Nuby Spoon and Fork Set, 3-D Monster

Nuby Spoon and Fork Set, 3-D Monster

When babies begin to show interest in feeding themselves, having the right equipment is a must. Nuby feeding accessories are made to withstand the challenges of daily use and retain their bright color. Not only is it important to have utensils that are safe for the baby, but they should be specially designed to be easy for little hands to hold and use. Our colorful forks and spoons are designed to meet all of these special needs for either left handed or right handed babies.

Main features

  • Monsters help make mealtime fun
  • Easy grip design makes fork and spoon easy for little hands to hold
  • Promotes self feeding
  • For right or left handed babies
  • BPA free

Verified reviews


Super Cute

I got these just as an add on item since my son has a little bit longer before he’ll be able to use them. They’re super adorable, well made and did I mention cute?! They’re definitely the perfect meal time accessories for little ones – even if it’s just the utensil they hold while you do the feeding!

Robin Uneeda, WV

Very cute set for toddler

We recently bought this fork and spoon set as a gift for a one year old. They are really cute and a great size. I hope they will prove to be a good training set. The colors are great and the monster faces were super cute.

Cynthia Red Oak, OK

Super cute!

These are super cute and work great! Don’t expect them to work as the utensils we use. They are good for their purpose of introducing silverware to children.

Octavia Copen, WV

Cute but small for 18 months old

Very cute, but small for 18 months old, esp spoon is too flat to hold food.Should be good for starters under one year.

Aimee Saint Rose, LA

Cute & Kids Like It

Cute yet, I like all the detail. My kids think it’s pretty neat too. Wish it had more color choices.

Karla Careywood, ID


So cute! Chubby handle is perfect for 1 year old to hold. A little pricy for just one fork and spoon though. You can get 4 sets for the same price of a different brand!

Karin Chevak, AK

Both are cool, fork is questionable

I wasn’t sure how to name this review, so I tried summing up my opinion in the title. They are both really cute, but the prongs on the forks are a bit difficult for my son to poke things with. Not that it can’t be done because he only recently started using them and learning how to feed himself with utensils. They are very nice quality, and he can grasp the ends perfectly.The 3 stars out of 5, come back to the fork and that it’s just not as functional as I would have thought. Now, in all fairness I saw the pictures, and noticed the prongs before — and thought “Oh they are cute!”…. but being a new mom, I didn’t realize how it would impact functionality. So it is my fault for buying them…However, I have 2 sets and I am currently happy with them. If I think they will cause a large issue going forward, I will purchase others.

Melody San Ardo, CA

Works well

We picked these up for my one year old son and he enjoys learning to self feed using these easy to hold utensils.

Carol Candler, NC


not flimsy! sturdy, interesting and small for little kids! great gift idea and i will buy more of this line to make it a set

Jody Siluria, AL

Fun but not functional

I love this set and my son gets a kick of out of the monsters. But it was not functional compared to plain cheap ones we bought.

Lauri Dewey, AZ

Cute, but that’s it

I bought these hoping my son would want to use them often because of the fun monster theme. That plan backfired as he doesn’t seem to care lol. As far as functionality these are terrible really. The fork doesn’t pick up food at all, I can’t even get food if I stab it so he definitely can’t! The spoon works because obviously how can it not? But it’s kind of a smaller area than other toddler spoons so it limits the amount of food that can be picked up. Both utensils are a slick sort of plastic, that makes it even harder for already struggling toddlers to keep food on them.

Dena Choccolocco, AL

Forking cute

My toddler loves these and they do the job of getting the food from point a to point b for the most part. The grip is good and they have survived the dishwasher. Check, check.

Nina Manomet, MA

Good product, kind of cute

These are cute, my son likes to chew on them. He is learning and this makes it more fun for him. Good infant/toddler size for a learning spoon and fork.

Jenna Francis Creek, WI

No deep enough

It’s not that great and does not hold a lot of food. Perfect for a newborn but not for 13 month old and up. The scoop for the spoon is not deep enough.

Georgette Eden, NY

So cute!

These are so cute! My daughter is learning to feed herself and they are the perfect size for her little hands.

Chrystal Hebron, CT

Love these!

These are easy for my 1 year old to hold, and motivate him to eat on his own. He loves to try to feed himself with this Monster set. There’s a plate and bowl that are of the same design. He loves these!

Martina Winfield, TN

Perfect for little hands

My son is only seven months old and these are the perfect size for his hands (though I’ve not given him the fork yet). The designs is adorable and they are very sturdy. It says top rack dishwasher safe, but I have had no issues putting them with the rest of the silverware in the bottom rack.

Mallory Loganville, WI

Very cute!

My son loves these. He feels like a big boy. I also like the matching monster nuby snack cup. The sippy is horrible, leaks BAD. But this spoon and fork set is totally cute and soft for little mouths! 5 stars!!

Jeannine Milltown, KY