lots of water out of her eyes, but some still gets in from the sides.

Ollie Washington, IL

not a toy…

But my daughter thinks it is. My daughter wears a visor when I wash her hair but she manages to get water in her eyes with this. Not the best but its helpful.

Nola Tabor, SD


This rinses hair nicely and love the rubbery edges so it nearly eliminates all the soapy water in the eyes

Lelia Walterville, OR

Doesn’t do the job

The "soft" part, isn’t soft enough, so I ended up using it as I was using the measuring cup I had before buying this, which is pouring the water carefully, without touching my baby with it.I would not buy it again.

Jean Milam, WV

Practical but for older babies

Not very useful for a baby less than 9-10 months in my opinion because they are curious and move around too much thus the water leaks all over face, ears etc.

Willie Monteview, ID

Great Buy

I would recommend this to anyone with a little one. The top has a soft edge which is really nice when trying to pour water over a wiggly baby.

Elba Pomerene, AZ