NUK 2 Pack Classic Silicone BPA Free Pacifier, 0-6 months, Colors May Vary

NUK 2 Pack Classic Silicone BPA Free Pacifier, 0-6 months, Colors May Vary

Nautical Colors Orthodontic Pacifier: Encourages healthy oral development while satisfying natural sucking desire. Designed to be similar in shape to a mother’s nipple during breast-feeding. Colors may vary. Care – Prior to first use – sanitize by placing in an open pan of boiling water for 2 minutes. Cleaning – wash with hot water and mild detergent then rinse, or use top rack of dishwasher. Satisfaction Guaranteed:  If you are not completely satisfied with this product, please return it to us and we will replace it free of charge. Call 1-800-4-GERBER for answers to questions on feeding and caring for your baby.

Main features

  • Classic silicone pacifier
  • Encourages healthy oral development
  • Satisfies baby’s natural sucking desire
  • BPA free
  • Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: white and green, pink and white or blue and white

Verified reviews


Nipple Confusion

Within the first week, my baby was in NICU and she would suck on absolutely anything that was put in her mouth – any kind of pacifier, my fingers, any bottle, and my breast. We had bought these pacifiers and they seemed to work okay. However, by the second week, she had gotten picky. She only likes my breast and Soothie pacifiers. Through my own experience and conversations with other breastfeeding mothers, I have realized since I had her (and have been experimenting with bottles so I can maybe have a break once in awhile) that orthodontic nipples are not a good idea if you are trying to teach an exclusively breastfed baby (particularly a stubborn one) to accept something other than mother’s breast.She may be willing to take it when she is older and isn’t so particular (she is 2 months old right now), but another thing that I don’t like about these is that they have so much room for bacteria to hide, whereas the soothies are one piece and easy to clean, so even if she would take one of these later, I don’t think I will bother with them.I am not concerned about the effect of the non-orthodontic pacifier on her teeth because I don’t plan to let her use them that long and my son had no dental problems at all using soothies and stopping at one year.

Sallie Wildorado, TX

Leaves Red Marks Around Mouth

I really wanted to like this set of pacifiers bought offline (they weren’t cheap!!!), but they are the only model of pacifier we have that leave indentation marks around our daughter’s mouth. I guess it’s the harder plastic and design. 🙁 We use these as our “last resort” ones, when all the other pacifiers are either lost or being washed. I’m sort of shocked by the positive reviews and recommend trying out other brands which are sooooo much softer on the mouth and skin!

Selena Scuddy, KY

We like these

These are the pacifiers that my daughter likes the best. They stay in her mouth better than the Dr Browns or Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature brand. She does pull them out with the handle though. We haven’t had any problems with them leaving marks on her face or with it causing a rash. She’s almost 5 months old now and has been using them mostly when she’s tired or sleeping since she was a newborn.My only complaint is that they do collect stuff in the base where the nipple attaches to the plastic – we have a dog and cat, it seems a little pet hair gets stuck in the crevice but it’s easy to get out with water and scrubbing. They’re still our favorite.

Jenna Chesterton, IN

Baby loves them

My 2-month-old loves these NUK pacifiers. I had a couple of transparent ones for her before this, and they were hard to find because they disappear into crib sheets etc. (seriously). So the colors are a nice change.

Zelda Stockton, UT

Good pacifier, misleading listing regarding colors

I ordered these because I wanted the BPA-free newborn size, but I was hoping not to have too many that would be pink for my son. The listing says “Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: white and green, pink and white or blue and white,” however, we received purple and pink entirely from several orders and they were very vibrant colors, not pastel. Just be aware that the colors may not be the same as what was posted. Amazon, however, has excellent customer service and offered me a refund for the inconvenience!

Rene Beulah, MI

The Only Pacifier Our Daughter Will Take

We were first introduced to the Nuk pacifier in the hospital as it was the brand that the hospital gave to our newborn daughter. She took to it very quickly. We had some Tommee Tippee ones at home but she didn’t like them as much as the Nuk and would keep spitting them out.I like that they have the hooks attached to them. It makes it easy to attach a pacifier clip without it getting in the way. And now that at 4 months old, my daughter can hook her little hand in them and pull it out when she doesn’t want it any more.Water can get in the nipple when you wash or sterilize them. I found that same issue with the Tommee Tippee pacifiers too. But with the Nuk, I was able to get the water out by squeezing the nipple (you can hear the air leave the nipple as you do this). The Tommee Tippee ones I found I couldn’t get rid of the water as easily.I also squeeze the nipple to rinse the inside of it. If you place the part where the hook attaches to the pacifier under running water and squeeze and release the nipple, you can add water to inside the nipple (kind of like a bath squirtee toy). I would do that several times to rinse the inside of the nipple. It is just my preference to be able to rinse the inside of the nipple out.After a while, the nipple does start to get cloudy. That’s when its a good idea to replace it. Pacifiers aren’t meant to be used long term anyways and its good to change them out often. We change ours out about every month to two months depending on how much she has used it.I wish Amazon would give you the option to choose your colors. But we ended up getting pink and purple pacifiers which worked out well for our daughter though.

Felicia Tulare, CA

Baby’s favorites

Can been annoying if you are particular about colors, but we didn’t care and these were baby girl’s favorite for the first 3 months.A good price and Prime Shipping is super convenient.Was up well and stood up to the microwave sanitizer really well too.

Deanne Rigby, ID

my baby loves her nuk

each baby has their preference and mine really likes nuks, once the pediatrician recommended these it has worked. always need a two pack since i wash everyday and replace every couple months.

Eve New Florence, PA

Great Product

My newborn loves these! They are the perfect size and work wonders when you need a little peace & quiet!

Angelia Victoria, KS