Nuby Wacky Teething Ring

Nuby Wacky Teething Ring

Nuby’s BPA FREE Wacky Teething Ring features a variety of raised, offset surfaces that assist in the eruption of teeth by gently massaging your baby’s gums. Each of the textures has been specially designed for the front, middle and back teeth. Step 1- Front Teeth: Skin Soft Silicone uniquely developed for beginning teethers. Silicone bristles gently massage tender gums and aids in the break through of new teeth. Step 2- Middle Teeth: Introduces greater press with large teething surfaces to aid in the eruption of new teeth. Step 3- Back Teeth: Firm surfaces and Massaging Nub-eez offer greatest pressure and assistance in this teething stage. The Wacky Teething Ring is sized for maximum effectiveness and is easy for your baby to hold. The soft, colorful fabric crinkles with your baby’s touch!

Main features

  • 3 months +/ BPA FREE
  • Features multiple teething surfaces: Skin Soft silicone for front teeth teething, larger surfaces for middle teeth teething & firm surfaces for back teeth teething
  • Soothes baby’s sore gums and aids in the eruption of new teeth
  • Easy for your baby to hold and sized for maximum effectiveness
  • Soft, colorful fabric that crinkles with baby touches it

Verified reviews



Theres nothing really special about this ring. I think the plastics are hard and the silicone is too flimsy. My son doesn’t even seem to notice it. He’s put it in his mouth once and spit it right out and never looked at it again.

Gabriela Ipava, IL

My baby doesn’t find it interesting enough.

I got this for my now 10 month old when she was 8 months as she is teething and she didn’t find it interesting. The first time I handed it to her, she looked at it and tossed it. The only time she plays with it is if it’s the only toy tethered to her car seat. Also, it’s a bit hard to clean as there is a hole where the fabric portion comes out and if water gets in there it isn’t easy to come out and is likely to mold if it’s contaminated. It says to surface wipe only which isn’t great considering this is a toy intended to be chewed on. I wouldn’t recommend it as there are other toys out there that are easier to clean. But it was well made and looks attractive to the eye – but not my baby’s eyes for some reason.

Carly Newagen, ME

Just alright

I got this for my daughter when she was 4 or 5 months old. She’s now 8 months old and doesn’t pay much attention to this. She liked chewing on the crinkly rabbit ears a little, but it didn’t really help her and she lost interest quickly.

Rhonda Naval Air Station/ Jrb, TX

Great but annoying to clean

My daughter loves to chew on this, and I like the crinkle ears, but it’s annoying to have to surface-clean something that gets a lot of use. It needs to be clean because it’s in her mouth (obviously), but the rest of the teethers I can throw in the "baby cleaning" tub next to the sink where they sit waiting to be submerged in water before being dried. Not so with this one. You can’t submerge it so you have to wipe it off daily. Irritating. I almost wish she didn’t like it much so I wouldn’t have to clean it constantly.

Elba Canyon, MN

didn’t like the packaging

haven’t used it yet because the crinkle "ears" weren’t covered in packaging…meaning you could touch them…and i worried they were sitting in a warehouse like that. couldn’t get the image of people touching them in a dirty warehouse…how do i get that clean enough for baby? i’ll try to get over it with some soap and water, but you can’t submerge it.

Lola Cleveland, WV

The only thing I don’t like is the fabric

6 month old loves it. The only thing I don’t like is the fabric, lits of drool and its stays in it making it a little hard to wash.

Rachel Delaplane, VA

cute and eye catching but not for us

All my son wants to chew on are the fabric strips which was fine at first but the velvet like texture picks up a lot of lint and it started to get gross really quick. The silicone part was interesting for him for a little while but I don’t see him ever using the hard plastic parts (the red and yellow)

Bonnie Capels, WV

Baby loves it

My daughter puts everything in her mouth so I’d been looking for a variety of teething toys and this is her favorite. The "ears" are crinkly and the clear part is nubbly and soft to chew. Light and easy for her to hold.

Adrienne Martin City, MT

Great for young baby teething, son LOVED for a time, still likes sometimes

Older babies seem to prefer chewing on hard things. But at eight months baby still likes it sometimes which is all you can hope for when baby gets older and teething pain increases.

Joanne Brookfield, CT

I like it

Its good

Fern Mount Rainier, MD

Was a favorite

This toy was a favorite for my daughter. She loved the crinkle "ears" and would sit for quite a while sucking and chewing on them.

