Nuby Splash ‘n Catch Bath Time Fishing Set

Nuby Splash ‘n Catch Bath Time Fishing Set

The Nuby Splash ‘n Catch bathtime fishing set teaches coordination, development and enjoyment. This toy is designed with your baby in mind. This product exceeds all government safety regulations and standards.

Main features

  • Colorful characters
  • Helps develop hand-eye coordination
  • Characters can be linked together and caught in the net
  • Makes bath time fun
  • BPA free

Verified reviews


Kids like it but parents don’t

My toddler and baby love this bath toy and play with it a bunch. I wish I hadn’t bought this because it has ruined our tub. The coloring from the ring has left red and yellow marks all over our tub that we cannot remove no matter what we’ve used to clean or how hard we scrub. Maybe if your child plays with this without banging it up against the sides to catch the fish, then you won’t have the same problem. We now just use it at the pool.

Vilma Saint Paul, NE

Fun Fun Fun

I bought this for my 2 ye old nephew to use in the tub and he absolutely loves it. The pieces dry well after use and is loads of fun for all the kids.

Darcy Pierce, TX

Baby loves it

I have spent more money for things and baby could care less. However these are still fascinating after a week!

Chandra Lovely, KY

16 Month old LOVES this toy

We use this out of the bath, he loves to run around and collect random things in the net. Keeps my busy boy entertained for ages!

Georgina Recluse, WY

cute toy

It’s a cute toy and well made. My son is probably a bit too young for it still (he’s 10 months old now).The net is good and well made. I don’t like that it has a hole at the tip of it where water can get in and create mold. My son loves this thing and actually likes chewing on the net part – i guess he likes feeling the new texture on his tongue.The four little plastic toys that this came with are cute but pretty boring. They float and link together which is cute but my son has no interest in them yet.I actually prefer to use this toy outside the water because of the mold issue.I’ve put the 4 plastic toys in the bath and/or pool but since my son isn’t interested in them, i don’t tend to use them anymore. Maybe in a few weeks/months, if my son starts showing interest.

Camille Newport, AR

My 8 month old likes it!

She likes chewing on these toys (doesn’t use the net much yet but probably will) – and the little guys also float which is cool. 🙂

Charity Willow River, MN


I actually bought this for my own home. I have bought the fishing set as gifts for the grandkids previously but did not have much for the tub for when they visit. I always thought this was a fun one plus it dries out quickly and you do not have to worry about mold with this one which is a plus in my book.

Mellisa Mc Crory, AR

Cute for the bath

Cute bath time toy. The little guys are great fun for my 14 month old daughter to chase around the bath tub. We also take the toy to the pool. My only complaint is that the net has holes in the plastic that allow it to fill with water.

Carol Linwood, NC

Cute and fun

My kids fight over who gets the scooper. Works well with other bath toys too. Thinking of ordering a 2nd one.

Katie Attica, MI