Nuby Splish Splash Bath Time Stacking Cups

Nuby Splish Splash Bath Time Stacking Cups

The Nuby Splish Splash Bath Time Stacking Cups includes 5 colorful cups! The bath time stacking cups are a bath time classic and provide endless fun. Your baby can stack them together, put things inside, and watch the water gently stream from the bottom of the cup. The cups stack inside one another for space saving storage and easy travel. Each cups is a different color and features different shapes at the base; allowing you to introduce your little one to shapes and colors. The stacking cups can be enjoyed in the bath or as a pool toy!This product is BPA FREE and suitable for babies 9 months and older.

Main features

  • Includes 5 colorful BPA FREE Stacking Bath Time Cups
  • Your baby can stack the cups, put things inside them, scoop water with them, and watch the water gently stream from the bottom of the cup
  • Cups stack inside one another for space saving storage
  • Cup have a different shape designed on the base
  • Suitable for babies 9 months +

Verified reviews


love them!

My one yr old love’s these!!! They’re very nice. Water can’t get trapped in them and cause mold build up which I love. Easy to clean fun to use. Bath time wouldn’t be fun without them.

Claudette Silas, AL

It’s a bath toy.

I thought they were cute, but my daughter could take ’em or leave ’em. She likes to drink out of them, but she has no interest in them otherwise. Occasionally, I can get her to play with the water flow coming out of the bottom…but usually she just tries to drink from them.

Shari Abell, MD

Great for infants and toddlers

One of the unexpected benefits is that our older one now likes to get his hair wet with these, I think b/c it is a controlled amount of water. This makes hair washing a more enjoyable process for all of us.

Myrtle Ethel, MO

Fun for bathtime or else

It’s a very simple toy but my kids (11 month and 3) both liked to play with them, they are colorful, easy to stack, great for bathtime or else.

Adela Wayzata, MN

My little one STILL loves these!

to keep it simple, this is our best bathtime toy purchase! We bought them when our son was around 6 months old and at 14 months he still carries them around the house and uses them in the tub. They have different patterned holes in the bottom that allow water to flow through. He loves stacking them and filling/dumping with water. Fantastic and simple toy!

Bridget Harford, PA

Great Basic Bath toy

Simple entertainment in the bathtub, keeps my toddler busy while I trying to get him clean and keeping him from splashing me.

Annette Horse Cave, KY

Inexpensive but great pool toy

Great for the pool or bath. My 2 and 4 year olds loved them

Freida Proctorville, NC

Great bath toy

These nuby cups are a great bath toy because they will not mildew if inverted after use and dried out. No water can get inside of them like squeeze toys which expel water. Babies and kids love to pick up water in cups and pour it and the strainer cup is especially fun. Good quality.

Renae Vernon Hills, IL

HIs Favorite Toy

These stacking cups are advertised as a bath toy, and indeed they are a great success in the tub. However for my little one they have become a universal hit. Banging them together, against the tile bathroom floor or the carpet seems to produce never-ending satisfaction. Colorful, clever, well-made, tough & durable — these are a big hit. My 9 month old loves them — they’re his favorite toy.

Irene Perry, NY

Great bath time toy.

Both my 3-year old and my 1-year enjoy stacking and pouring with these in the bath tub. Happy with them!

Jade Hermitage, AR

The babies love them!

They are very colorful, and rounded edge with small holes in the bottom, I would scope the bath water and raise it up let the water fall though the holes, the baby was fascinated with it, trying the grab the raining water. Lots of Fun at bath time.

Jesse Monticello, MS

Cute but for playing, not rinsing

These are cute little cups. I bought them for rinsing when I give my daughter a bath. Maybe I missed it when reading the product page, but all the cups have hole in the bottom. So I guess they are really more for playing than rinsing. My daughter is too little to really understand how to "play" with them so I haven’t really gotten any use out of them yet, so maybe when she is a little older.

Gay Long Lake, NY

Tub Fun !

Purchased this for my 2 yr old nephew and he loves them so much that he uses then in the tub and out of the tub.

Ashleigh Greenville, ME

Fun Stacking and Splashing!

They’re a typical hard plastic, but very light weight. These little stacking cups are fun for babies to stack, but also to fill with water because of the patter of holes in each cup. At the bottom of the cups, each has their own design of holes for the water to flow through. My daughter loves filling up the cups with water, then watching it flow out differently from each cup. Nice touch to a pretty straight-forward basic toy.

