Nuby Wash or Toss Bowls with Lid

Nuby Wash or Toss Bowls with Lid

Nuby Wash or Toss bowls are durable enough to use again and again but affordable enough to throw away. Great for snacks, storage, parties, picnics and general use, Nuby’s Wash or Toss let’s you decide to wash it or toss it.

Main features

  • Convenient storage for frozen food or dry snacks
  • Easy for Baby to Hold
  • Perfect for babies on the go
  • Sturdy enough to reuse
  • 6+ Months

Verified reviews


Great BIG bowls

Maybe it’s just because my son’s not eating huge amounts of food, but these bowls seem quite large to me. I guess they’re meant for slightly older toddlers. However, they’re great cuz they’re sturdy enough to reuse but cheap enough to throw out. Just be careful to not put hot food in them, put them in the microwave, dishwasher, or fridge. They are plastic after all and will melt or leak chemicals into your precious little baby’s food.

Maritza Harrodsburg, IN

Wish we could pick our own colors

Only thing I would have liked to do is pick my own colors that should be a option we should have. The bowls are a good size as well.

Suzette Emmons, MN

Perfect size for travel snacks!

I love the size of these bowls! They are great to put snacks in and toss in the diaper bag. They are quality plastic and last a long time. I am buying more because over time you loose a few here and a few there. Great to have on hand if you have toddlers.

Patrice Gowanda, NY

Larger than expected!

Bowls are extremely convenient. They are pretty large compared to most toddler bowls, so that’s a definite plus. I’ve hand washed and dishwasher washed dozens of times and they are still holding strong. The package only comes with 2 separate colors, but its a great purchase for quick snacks.

Helena Old Ocean, TX

It is good.

The quality is good. The lid covers well and tight. The only complain is the lid color doesn’t match the bowl color.It doesn’t look like in the picture. I received 3 blue, 3 green bowls and 3 yellow and 3 red lids.

Charity Schenevus, NY

Perfect for traveling and storing snacks!

Love the colorful lids and containers – fun for kids and nice to look at. They are easy to mix and match. Bought them to store snacks for my kids. The size is not too big and not too small – just right! They stack neatly in the fridge and stores nicely. At less than $1 per set, I don’t have to worry about losing them. Perfect for our hectic household!

Stephanie Drybranch, WV

Good set of bowls!

Good set of bowls, they take next to no space on our cabinets, colors are nice, and the lids close tightly so there’s no spills.

Sharlene Casmalia, CA

Functional yes, matching no

It is stated that the colors my vary, however, they did not include that the tops may not match the bowls. I didn’t care about the colors I got, but I do wish they at least matched. I got blue and green bowls, and yellow and red lids. It just makes the set look cheap and strange. They will work and serve their purpose regardless of the color, but still…just kind of weird.

Audra Union Bridge, MD

Great Bowls

I have used these bowls for daycare, and I have never had an issue. The lids lock tight on, so no worries about spills or leakage. I have put them in the dishwasher and microwave, and they have not melted or changed form. I love the colors too!

Kristine Rixford, PA

Love these

These bowls are perfect! They are a little bigger than another set I bought, so it’s great to have variety of sizing and once my baby gets older, they will be good to grow with him. I can throw them in the freezer to store a few servings of Baby Bullet food. They seem like they will last a long time since I have been using them nonstop and they are standing up just great.

Eloise Stanford, CA

Great For Storage, Freezing, Microwaving, ETC.

I make my own baby food and use these to store the food. I use these bowls in the freezer and microwave. None of them have warped nor discolored with use. The are durable. The lids snap close tightly and come off with a little effort. I bought about 4 packs of these.

Mari Hartsville, IN

Best purchase

I absolutely love these bowls. I have all different snacks/food in them for my son. I throw them in my diaper bag, purse, the car. Top rack of dishwasher is where I wash them and they are fine. Never have warped.The lids snap on tightly and I have never had one pop off. I highly recommend.

Danielle Wymore, NE

Better than Gerber & an overall great buy!

For both price and effectiveness these containers are by far the best I’ve found. The Gerber lids have popped off in my diaper bag but these don’t even when thrown in haphazardly. I have put pureed baby food, cheerio type snacks and fully packed meals and they have never failed me.The color combinations vary but the orange, green and yellow look great interchanged with each other.Well worth it!

Yvonne Menemsha, MA

We love them

I surly there daily for my daughter, great size for snacks, she is able to carry them around without spilling too much.

Terra Aguadilla, PR

Great items

Very happy with purchase. My toddler uses these bowls all the time. I also used these bowls whilst he was a baby and they are very easy to store and clean

Lois Chattanooga, TN

Colors were misrepresented

These bowls are fine, nothing special. One of the reasons I chose this set over other basic baby bowls was because I liked the color selection shown in the picture. In reality my set came with 3 orange bowls and 3 yellow bowls. Annoying and not worth the effort to return it,

Lenora Butler, MO

Nice containers

The best thing about these bowls is the “no BPA” or other dangerous chemicals.I thought my grandkids might be able to eat from these bowls, but they are too light. They would be ok for the kids to carry around snacks like cheerios. They make good storage though. Nice to do them up in the dishwasher. I don’t know if they are meant to be for the freezer, but I did freeze some food in them. The lids don’t match, but that’s ok. They fit well.Later update–these are working very well. The lids are very easy to get on and off and they don’t warp in the dishwasher top shelf. 8/2013

Rachael Brinktown, MO

Cute serving bowls

I was looking for bowls in which I could make my twins’ breakfast ahead of time and refrigerate so that they’d be ready to go when my little ones wake up in the morning. These are great for that, and I love the color variety. I also like these for traveling and carrying snacks.Like most plastic, though, I do not put them in the dishwasher, nor do I microwave them…even if they are dishwasher and/or microwave safe. But that’s just me. We use glass bowls for anything we store that’s to be reheated.

Tessa Addison, AL