Nuby Super Spout Easy Gripper Cup, 10 Ounce, Colors May Vary

Nuby Super Spout Easy Gripper Cup, 10 Ounce, Colors May Vary

Thanks to the Nuby valveless, leak resistant spout, your baby will find the transition from bottle to cup easier than ever. Since it is made from the same safe, soft silicone material as Nuby nipples, your child is comfortable with the feel and function of these No-Spill spouts. While the unique contour shape easily fits their small hands, the spout is still gentle on your child’s tender gums and emerging teeth.

Main features

  • One piece no-spill soft silicone spout that is easy to use and easy to clean
  • Super spout promotes natural drinking action and healthy oral development
  • Newly designed valve opens with minimum pressure and doesn’t require constant sucking that can damage new teeth and soft palates
  • Easy grip base is perfect for a child’s little hands to grip
  • Colors and prints vary; You will receive one of the following colors purple/pink, yellow/blue, green/pink, orange/yellow, blue/green

Verified reviews


“color vary” is a pain

I am going to return this item unopened. There is one big problem with it – the COLOR. I ordered green-blue cup, for a boy. I could accept color variation of green-yellow, blue-yellow, or similar. I know, I read the caption of the item. But HOT PINK AND PURPLE ? Com’on, there is a limit to color blindness. I will have to resort to buying cups in the store.

Desiree Lakeland, MN

Great sippy cup

I’ve tried all sorts of sippy cups to transition my 1 year old from a bottle. This was the only sippy cup that could do the trick. The valve is so much better than the regular Nuby sippy cups.

Lela Harleysville, PA

Great Transition from Bottle

I have had his sippy cup for 2 weeks now and just now checked the reviews on here and I don’t understand the first review…..Anyways I was ready to transition my 10 month old son from bottles to sippy cups. He disliked the sippy cups with the hard plastic spout, so I was looking for a soft silicone spout. I read a lot of reviews for another Nuby soft spout sippy cup, but I couldn’t find it anywhere in stores(it was way too $$$ on amazon, and couldn’t get it from another site). I saw this one (2 pack) at the store and decide to give it a try since there wasn’t much of a selection of soft spouts to choose from.Well, I was very happy that my son drinks his milk out of this sippy cup! I put his formula and water in the sippy cup and shake it like crazy and nothing — not a single drop of milk comes out! My son is also able to hold this cup well due to the design. My son loves to throw everything, so I am glad that this sippy cup is spill-proof!The spout has no extra pieces and is very easy to take off the top to clean and replace. This sippy cup also fits perfectly in my chicco stroller cup holders.Overall, I am (and my son) are very pleased with this sippy cup. Thanks to this sippy cup, the bottles are washed and put away.

Kathryn Mount Clare, WV

not our favorite cup, but not horrible, either

When our daughter started drinking out of sippies, we tried a few different types; this was one of them. I was looking for something that was in between a soft spout and a hard spout. My daughter just doesn’t like this cup that much. I’ve tried it and it IS pretty hard to get the liquid out of the spout without sucking VERY hard. It is pretty spill-proof, though! In the end, she preferred a straw sippy (which looks like this cup but has a straw) or the Dr. Brown’s sippy.

Ava Cranberry Twp, PA

we have stopped using it

The tip on this spout is very large. My 15 month old son makes a mess using it so we have stopped using it. I think that perhaps the flow is too fast because he seems to drink part of the liquid that comes out and spit out the rest. He has not had problems with other soft tipped sippers (he has a few styles). Also, we’ve had leaks at the closure so we had to test it out before giving it to him just to make sure the seal was good. Other bottles have a locking sound that lets you know you’ve put it on tight enough.

Keisha Braceville, IL

The best sippy cup I have found

I’ve gone through a # of sippy cups and these are by far the best of the bunch. I like the softer spout and the easy grip on the base. The cost on Amazon is much higher than at Costco. I purchased (4) at Costco foe $6.99 whereas on Amazon, they are $3.50 each so big difference. However, Costco no longer has them :(I highly recommend these. These have been very easy for my boys to use and they do not leak easily but yes they can leak some (i think the main point is they leak less than others).

Kim Gridley, KS

My kid found the weakness…

I bought this thinking it would be a nice step between bottle and hard-spout cup, but my son didn’t learn to suck on it because he realized (right away) that he could chomp down on it and the milk would come streaming out. Smart on his part (it’s easier than sucking really hard!) but irritating because that of course made the no-spill cup a very, very spill-able cup. If he sucked on it instead of chomping, it would absolutely be a great no-spill cup.

Christy Oxford, IN

My daughter loves these.

my daughter loves this sippy she holds it really well and she like sthe colors. I would reccomend this to anyone and everyone.

Rachel Saint Albans, WV