Michell Buckeye Lake, OH

Great chew toy

My daughter loved munching on this even before she started to actively teeth. It is nice that it has different textures and hard/soft areas. Only slight issue is the fabric tends to collect lint really easily but it helps to be a reminder to clean it regularly.

Serena Covina, CA

Great teether!

My 6 month old son loves this teether! The handle is perfect for his little hands and the sections soothe his teething gums. Great deal and great quality product!

Latisha New Edinburg, AR


My 6 month old granddaughter was having a lot of teething problems. I purchased this, along with many other teething items, and she LOVES this. It has helped so much I purchased another for her house also. Highly recommend.

Bobby Newbury, MA

My baby’s favorite teether

This teething ring is by far my baby’s favorite! She loves the different textures. After I wash it up I stick it to the fridge so its cold and she loves it. I also live that the cloth part reaches to the back teeth.

Janice Montrose, IA

this chewy is great

I love everything about this teether! It’s a great size for a 4mo old to hold. There are several different textures and chew options for him…plus the two crinkly piece have a good sound to get his attention. Totally in my diaper bag!

Ina Wales, WI

Wonderful little teether/toy!

My 5 month old loves this!!! The green part and the fabric "ears" are her favorite! Great textures and is easy for baby to hold!!

Naomi Catasauqua, PA

Wonderful Value – Cute Teether

This is a wonderful value as it’s not very expensive – it’s also got several textures & colors so definitely worth the money! At least 4 textures keep the small toy interesting to little hands. The toy (minus the ears) is about the size of the palm of my hand. The little ears are crinkly and easily knawed upon. Sometimes I put it in the fridge to get it cool before giving it to my munchkin to help her little teeth chill out & give a little variety.

Rhea Manakin Sabot, VA

Love this

My son loves this teether because it is not cold for him to hold like sonme of the all ice teethers. There is 1 ice part but the entire piece gets cold. The 2 cloth parts make crinkle noises which he loves as well.

Lacey Cohasset, MN

Great Teether

Purchased for my granddaughter who started cutting teeth at 4 months. She is 19 months and still likes to teethe on toys. She absolutely loves this teether. Her favorite part is the tags on top, but she has chewed on all sides of this teether. Great price, great teether.

Celina Irving, NY

Baby loves it

Our 9 month old loves this teether, ignores many others. The little ear parts crinkle which he loves and he enjoys chewing on all parts. It keeps his interest and looks a lot like the Lamaze toys he also loves playing with that are a bit too big to chew on all the time. Small, easy to handle. This teether is a no brainer for the price!

Brianna Republic, MO

Awesome teether!

I bought this because of the different textures- the yellow and red are hard plastic, the clear is actually green and is soft rubbery with nubbins, and the "feathers" are crinkly. My son LOVES this teether…in fact, he’s chewing on it right now!

Ramona Lakewood, WA

A year later and it is still a favorite.

It is great for teething and he loves the crinkle cloth parts on top. After a year it still looks good.

Adele Moody, MO

Grandaughter likes the soft ears.

My 8 month old grandaughter likes to suck on the two ears of the teething ring. We have one for my house and one for my daughters house. Light weight. They take to using these on their own.

Dollie Thoreau, NM

Cute little teether!

Nice little teething toy. Not sure what else to say except its a nice little toy to keep our 6-month old busy for a few seconds.

Twila Monroe, ME

Fun textures and easy to clean

My son is teething and he has been miserable. The nice thing about this toy is that it is small but big enough for him to direct into his mouth himself. He likes it because he can be more independent with it. The reason for the 4 stars is because he just doesn’t play with it that much and you can’t chill it like many of the other teethers. My husband also has an issue that you can’t easily sterilize the fabric attachments, this toy stays at home so I am not so worried about it but I can see his issue. Overall, it is a good product, well put together.

Ladonna Menard, IL

Simply great!

This is my 4 month olds favorite toy. It’s so simple yet very entertaining. The different textures are something new in every turn.

Ola Newbern, VA

Solid little teether

I bought this for my 6 month old who hasn’t started teething yet. He seems to like it. The little fabric parts and the green "front teeth" area seem to be his favorite at the moment. Nothing spectacular to report but nothing bad either. He chews on everything and this is no different! Baby approved!

Reva Winthrop Harbor, IL

A favorite

I keep several little toys like this near the changing table to keep my 7 month old son occupied during diaper changes. This is definitley one of his favorites.

Gay Yolo, CA