Nuby 2 Pack No Spill Replacement Spouts, 6+ Months, Clear

Main features

  • Vari flo valve
  • Replacement for item 9885 and 9903
  • BPA free

Verified reviews


What you see is not what you get!

I ordered this product and I did not get what I ordered. Beware, the nibbles shown are not the nibbles that I received. Also, I ordered two packs (total of 4 nibbles) and I only received two nibbles total.

Hilda Penfield, IL

Love these. Ordered several times.

I love these spouts. I’ve had to order replacements several times because my daughter uses them for teething. They hold up quite well though. They’re not totally drip proof but they are spill proof and save my carpeting form stinky disasters.

Patty Walton, NY

These do not fit!

These nipples do not fit the 10 oz no-spill nuby sippy cup that the description claims they do. If your sippy cup and lid are different colors, don’t buy these, they will not work! Why are they being sold as a replacement for those cups if they don’t fit? Who knows! I’m extremely annoyed.Now, not only do I have to go through the hassle of repackaging and returning them, but we’re back to square one with no nipples to replace the ones my son so quickly chewed through. What a poor design, and an inaccurate product description.

Ronda Lancaster, MN


Terrible!! These replacement lids are terrible. In fact, this is a terrible product all together. The cups leak really badly.

Nina Idlewild, TN

Hard to tell which spout this is…

Nuby has changed their spouts more times than I can count. I was looking to replace this: […]It does fit the lid and is sealed but this spout doesn’t accept a straw: […]Here are better pics of the item I received: […] […]

Kathi Hawarden, IA

Larger spout size

These are great and work perfect with the cups that have the larger sprout on top. They are great to have when my toddler bites through the tops.

Penelope Snellville, GA

Didn’t fit my cups.

These were not the spouts that I thought they were. Although, the picture looked the same. One side of the spout is larger, so it didn’t fit my nuby 10oz cups!

Taylor Buena Vista, NM


I just threw out my first of the two pack that my daughter chewed a hole through but I was happy to find that they sell these replacements!!!

Cheri Clifton Springs, NY

For previous Nuby model

I have the Nuby bottle from my now 5-year-old, and they fit those, but I bought more bottles for my 1-year-old, and the nipples are different.

Myrtle Wilburn, AR

Valves leak easily

I know you aren’t supposed to let your child chew on the spout, but it is so hard to prevent! It doesn’t take much chewing for a leak to develop in this spout, so I think I am going to stick to sippy cups with a valve inside the cup instead of in the spout.

Tamera Cornville, AZ

Couldn’t find them any where else!

My 16 month old chews through these nipples easily and i was trying to see if I could get replacements. Thanks, Amazon for carrying these!

Alison Eskdale, WV

Didn’t fit well

These got the job done, but as others have commented they don’t fit as well as the original parts. It’s probably better to just replace the whole cup, but I had an issue with throwing away otherwise fine cups so I tried these. When hey didn’t work well, we moved on to the Sassy Grow up cups, and we love them.

Cecelia Greenwell Springs, LA

Great photos for this product

Great replacement for my daughter’s sippy cup, she likes to bit the top off so replacements are necessary. The pictures allowed me to be sure I was getting the correct one as there are 2 different types.

Cheryl Clearlake Park, CA

These Weren’t Quite What I Expected

Looking closer at the picture, it’s my own fault, but just for anyone else quickly browsing: these spouts have a larger and smaller end. They replace the straw spouts in the straw cups, and fit the same cut-out. If you have the spouted cups that have the same size ends, these spouts do not fit. But either way, they’re a good hardy product, though toddler teeth can bite through it.

Bridget Fisher, PA