Nuby Snack Keeper, Colors May Vary

Nuby Snack Keeper, Colors May Vary

Nuby BPA Free Snack Keeper holds 9 ounce of dry snacks and the protective bottom keeps tabletops scratch free. Super soft flaps make it easy to grab snacks without spilling. Colors vary, you will receive one of the following colors: orange with blue handles, blue with red handles, purple with green handles, green with yellow handles. Nuby BPA Free Snack Keeper dishwasher safe (top rack only) or wash in warm water using mild soap and rinse thoroughly.

Main features

  • Super soft flaps make it easy to grab snacks without spilling
  • No spill, no mess, easy access
  • The container holds 9 ounce of dry snacks and the protective bottom keeps tabletops scratch free
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack only)
  • Colors may vary, you will receive one of the following colors/color combinations: greem/yellow, purple/green, orange/blue or blue/red

Verified reviews


works… kinda

If my daughter grabs this by the top the plastic flaps are then pushed open and she can throw puffs everywhere. If she holds it by the handle, its OK.

Katelyn Ehrhardt, SC

Doesn’t really do the job….

I bought this for my 1yr old for his cheerios to help with portion control and prevent spilling. The flaps on the top are pretty soft, so he can still get his whole hand in there and thinks it’s fun to play then grabs handfuls of the cheerios anyway, which makes a mess when trying to pull them all out. He also shakes it up side down and cheerios fly out since the flaps do not really keep the top closed as much as it should.I think my son might still be a bit young for this cup, so maybe it will work better as he gets older. Overall, it’s not a bad snack holder, but it doesn’t really work like I’d hoped.

Maura Meadow, TX

Got purple/green

Absolutely love this. I got purple/green but that worked out well as those are the colours I tend to buy. The top has a soft petal like plastic arrangement which allows lo to put her hand in and remove snacks fairly easily. She loves throwing everything out of her bowls and this stand up to vigourous shaking, letting out only one or two of her Gerber snacks. She gets a bit frustrated trying to take out a handful of snack instead of just one or two but that’s also great as it limits the amount going into her mouth at one time. Overall, I really love this and would recommend/buy again.

Sharlene Berrysburg, PA

Works Great for Older Toddlers

The Nuby Snack Keeper has been great for our older toddlers (2 and up) because they can understanding it’s not a toy and so they don’t shake it around or stick their hand in and wiggle it about like our 1 year old did! The package says 12 months and up; I would recommend either 18 months or 2 years and up.This has been a lifesaver during car trips and during movie time. They can enjoy a snack and not make a big mess everywhere. The plastic is really sturdy and yet it doesn’t scratch up your table. A great product and a great idea!

Heather Port Byron, IL

simple and works great

I ordered the Nuby 3-D Snack Keeper, Monster, which is really cute, but my baby’s hands are not strong enough and hurts his little hand when he get some snacks out. With this Nuby snack holder, it’s a lot softer but still keep his snack even if it gets shaken a lot by my little monster.

Mitzi Plymouth, IL

Works well.

I ordered this for my 1 year old. It works and it is so easy for him to use his little fingers to pick out the snacks. The flaps are soft, not hard like some of the reviews have mentioned on here. The rubber top keeps it in when my son throws and flips it upside down, or waves the cup around.

Regina Roxton, TX

BPA free? Check the symbol on yours

I bought this because it stated it was BPA free. However, when I was ready to wash it before use, I saw it has a recycle symbol 7, often used for Polycarbonate which has proven to leach BPA into its contents. I’m unsure if that is what it is made of, but most baby products are code 5 (PP) for polypropylene which is known to be BPA free. I was just shocked to see this. I won’t use it.

Bernice Twin City, GA

Does not “keep” snacks off my floor

For a basic cup, it’s ok -handles are nice. The lid is pointless. The first time my daughter used it, she just shook it until everything fell out. The second time, she just pulled the lid off. This cup doesn’t "keep" any snacks off my floor.

Cara Lathrop, MO