Nuby Stainless Steel Scissors with Hygienic Cover

Nuby Stainless Steel Scissors with Hygienic Cover

Nuby strives to provide quality accessories necessary for safe and simple grooming of your baby. Our nail clippers are sized for baby’s small nails, but are easy for an adult to use. Includes hygienic cover for storage and safety.

Main features

  • Designed for easy grooming
  • Sized with baby’s small nails in mind
  • Has curved blades
  • Simple for an adult to use
  • BPA free

Verified reviews


Decent scissors

The scissors are a little stiff. I know it’s meant to be nail scissors but I use them for cutting up my toddler’s food when we’re out and about. The fact that it has a cover makes it nice although the cover is near impossible to clean thoroughly. However, they are stainless steel and it’s hard to find good scissors that are really stainless steel and won’t rust.

Deann New Bern, NC

neat and safe

I used to have a baby cliper and I always was afraid to hurt my baby, these do the job and are safer

Michele Cromwell, OK

cute but small!

These are a lot smaller than I thought. It’s ok but hard to use so I returned mines. Kept one to cute food.

Marta Fromberg, MT

Functional, but not perfect

This is a price point item. Its fine, but not exceptional. The cover will eventually weaken and get lost. Expect the minimum and you will no be disappointed. We use it to cut food into small pieces and its fine for that.

Dixie Davenport, IA

Not for food

If you’re looking into these for cutting food, don’t get them. They are designed for cutting thin items (like baby nails) and can’t handle thicker objects (like a bunch of cooked spinach). Either you will be cutting a very little bit of food at a time, or they will break while cutting a simple cheese sandwich into bite size pieces, which is what happened to us. The 2 blades came apart and won’t go back together. So, after only a few uses, ours is broken.The cover is great!The blades are not curved. The tips are rounded, maybe that’s what they mean by "curved blades".

Lee Meredithville, VA