Nuby Silicone Teether with Bristles, Colors May Vary

Nuby Silicone Teether with Bristles, Colors May Vary

We are constantly working towards perfection in all facets of the design, production, and distribution of the Nuby products. We also strive for our full range to not only function effectively, but be safe, affordable, and look great too. This fish shaped teether is made out of 100% silicone.

Main features

  • Fish shaped teether is made out of 100% silicone
  • Teether comes with hygienic case
  • SoftFlex silicone soothes, stimulates, and cleans gums
  • Desighned with baby’s front teeth in mind
  • Colors vary, you will receive one of the following colors: green, blue, or pink

Verified reviews


Looks pretty darn pink to me

The text next to the web image says that colors may very, but under product description it also says “Colors may vary between blue and green. Product will not include pink.”Well, I’m pretty sure I just received a very pink teether, which is not what I was expecting.

Michael Rice, WA

Good Product

Daughter loves this product however, i think this product was made more for boys as most girls have smaller mouths. Its a bit hard for my daughter to bite onto it and fully utilize it to help sooth her teeth. It creates more drool at the same time

Essie Rush, NY

Go-to teether

We had a lot of options on hand for our son to choose from, but this is the teether he wanted almost 24/7 while cutting his first 2 teeth, despite the somewhat bland color. He still chews on it some, and I will be sure to have it on hand for when his next teeth come in. It really seemed to keep him content while teething. When the first tooth erupted, I was actually surprised by the sharp little edge that had appeared overnight when he chewed on my finger that morning. I think this teether is perfect for massaging and soothing sore little gums. It has also held up very well over time (we’ve had it 3 1/2 months and it’s like new despite being chewed every day). Very highly recommended, and I’m sure I will be buying another at some point – it’s so worth it!

Angela Hooper, UT

Happy Baby, Happy Dad!

My daughter had just started cutting her first tooth and it was ROUGH. My wife works nights, and I work from home so I am with the baby most of the time. The first two nights on her first tooth were brutal because she is our first baby and I had no idea what to expect or how to make her feel better.After those two nights I got online and started hunting down teethers. I tried a few home remedy tricks like a cold wash cloth and frozen wash cloth. Frozen fruits in a mesh bag etc. Once online I found a huge array of teethers, some products that are really just toys are called teethers, but I guess technically since babies chew on them you could call it a teether. This product, really has one function. A teether. That’s what it is and that’s what it is for. I guess it could be called a toy since my daughter plays with it, but really it’s a teether. I bought one at a local store and my daughter loved it so much I quickly ordered several more from Amazon. I made sure I had a couple of “backups” and bought one for my sister. She has a baby a couple of months younger than my daughter and I knew she would be going through the same problems soon enough.The teether is excellent quality and designed for long term, and heavy use. It’s thick silicone type material. I don’t have to worry about anything breaking free and possibly choking my daughter or causing sharp or rough edges that could potentially hurt her. It runs through the dishwasher really easily as well. There is also a really nice hard case to store the teether in for throwing it in a diaper bag or backpack with no worry of bits of dirt or hair getting stuck to it while storing.This really did help both my daughter and I through a tough time for both of us. I would suggest this teether for anybody who has had a tough time with the baby’s front teeth.I would also suggest buying it Before your baby begins teething and have it on hand for when the time is right. I wish everything for my daughter was as straight forward as this!

Shauna Hillsboro, OH


This would be kinda big for smaller babies but my little man makes it work. Although it says for front teeth, he can angle it for the back area just fine. He popped it in his mouth as soon as I gave it to him. It has bristles on each side and along the top. I love this thing, only downside is we have cats and it is a hair magnet.

Beverley Archie, MO

Perfect size, weight and squishiness

I love this teether. It is a soft, bendy, gel type teether that is easy for my baby to hold. It washes easily and comes with a hard, reusable plastic clamshell to keep it clean while not in use.

Lidia Wheelock, TX

Great for picking up lint and dog hair!

I bought this in one of my attempts to get my kids off of pacifiers and give them relief for their molars. They will occasionally chew on it if I hand it to them while changing their diapers but then they toss it on the ground. Where any piece of lint or stray dog hair promptly sticks to it. I thought they would love this since they love brushing their teeth but nope.

Ila Kent, OH

Easy to grip, great texture

My 3 month old loves this. It’s easy for him to grip since he’s just starting to be able to grab things (other than fabric). He drops this much less than other things due to the texture, which is nice. Eventually he’ll be able to get the entire teething portion into his mouth, in the mean time he likes to chew on the side of the teether as well as the handle. Easy to clean on the go and I love the case! I’ll be buying more of these!

Teresa Skokie, IL

Baby not into it

I thought this looked awesome just based on the shape and all the different textures, but i cannot get my baby into this one.

Justina West Salem, WI

My 6-month son enjoys it

My 6-month son enjoys it even though he’s not officially teething yet. It is pretty soft compared with the Razbaby Razberry Silicon Teether, Light Blue teether. Well, he also likes the Razbaby Razberry Silicon Teether, Light Blue but just not as much as this item.

Dorthy Round Lake, IL

Great for teething

I love this thing. It fits in my baby’s hand and he’s 9 months. The plastic is safe which is amazing. The only issue I have is the plastic its made out of is slightly sticky so this is not the toy to crawl around with. It picks up a lot of dirt so I’m always washing it more than other toys since hair and dust can easily stick to it (and I clean my house constantly). I put the toy in the freezer to get cold, however I just wish it froze a little more to hold the cold in longer. Overall, love it and serves its purpose.

