NUK 14060 Hearts Baby Bottle with Perfect Fit Nipple, 5 Ounces, 3 Pack

NUK 14060 Hearts Baby Bottle with Perfect Fit Nipple, 5 Ounces, 3 Pack

NUK bottles now feature improved Perfect Fit nipple, which provide a natural way to bottle feed your growing baby. The Perfect Fit unique nipple shape is inspired by Mom as Mom’s nipple changes shape during breastfeeding and it’s the same shape as the NUK Perfect Fit nipple. 9 out of 10 Babies Accept the improved Perfect Fit nipple, based on research among 200 NUK users. It provides the perfect fit in baby’s mouth just like Mom, so you know that your baby will love these NUK bottles. Perfect Fit nipples feature Soft Zone and Anti-Colic Air System that helps reduce colic, gas and spit-up. 1-piece vent is integrated into the nipple so there are no extra parts to clean. Soft Zone provides greater comfort as soft satiny finish conforms to baby’s palate. Perfect Fit nipples are optimally sized to support baby’s growing mouth and appetite, available in 2 nipple sizes and 3 flow rates. The wide bottles are easy to use, clean, and assemble and are dishwasher safe. For best results when feeding, make sure that the NUK Anti-Colic Air System symbol is under baby’s nose so that the unique drinking hole on top side is positioned correctly. NUK bottles are BPA Free and come with slow flow silicone nipples. Available in adorable hearts design. The NUK family of brands designs safe and fun products that encourage your baby’s development. NUK is committed to nurturing your children’s healthy transitions from birth to toddler and has worked for over 50 years to design high quality, innovative products that are scientifically proven to support safe and healthy development.

Main features

  • NUK bottles feature improved Perfect Fit nipple, which is the same shape as Mom’s nursing nipple for the Perfect Fit in baby’s mouth, just like Mom, so you know that your baby will love these NUK bottles
  • 1-piece NUK Anti-Colic Air System is built into the nipple to help reduce colic, gas and spit-up. Plus no extra parts to clean.
  • The Perfect Fit silicone nipples are available in 2 nipple sizes and 3 flow rates. Size 1 is ideal for babies 0 to 6 months and offered in a slow and medium flow. Size 2 is a larger nipple for babies 6+ months and offered in a fast flow.
  • BPA Free. Dishwasher Safe. Leak-proof nipple sealing hood. For best results when feeding, make sure that the NUK Anti-Colic Air System symbol is under baby’s nose so that the unique drinking hole on top side is positioned correctly.
  • The Perfect Fit silicone nipple features Soft Zone that provides greater comfort for your baby as soft satiny finish conforms to baby’s palate.

Verified reviews


i think it gave my baby colics.

My baby was pretty fine until I got this bottles recommended but her doctor.The day after I use it was the first day she started having colics. It might not be related but I feel it is. i am back to Dr browns

Dolly Harman, VA

Difficult to clean

I ordered these and my son took these easily. I am breast feeding and using these to feed expressed milk when I am at work. I got these, washed them in soapy water, then boiled them. They came out with a white film on them, so I washed and boiled them again. The white film did not come off, so I put them through the dishwasher. The film still did not come off, so I wiped the bottles with a dry paper towel and the film finally came off. I washed them again and the white film has not come back. However, these bottles are difficult to get to come clean period. I wash them in hot soapy water. The only way I can get them clean is to use a brush with dawn dishsoap poured onto the brush and scrub them. If you miss even the tiniest spot, it won’t come clean. The medela bottles that came with my breast pump wash easily in warm soapy water with out any scrubbing. I am probably going to try another type of bottle. The film makes me nervous-what types of chemicals are these bottles exposing my son to? The difficulty getting them clean is frustrating and makes me nervous he will be using a dirty bottle.

Jan Nebraska, IN

Great for nursing moms!

Both of our kids nurse and supplement. Truthfully we tried many types of bottles before we were recommended these by my wife’s lactation consultant. Before these bottles my daughter would reject my wife after a bottle because the feel of the silicone nipples would confuse her. Using these we have no confusion, both my son and daughter nurse and take bottles just fine. As a bonus they clean up super easy! Highly recommend.

Deloris Winters, TX

Nuk only way to go

I only have one chile, we have tried seven brands of bottles now, this is the one. Our guy was holding these by 5 months, they don’t leak, he likes them the best.

Maryanne Unity House, PA

Great for a nursing baby

Both of my kids really really struggled with bottles- I’ve tried several different kinds. My baby was doing well with the playtex drop ins with the latex nipple-I’ve seen other reviewers say some picky babies only like those. Anyway, about a month ago my 6 month old stopped liking those latex playtex nipples too- maybe because she was teething. I was looking for something new and saw these at target and got one. The orthodontic shape may have helped her with trying the bottle while teething. Also, I do think this orthodontic shape is what a mother’s nipple actually becomes when the baby is actually latched on. She can take an ounce in about 3 minute with this "slow flow" nipple. Of note, when I was at target I actually bought a medium flow nipple just in case- the actual nipple is bigger too. Again, the smaller, slower flow works best for my baby. It’s not actually slow. This nuk bottle has been a lifesaver.

