Nuby Wide Neck Bottle With Handle, 10 Ounce, Colors May Vary

Nuby Wide Neck Bottle With Handle, 10 Ounce, Colors May Vary

Nuby BPA free 10 ounce wide neck bottle with handle.

Main features

  • BPA Free
  • Wide neck Non-Drip nipple features teething nubs to massage and stimulate gums.
  • Anti-colic valves on the nipple help reduce the risk of colic
  • Detachable handles eases the transition from bottle to cup
  • Colors may vary. You will receive one of the following colors: Yellow, Blue, Purple, Green, Orange, Pink

Verified reviews



My LO was great at holding her bottle like a cup but refused 6 different types of nipples so I couldn’t move past the bottles. These will fit the Dr.Brown Nipples which is what she was using and after 2 days, we tried the sippy cup nipple and she took it! Plus you can remove the handles and it’s a stage 3 training cup!PS These are the only ones that will fit the Dr. Brown bottle nipples

Pearlie Astoria, SD

Finally an easy way for transition to sippy cup

We used Playtex drop-in bottles and my son loved them. He was able to hold them by himself when he was three months old. But the transition to a sippy cup when he was 13 months turned out to be a nightmare. He would accept water out of everything (straw, sippy or regular cup) but not milk. After a two week milk strike I came across a website which recommended to change one think at a time. First I had to wean him off his beloved Playtex bottle with y-cut nipple. Nuby’s transition cup did the trick. Within a day we were back on milk with nibble, two days later with sippy nipple, another two days we gratitude to Nuby 4 in 1 sippy cup. I will try the Nuby straw cup next.

Francine Odem, TX


This thing made us crazy. Usually Nuby products are well-made and reliable. This one leaked everywhere, no matter how carefully we secured the lid and handles, and no matter how often we cleaned it, it smelled like sour milk. Even after being run through the dishwasher on the sterilize setting. I threw it out about three weeks after I got it, because Nuby makes much better sippy cups and bottles for less expense.

Bessie Williamson, GA

GREAT so far!!

I bought these bottles (sippy cups) recently for my 9 month old daughter as a transition from bottle to cup. So far we are happy. My daughter is able to drink out of these just fine. What I like most is how versatile they are. They come with a bottle nipple, a sippy cup mouthpiece, and removable handles. They can therefore be used as a bottle or a sippy cup with or without handles. The sippy cup mouthpiece is no-spill so it can be turned over without juice or water going all over the place. I saw some reviews complaining that they leak. I have not had that happen. I gave a 4 star review instead of 5 because we have only been using them for about 5 days and I feel like there is still time for something to go wrong – I will try to update later.

Annie East Liberty, OH


I was disappointed in this cup. My child did not like the nubby bumps on the nipple or spout and therefore refused to drink from the cup. I thought the handles were awkward to attach and it often leaked.

Lynnette South English, IA

Bottle design is nice, nipples are not.

We received an all pink version. My 6month old didn’t like the nipple or the sippy spout that came with the bottle. I do like the shape of the bottle because it seems easy to hold. My daughter isn’t quite ready for the sippy at this point. The standard nipple is simply horrible!

Patrice Buchanan, VA

Great for weaning

I had a hard time getting my 1 year old to drink milk out of a sippy cup while we were weaning. I refused to use a bottle since she had never had one. This was the perfect compromise. She loved it, our switch to whole milk went great- happy baby = happy Momma!

Gloria West Berlin, NJ

Good cup

Good cup if you have already bought a Nuby sippy straw cup then you can trade out that cheapo cup for this strong one. My twin’s do not like the original nipple on this cup, so we switch to the straw. We bought this for a transition bottle. The bottle nipple is wide and really weird for them to use.

Tanya Oneida, AR

Great transition bottle – sippy cup

I decided to give this bottle a try without even knowing much about it. I am glad that I did. My 9 month old has been using it since she was 6 months old. She was not too fond of the bottles and I had to be a bit creative. She now holds cups and objects quite well when she attempts to feedherself. It is really nice and helps your baby learn to feed themselves and stop using bottles.

Fran Broadford, VA

I like the 10 oz better

I like this bottle/sippy cup. It serves as a good transition bottle.I purchased this and a 10 oz as well. I prefer the 10 oz mainly b/c you can fit an avent bottle nipple in it. My daughter was refusing these nipples so as a transition we use a avent nipple- it made it easier to wean her with one change at a time.

Fran Empire, MI

I like the idea… DOES NOT

My baby called BS on this “bottle”. He is a week away from turning 1 and we are trying to bottle wean him. He’s fine during the day but nights are terrible. He wakes up multiple times and I can’t get him to fall back to sleep with a sippy cup. I liked the idea of this transition bottle as a way to give him a bottle but not one of THE bottles he was used to (Dr. Browns) and then eventually make the old switcheroo. Nope. I offered this with formula and no handles and he refused it. I offered it with formula and handles and he refused it. I put regular milk in and he refused it. He knows it’s not his brand of bottle and he is uninterested. I just bought myself another sippy cup.

Paula Salisbury Mills, NY

Great Training Bottle

I really like how there are two types of nipples that come with this bottle. My little one is 10 months old and she is able to use this bottle with the regular bottle type nipple. She still has a bit of trouble with the more “sippy cup” type nipple, but she’ll get there. I normally just give her water with this, but when all the bottles are in the dishwasher I’ve given her formula in it as well. She never objects to using this bottle over her regular Dr. Brown bottle.

Brianna Pocahontas, IA

Great idea, product needs help

I loved this idea to transition by baby to sippy cups. They worked well for about a week, then started leaking like crazy. I believe the flaw is in the nipple and spout design. I put my old nipples in them and no leaks. But for that I should just stick with a normal bottle then. So great idea but needs work.

Becky Beccaria, PA

Better than other nuby products

I used Nuby for my last child 3 years ago and went to buy the same sippy cups this time around for my youngest and the quality is not the same. The other larger sippy cups tend to leak, not out of the spout, rather out of the “air type” hole that is on the top. I never had this problem before with the Nuby cups. They have changed their design and it isn’t for the better. This particular Nuby cup seems to work well for me and I have 3 of them because my 10 month old daughter likes to chew on the spout, especially when she’s teething.

Dorthy Vivian, LA

Not impressed!

I ordered this to transition my baby from a bottle to a zippy cup…needless to say this one did not do or work very well! The handles are too close together and my child can’t grasp it and drink at the same time…it would be better if the handles were more far apart. Also, my little girl did not like the nubby nipples. I guess they were too big for her and she just didn’t like it. Going to try another brand!

Jannie Shamokin Dam, PA