Nuby Toilet Trainer Seat

Nuby Toilet Trainer Seat

Toilet trainer seat.

Main features

  • Suitable for toilets with internal hole of approximately 10″ front to back & 8 1/4″ side to side.
  • To assist in securing the trainer seat push the seat to the back of the toilet.
  • Provides a safe and secure way for your child to potty train.
  • Colors May Vary. You will receive one of the following colors: Blue, Pink or Pearl White

Verified reviews


Poor product

Tempted by the low price and promising design, my wife and I purchased this potty trainer seat. They weren’t kidding when the product description notes “colors may vary” as ours arrived in a rather hideous shade of pink instead the attractive blue color shown.We could have lived with the color though had the seat been functional; alas it did not fit either of our normal, regular toilet seats. I highly recommend not purchasing this product.

Tammi Mechanic Falls, ME

It’s Okay…

I bought this seat for my 2 year old son who is just beginning to potty train. I already had a Baby Bjorn toilet seat but he didn’t seem to like it. I thought this one might be better since it seems like it would be a little more enclosed around his body and maybe make him feel more secure while sitting up high on the toilet.TO use this seat you have to lift up the regular toilet seat and position this one the rim of the toilet, then lower the toilet seat back down over it. Not difficult but you have to be careful not to let it slide down into the toilet bowl. This also means that to take it off you have to do the same thing. A lot more work than my Baby Bjorn where you just lift it right off.On our toilet, the seat shifted a lot. There isn’t any way to secure it to the toilet like there is with the Baby Bjorn. The only thing holding it on is the actual toilet seat itself so there is no way to stop the shifting.Another thing I found out was that my son couldn’t get onto this seat alone. Because of the high pee guard on the front, he has to be lifted up onto the seat. If you want your child to be able to use the seat by himself, this one probably won’t work.Now that my son has more confidence on the potty we are using the Baby Bjorn again…it’s a much better seat and well worth the extra money!FYI: This seat WILL NOT work on a ROUND toilet bowl. It has to be an ELONGATED bowl.I didn’t like this seat and we don’t use it anymore. I recommend putting your money into the Baby Bjorn seat.

Iris Knob Lick, KY

Works on ONE toilet in our house, but it WORKS

I bought this as an alternative to yet another pricey BabyBjorn potty at the grandparents’ house. They recently remodeled their house and installed new toilets in all, but one, bathroom. The newer bowls are all elongated, and are too narrow to fit this toilet trainer seat from Nuby. Thankfully, the one older toilet bowl was more round and the seat fit! I was initially going to return the seat, because I thought it was a shame to only be able to use it in one bathroom, but we are making it work.I am very pleased with the size, color (I got a nice limey green), texture (the colored part is a type of rubberized plastic), and value. Our now 10 month old has been using the BabyBjorn potty at home, and took to the Nuby trainer seat without any issue. I also like the pee guard, as little boys are known to pee out of the pot. This one catches pee rather well. Success! (and all for less than top dollar). I’d given it the 5th star IF it fit all the toilet bowls you can throw at it. Also, what’s up with not being able to choose a color? Lucky I didn’t get pink for my boy.

Mara Brownville, ME

Good for what I used it for.

This didn’t fit under my toilet seat lid like it should’ve but it wasn’t a real problem especially for the price. I practice elimination communication with my baby (google it, or amazon the book The Diaper Free Baby) and this was just right. I’d hold him on the seat and the high back was nice support before he could sit up on his own. The similar bumbo potty seat is way more expensive for this. Small, light and easy to clean. It was perfect for my baby pottying but I don’t think a toddler would be comfortable on it, especially if it didn’t fit and stay still. I didn’t get to pick the color sent but that also didn’t really matter.

Bessie Preston, OK

Works great, great price, but not for all toilets

Unfortunatley, the toilet we bought this for (our basement) wasn’t compatible. It was so inexpensive though, we didn’t mind taking it to leave at our parents’ house. When we have used it, it’s been very secure. Just watch it if your little one takes their time on the potty, this may leave them with numb legs for a second. Took us forever to figure out why she would scream and sit down on the floor whenever she spent too much time on this seat…her legs had fallen asleep. We just make sure to keep the footstool there for her now, and it’s been no problem. Still a good buy, especially for the money–as long as it fits your potty.