Doreen Jeffersonville, OH


Wasnt the same design as the pic but am ecstatic still because its NUK after all. Bought these for my newborn baby. No problem.

Carrie Risingsun, OH

Great overall

We originally bought these after our picky breast fed baby started rejecting the MAM bottles and pacis he had been using when we hit a rough spot in our nursing regimen. After getting back on track and not using them for a while, he refused to use them when we started him in daycare. We tried the AVENT bottles (since that was the brand of my pump, HIGHLY recommend) but he just didn’t like them. The originals were too big and milk came out a little too fast. He would drink from them if there was no other choice but it was clear he wasn’t a fan. The comfort (new) ones were too small and he just didn’t like them. At first, it was a desperate search for a new paci since our cranky little guy wouldn’t sleep without a binky or mommy. We honestly just got one of all the major brands for him to try. The NUK pacifiers are what he liked best so we decided to get him the bottles. He hasn’t had a problem since. He takes the NUK bottles (which are also pretty cute) with nary a complaint. Overall, I would say MAM is the best bottle for formula fed babies (because they can be sterilized without any extra equipment if you put them in the microwave) and NUK is the best for breastfed babies.

Lela Glenwood, MD

Best bottle for us.

We initially tried the Philips Avent Natural bottle since I was breastfeeding, but the milk came out too fast for us. Then we tried the Philips classic bottle, and saw some improvement. My husband is German, and Nuk is a German company, so we decided to try this next. We felt baby had to work the hardest to get the milk out of this bottle, and that more closely resembles the actual breastfeeding experience, so we have stuck with these bottles. He wasn’t left drowning in milk as he did with the Philips natural bottle. They are easy to clean as well. Unlike many bottles, they don’t have the ring so that saves you at least one less piece for cleaning!

Susie Board Camp, AR

Best bottles

I am a breastfeeding mother, but I work (pump), so I was worried about my baby getting nipple confusion. These are the best bottles! The wide base mimics the breast…he even has to use a similar motion as if he was actually breastfeeding. I also really like the vent at the top. He gets far less air in his tummy and we don’t have to worry about the angle of the bottle etc. The nipples release the milk at the perfect flow rate, he never gags from it going in to fast or hitting the back of his throat.Absolutely hands down the best bottle!

Patty Wytopitlock, ME

The BEST for my daughter

When my daughter was first born, I soon learned that I didn’t get enough milk for her. She has since been a formula baby. Finding the right combination of bottles and formula seemed to take forever! To this day (6 months later), the Nuk bottles are the only ones that don’t leave her gassy and uncomfortable. I tried everything. Literally. Playtex, Dr. Brown’s, Gerber… you name it, I tried it. This was the only one that worked. She has every pattern they have available I’m pretty sure. The nipple is the most natural shaped I’ve found. She is now holding the bottles herself and enjoying every feeding. And there are only 3 parts to clean. (well, 4 if you use the cover) The Munchkin bottle brushes are what I use and they are fabulous as well!

Mona Willis Wharf, VA

Best bottles for breast feeding babies!

These are the only bottles I’ve used that have the right flow rate. Others that are marked as slow flow pour the milk out so fast that my baby ends up drinking too quickly then promptly spits up right after finishing. I haven’t had any problems with Nuk, though! Also love that they are European made, so they are high quality.

Sheryl Iberia, OH

This was a winner for our baby, mix and match with learner cup helps

Our daughter hates the bottle and has from when we started trying at 4 weeks old. We tried so any bottles and almost gave up when I saw the learner cup from NUK online and thought that we might as well try that and see if she would drink from the learner cup instead especially since it has the handles and she likes to grab things.She loved holding on to the handles for the learner cup but the nipple on that made it difficult for her to get much milk. We bought these bottles with the slow, medium, fast nipple options and we were able to mix and match these nipples and bottles with the learner cup so she is able to have a bottle with the learner cup handles and all of a sudden she stopped fighting my husband so much with the bottle and she like to hold the learner cup handle.The nipple with the flat end on the tongue seems to help her get the milk as well.We have donated or recycled all other bottles for these.

Renae Columbiana, AL

I’m a fan!

I got these for our little guy starting daycare, so they’d be easily spotted!They’re used/washed/sterilised every day & after a month have shown no sign of wear & tear.Love the print on these & the shape of the nipple. Would defintely recommend!

Dina Nashville, IL