Lottie Randle, WA

simple fun

Our 9 month old daughter loves to play with these in the bath. It’s amazing how something so simple can hold her attention for so long. The flared lip on each cup makes them easy for little hands to grasp and easy to chew on. The flared lip makes it easy for her to hang on to a cup while scooping up water and pouring it out. The bright colors are fun and she touches the contrasting patterns that are printed on the sides. She loves to watch the water trickle through them, and if you fill two and hold them side by side she looks back and forth between the different streams of water falling through the cups- each cup has a different number of holes in the bottom. This could be a fun counting activity for a toddler. I think these will be a favorite bath toy for quite awhile!

Esmeralda Stoddard, WI

Best toy ever

These cups believe it or not, keep the baby’s busy for a long time. For some reason they are just fasincated by them. They will get used so much, get an extra set to take to the baby sitters or car trips.

Jade Linn, WV

My son’s FAVORITE bath toy!

We have all kinds of expensive bath toys, and my son loves these the most, by FAR. A simple cup with holes in the bottom – who would have thought? 🙂

Tanya Lexington, NC

Great simple bath toys

My 13 month old has had these for several months now and has learned to nest them (she used to just love banging them together!). These are her go-to bath toys; I also use them for rinsing shampoo out of her hair. She thinks it’s fun to watch the water drain out of the holes, and I can see us continuing to get lots of use out of these as she learns her shapes and colors, and how to transfer water from one cup to another. I also like them because there’s no place for water to get trapped and get gross; just a quick dump and shake and they get tossed into the bath toy bucket, ready for the next bath! If you don’t buy any other bath toys, buy these! Along with a couple washcloths, you’re good to go!

Bonita Malone, FL

Great Value.

My son loves filling the cups and dumping the water out during his baths. They are colorful, have different shapes and sizes, easy to clean and easy to store. I wish they were not made in China but, like most toys, I could not find cups for this price that were made elsewhere. Simple design but hours of fun.

Patsy Berlin, CT

It’s okay

I like the fact that the cups are BPA free. The plastic is not as strong as others so when my son uses then to hit the floor I get nervous it will break. My baby is 9 months so he’s still teething and will put these cups in his mouth. The problem is the cups have a type of paint on them so after a few times of sucking on them I can start the see the paint wear off. This is more for like a baby that is no longer teething.

Tammy Park Forest, IL

Great for little hands

This was a Christmas gift for my 6 month old. They are just the right size for his little hands. We played with them in the tub and out of the tub. They’re also very colorful.

Bobbie New Tazewell, TN

The best bath nesting cup set

My 1 1/2 year old loved these cups! It actually made the transition to the big girl tub a little smoother. Plus I enjoy the added bonus of using them to rinse her hair since they drizzle out the water and it wont get water in her eyes. We love these and I purchased a few sets. This one is the best.

Lenora Fairdealing, MO

Great for the Bath and the Pool!

My daughter loves these cups. We use them in the bath all the time and when we go to the pool, we also bring them along. When we first got them, she loved to bang 2 cups together. It was so cute. And maybe coincidentally, but shortly after she started banging them together she then learned out how to clap. Lately, she’s taken a fascination with the water that drains out of the holes (she runs her finger though the water) and also the bubbles that the draining water makes when it hits the bath water. So her old toy is like new again to her. This is a great buy!

Bertie Wallis, TX

Why didn’t I buy these sooner?!

My son just absolutely loves these. They are a great bath toy for him, but can also be used out of the bath. They’re fun, cute, well made, and entertaining. I wish I would’ve bought these when he started playing with bath toys six months ago!

Cassie Bolton, MS

Gotta have some bath cups for scooping and pouring fun!

My boys’ favorite bath time game is scooping and pouring water, so a little set of cups was a must-have. The holes and stacking are bonus fun. I love that they have holes so no water ends up being left in a cup after bath time is over.

Toni Ozona, FL

Nice toy for the bath!

This is a nice toy for the bath, and has a learning curve. It doesn’t take up a lot of space either, which is a bonus. I like the way they are decorated. The grandbaby has been having fun so far.

Melba Clarksburg, OH

Neat stacking cups

These are neat even to play with in sand. I bought these for the outside water table. My girl’s love the hole’s in the bottom. I did actually think the cup’s were made of hard rubber for some reason but that’s ok.

Carolina Clear Brook, VA

Excellent bath toy

These are great! My baby enjoys playing with cups. They all have holes in the bottom which make them a safer toy for in the water (and also ensures they dry completely between uses). We use them in the bath for both play and rinsing.

Leanne Marietta, SC

Big hit

These cups nestle inside each other, and each cup has a different number of holes in the bottom. My grandchildren loved to have them help over their heads and the water stream on them just as a shower head would. They also enjoyed seeing he water stream out.

Jodie Mead, CO

Grandaughter loves banging these

My 7 month old grandaughter loves these stacking cups she really enjoys the noise they make when she bangs them together. They are light weight and colorful. Used as a toy and not as a bath toy.

Alma Kerens, WV