Karla Beverly, OH

Doesn’t fit my toilet.

Unable to use it because it doesn’t fit my toilet. It just flops around in there and I can’t put the seat over it either.

Mable Brasstown, NC

Great little trainer seat

My son became very interested in the adult potty when he was 18 months old. I chose this trainer seat because it looked like it would hug him a bit, and make my little guy feel safe on the big potty. And it did just that.This seat did not wobble at all when we put it on our toilet. He felt safe and comfortable, even when he moved around a lot. The splash-guard is very very useful for little boys too.Now, at 3,5, he still uses this sometimes, because he likes it so much and when he wants to feel safer on the potty. I thought he would outgrow this easily, since it looks so small, but he didn’t. He is 43 lbs and 42″, looks more like 4,5-5 year-old than 3,5. His grandmother bought a traditional, round seat when he was older without asking us. He felt uncomfortable and unsafe on it, wanted to get off right away. We bought one more of these for her house.I would highly recommend this seat for young toddler trainers. A an older toddler who’s already used to the traditional round ring-on-the-toilet might find this restraining. But if you start with this one, it’ll be all you need.

Briana Memphis, MO

Perfect for elongated toilet

This seat fits our elongated toilet perfectly. The potty seat we had for the other bathroom was unstable on the elongated seat. This one feels rock solid once the toilet’s seat is lowered over it. As soon as my barely 1 yr. old daughter saw me test the fit on the toilet, she wanted to try it. So it got used within 5 minutes of taking it out of the box! And you can’t beat the price at only $5 (free shipping with Amazon Mom!). Now we have a potty seat for each bathroom, and it’s much better than trying to make do with a seat designed for a round toilet. By the way, mine came in purple. Very cute.

Jill Lancaster, MN

Secure seat

My DD loves this seat; it’s comfy and secure, and she doesn’t feel all exposed at the potty, so she’s training easily.

Rose Christiana, TN

Good deal

For the price it is a good deal but we haven’t had any success with using it. I plan on saving it for travel. It is easy to clean.

Lidia Ludlow, MO

Good for the price

The seat is good for price. It fits in most toliets. The splash gard covers everything you need it to.The only downside is that your main toliet seat may not fit flat over it, and that your kid will really have to spread their legs open wide.

Selina Shippenville, PA

Not terribly secure on our elongated Kohler toilets

I purchased two of these – one for our house and one for my parents. We have boys, so of course, thanks to Murphy’s Law, one of the ones we got was pink (although the other was plain, so I guess Murphy didn’t totally screw us over). While this works great at my parents house on their "round" toilet, it simply was not stable on our elongated ones at home. Frankly, I think that it slipping is part of the reason that my son was so freaked out about using the toilet for as long as he was (this was only remedied when we purchased the Kohler Transitions toilet seat). My son is tall for his age (at 4, he’s about the size of a 6 year old) and when we use it at my parent’s house, the seat seems a bit on the small side for him, but it does work with no slipping.

Melinda Gilchrist, OR

Functional and Cheap

I’m a big fan of Bumbo products(and its goodwill cause: […]), but the Bumbo toilet trainer doesn’t seem to be readily available outside the UK currently. (Though I did do some research and found out from the distributor it may be coming back to the US mid Jan 2012, possibly through Toys R US and J&; for approx $35)Anyway that being said I just wanted to get an “in the meantime” potty. Boring story short, my 9mo old was using the toilet (with me sitting behind her) just fine for the last few months and mysteriously stopped for the last 3 weeks. I suspected it may have been a comfort issue/growth spurt and she wasn’t sitting well/feeling comfortable on the toilet anymore. Our new Nuby potty seat, which does fit our round toilet seat exactly, did the trick. Back to our normally scheduled programming!PROs:CheapWorks for teeny baby bottomsCONs:Can’t pick color/ Got random ugly color via Amazon (though judging by the shade of pink we got, likely all the colors are ugly)Slightly inconvenient to put on/offbut still worth the purchase to be able to flush the goods!!(but would rather get the soft molded Bumbo were it available for easier on/off and more comfy for babe’s bottom)