Gayle Orderville, UT

Too big for baby’ mouth and doesn’t hold interest

I bought this thinking it would be great. But my little 4 month old doesn’t like this at all. It’s wayyyy too big to fit the entire Teether section in baby’s mouth, although maybe it’s not supposed to? To me, I pictured it like a football mouthpiece, with the textured section completely in his mouth and against his gums. It willing work like this without gagging the baby.Also, it’s such a soft silicone that everything (and I mean everything) gets in those little hairs and stays. So hard to keep this thing clean for my baby.Even as just a chew toy Teether, my baby won’t play with it. No interest. Whatsoever. He definitely prefers the silicone rings.I gave it 2 stars because it seems to be very well made, and it has a handy carrying case for the diaper bag.

Autumn Campus, IL


it was ok. he didn’t like it a whole lot, but it was good quality (as in, it didn’t fall apart, no nubs ever came off.)I didn’t like how EVERYTHING stuck to it. I found myself spending too much time scrubbing it clean.

Lynn Tarawa Terrace, NC

Baby’s favorite teether!

When I first got this I thought it was going to be much too big for my baby’s mouth and she would just discard it. Boy was I wrong, it’s easy for her to hold by herself and even though only half of it fits in her mouth at a time she loves chewing on one side and then the other. I bring it with me everywhere to keep her entertained while out and about.

Harriett Witts Springs, AR

My son loved this

This really helped my son when he was teething. He loved chewing in it and it seemed to actually help, unlike most other teethers we bought.he only used it for a few weeks so far but there’s no wear to it at all – it’s still in the same condition.i love that it came with a carrying case too. It makes it very convenient to carry around with me in the diaper bag.

Beatriz Strathmore, CA

Little guy loves it!

Our little man loves gnawing on the bristles. LOVES IT! It does catch lint and little particles really badly so I have to rinse it often but it’s worth it to make a teething baby happy.

Kerri Guysville, OH

Nice, but I want to pick my color.

My 3 month old son loves to nibble on this teether. Unfortunately, we were not given a chance to choose what color we would like. This is unfortunate as I received a pink one for my son to use. I would have chosen green or blue for my son. If color doesn’t matter then I highly recommend this teether.

Veronica Rosemary Bch, FL

Easy and Efficient

It’s easy for my 5 month old to hold, and no matter what angle she gets it in her mouth, she can chew on it!

Monica Lime Springs, IA

Fun Teether

My daughter enjoys chewing on it. The shape and size is just right for little hands to grasp and the container makes it portable.

Kerry Magnolia, AL

My teething/drooling baby loves this frozen

Right now I’m buying anything and everything for my 4.5 month old teething baby. She hasn’t actually sprouted any teeth yet, but she is drooling nonstop and loves putting everything in her mouth. I put the Nuby in the freezer for a few hours then hold it while she chews it. She loves it for about 5 minutes at a time. My only small complaint is that the grooves in it get filled out with drool pretty quickly and it needs to be rinsed off often.

Janet Wartburg, TN

Son loved them. bought another.

My son enjoys these so much, after the first one, I bought another. A few users have comments about how it catches lint, and yeah it does, but honestly, lint is the least of my worries.

Kerri Kenney, IL

Baby loves it! Just a little bigger thanI thought it would be.

This item is great for teething. My 5 month old loves the bristles and texture. It is larger than I expected. About the size of the palm of my adult hand. But, my son really does enjoy it and seems to get comfort from it from his teething pains.

Madeleine Uniontown, PA

great teether!

This is my 5-month old daughter’s favorite thing to chew on. She’s not yet getting teeth but loves to chew on this teether.

Yvonne Lead Hill, AR


I wish I could find this. Our little guy was obsessed with this teether-until it was lost. It’s soft and has these nubs and bristles and was great as he was getting his front teeth. I don’t think it would be nearly as pleasurable since now he is 10 months and has 10 teeth-but great for the first front 4!

Glenna Altamont, NY

My daughter loves it!

Out of all the teethers that I bought for her, she loves this one. I consistantly have to wash this one. It picks up fuzz and dog hair.

Rosalinda West Sayville, NY

My son loves it!

My 8 month old son loves this thing. My only complaint is the texture.. dust & hair stick to it like crazy, but it comes off easily with a quick rinse. Just kind of annoying as he crawls around the floor. His teeth still haven’t popped through, but he loves to gnaw on this teether!

Tessa Hartford, KS

Great for teeting

This is one of our baby’s favorite teething toys. It has lots of silicone nubbies that seem to feel good on his gums. He is usually very content when we give this to him.

Dale Salem, IN

7 month old Loves

My daughter loves this esp. the bristles. It’s soft enough for her to handle and use on her own, but firm enough to massage and soothe her gums! A must have!

Lea Coden, AL

One of the best!

My baby just started teething and I soon realized that most of the toys/teethers we had were too big for him to fit in his mouth or just shaped wrong, which resulted in extreme frustration and screaming fits. However, we’ve been very pleased with this one. It’s the only one that actually allows him to get it in his mouth for a good chomping, it’s nice & soft, and he seems to like the bristles. I also like that it comes with a carrying case, though, of course, I’ve already misplaced that! My only complaint, which is very minor, is that you can’t choose the color so we ended up with pink – but obviously the baby doesn’t care one bit.

Trina Lamesa, TX


Our 6 month old loves these these teethers more than any others we have tried! They are so soft and flexible. She goes crazy for them!

Ivy Granville, MA