Bertha Gabriels, NY

Good buy

This is a good trainer seat to use at home or even travel if need be and is easy to clean and store. Since it has to be put underneath a toilet seat for the child to sit on, the weight of the child holds the seat in place preventing any movement of the seat itself. The back support is shaped like an arch for a toddler to rest on. It is also great for babies who are being taught elimination communication since the support allows them to sit upright easier. The back also has a small hole for hanging the seat from a shower caddy or anywhere else you wish. Every evening I spray it with a cleaning solution, rinse and hang to dry on a hook on the shower caddy and it’s fresh for use next morning.We initially got aBABYBJORN Potty Seatand soon transitioned into this seat with no issues. We even took it overseas in a large zipper space bag when we went to see family. Now we have one in each bathroom and love the ease of just putting it underneath the seat when my child has to use the bathroom instead of having to empty out the bowl from the Baby Bjorn seat. I took off one star because you can’t select what color you want for the seat you order. We were lucky and ended up with blue and a white seat but just as well could have ended up with a pink (not that it matters to my little boy, but still!).Highly recommend!

Marva Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Great for Elongated Seat

We have found with Potty Training, the simpler the better. This seat fits the bill. It is easy to put on, easy to wipe clean. It makes our LO feel more secure and keeps him from falling in. It does not fit round toilet seat, so make sure you measure before purchasing.

Chasity Bard, NM

Great… if it fits your toilet seat

We practice elimination communication with my little one, so we purchased this seat for my 11 pound five week old. Before we held him over the toilet which was hard on our backs. So we looked for a seat that would be small enough to fit his tiny little bum. This toilet trainer fit the bill; the seat is small enough so that he is able to sit on it as long as we hold him up on it. The high back helps stabilize him while on the trainer and the pee guard is high enough to contain his urine.We own Toto toilets so our toilet seats are elongated. However, even with the elongated toilet seat, the toilet trainer barely fits through the seat. When the toilet seat comes down over the trainer, the toilet seat no longer sits flush with the bowl. This was not an issue because the seat came down low enough that the trainer is held in place for its purpose. The only problem with the fact that it barely fits is that one time when I lifted the toilet seat, the toilet seat caught the the toilet trainer and it was lifted with the seat and fell into the toilet.NOTE: This was when the trainer was fit with the pee guard toward the front of the toilet. We use the toilet trainer with the pee guard toward the back of the toilet so that we can hold him from behind (and so that we wouldn’t get sprayed just in case even though it hasn’t happened because the high pee guard). The trainer actually gets wedged into the toilet seat when it is backwards, but it still works for its purpose.PROS:1. The high pee guard prevents pee from getting everywhere2. The high back helps support my little one while on the potty3. You don’t have to clean and empty the trainer since all the pee/poo goes directly into the toilet4. The seat is small enough for our little guy but I can see how it would also work for older kids too5. You really can’t beat the price of this trainer. The next cheapest trainer we found was double this price.CONS:1. It will not fit all toilet seats. (we took take it with us when we travel and the trainer does not always fit)2. No handles for toddlers to help them stay on the seat3. Toddlers will need help getting onto the seat because of the high pee guard09 Aug 2013 Update:So my DS is now a toddler and continues to use this seat. He actually prefers this seat to the Baby Bjorn stand alone toilet. The only issues I would say is that you need to rinse off the seat over time as pee residue collects in the pee guard and starts to smell. This is quickly remedies by washing the seat occasionally.This is still our favorite of all the potty training systems we tried (BABYBJORN Potty Chair, White, Ikea’s Potty Chair, Jahgoo Potty). We ended up buying one more to leave at grandma’s house.

Vicky Inwood, WV